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Woman Owned Small Business Logo – Chesapeake, VA – On March 15, 2021, Solutions was awarded Woman Owned Small Business (Woman-Owned Small Business, WOSB) certification by the US Small Business Administration (SBA), after previously holding certification from the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC). This certification enables Solutions contracting through SBA’s WOSB program. The certificate is valid for three years, and Solutions must annually prove that it meets WOSB’s eligibility requirements.

SBA published a final rule effective October 14, 2015, authorizing Federal agencies to award sole-source contracts to WOSBs eligible for the WOSB Federal Contracting Program. The rule sets the playing field for WOSBs in the federal contracting market under SBA 8(m). A program defined in 13 CFR part 127. To be certified, a business must pass a thorough investigation by the SBA. Requirements focus on female ownership, high-level supervision and management of day-to-day operations. WOSB certification helps empower women business owners; the government limits competition for certain contracts to companies participating in the SBA’s 8(m) contract program.

Woman Owned Small Business Logo

Woman Owned Small Business Logo

“This certification strengthens our relationships with our customers, who value diversity and lead to new opportunities,” said CEO Dasha E. Little. “This certification brings many benefits to Solutions that ultimately benefit our clients. SBA WOSB certification is designed to help women-owned small businesses get the resources they need to grow and succeed. It allows them to compete fairly for federal contracts and access resources tailored for women In addition, SBA WOSB certification opens opportunities for small businesses to invest in new areas and innovate.

Amm Communications Earns Sba Certification As A Women Owned Small

Solutions is an ISO 9001 certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) specializing in Allied Health Management, Professional Services, Operations, Training and Logistics Services. In addition to operational, training and logistics services provided to the Army, Solutions provides expert services to Army Futures Command (AFC) and program management support services to wounded, ill and injured service members, veterans and family members. For more solutions, visit .Badie Designs, an award-winning creative agency in Atlanta, has been certified as a Woman Owned Small Business by the Small Business Administration. We are pleased to join the ranks of leading companies that have received this certification. As a WOSB program partner, Badie Designs is now able to bid on federal contracts.

Under SBA guidelines, the U.S. government has set a goal of awarding at least 5% of federal contract dollars to women-owned small businesses each year. With resources like these, Badie Designs has the opportunity to work directly with the U.S. government as a prime contractor or alternatively as a subcontractor by working with a small company that has a federal contract. As we are new to this market, we use all our resources to compete for contracts.

To be eligible for the WOSB program, small businesses must be at least 51 percent owned and controlled by women who are US citizens. In addition, women must manage the company’s normal operations and make long-term decisions about the future. Badie Designs meets all these requirements.

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Achieving WOSB status means that Badie Designs can expand its client base and help more clients communicate their brand story, attract different target audiences, engage websites and ultimately build brand awareness. This is especially important for government agencies, some of which struggle to keep up with technological advances. Badie Designs can help keep citizens informed by providing federal agencies with a modern approach to online marketing.

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“We strive to stay at the forefront of design and marketing practices because we understand that technology has changed the way consumers view products and services,” says Taneka Badie Geary, the organization’s CEO and creative director. “Your website is the most effective way to market your business online. We specialize in converting website visitors into customers, and we know this critical lateral thinking.”

Due to their focus on results, Badie Designs was named one of the Best Creative Agencies of 2018, ranking #16 globally and #1 in Georgia.

Based in Atlanta, the Badie Designs team works with national and international organizations in a variety of fields. The group’s graphic design offerings include the creation of logos, stationery, brochures and catalogs. Marketing and web development services include site creation, local SEO support, competitive analysis, audience identification, email marketing, social media management and media buying. decide to share them here for free for use on your own website. I just want to share this page with others before downloading. No credit is required for non-commercial use, but I would appreciate it if you would link back if you use these logos! All images below are in .PNG format and have no background unless otherwise noted.

Woman Owned Small Business Logo

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Celebrating Women Owned Small Businesses

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I took it when I was still in college. I got the idea because I wanted to help people with e-commerce and websites and it has expanded into what you see today. I hope you learn something useful, and if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. You can connect with me on LinkedIn ( If you would like to contact us, please use the “Contact Us” link in the navigation menu above.

Resources New Website Launch Checklist – What to do when launching a new website Resources 6 Free Tools for Competitive Keyword Research (2016) Resources List of Blog Aggregation Sites to Promote Your Blog The Pacific Women’s Business Council was established in 2000 to support women’s business empowerment, opportunities, resources and communications.

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Small Business Federal Government Contracting (

The certification certifies a woman-owned company as a WBE company and classifies the company as a company with diverse ownership.

Validating women-owned businesses is at the core of WBENC’s mission and has been for over 20 years.

The WBENC Network is a resource and training platform that helps WBENC-certified WBEs grow their potential and compete for real-time business opportunities.

Woman Owned Small Business Logo

The WBENC certificate proves that at least 51 percent of the company is owned by one or more women – and the women owners are the main decision makers or managers of the company.

How To Get Women Owned Small Business (wosb/edwosb) Certified

In the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Northern California, WBENC certification is administered by WBEC Pacific.

WOSB certification is a federal SBA requirement for acceptance into the WOSB federal contracting program. We offer WOSB certification at no additional cost.

To be WOSB certified, a company must have a valid WBENC certification and most of the women must be US citizens.

WBEC PacificWBENC Certification, Women Owned Business, Women Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneur, Benefits of Certification, Women Business Certification, What is WBE Certification, How Can I Get My Business Certified Starting June 2020, Magnet Culture, a Crescendo Strategies Company, is Now Certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and as a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) through the Women’s Business National Council (WBENC), the largest third-party certification of women-owned and operated businesses in the United States. .

Govwin Iq Announced Aaski Technology As One Of The Top 20 Women Owned Small Business

We recognize the commitment to supplier diversity that companies and government agencies are embracing today, and we look forward to seeing diversity in more organizations across the country. Magnetic Culture offers leadership development programs that reduce employee turnover, bridge generational gaps, and make leaders more effective in their roles.

Sub-par leadership causes most of today’s costly employee turnover and this revolving door has a direct impact on productivity, profitability and company morale. Many companies stopped providing critical training and development for managers and supervisors years ago, then promoted people into these roles without giving them the tools or time to succeed.

To address this, we created effective training workshops and programs such as our Employee Retention Bootcamp campaign. We’ve cracked the code to change the mindset of traditional “old school” managers to better understand, manage and retain today’s new workforce.

Woman Owned Small Business Logo

Our award-winning style is unlike any training you’ve ever seen. Instead of reading statistics and facts from a PowerPoint slide, our strong narrative approach deals with the relationship between employer and employee. he delves into the mindset of today’s young workers; and it explores our proven retention framework, explaining why employees leave and how to keep them longer.

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Our programs have reduced unnecessary staff turnover among clients across the country – turning their managers into retention champions. Neighborhood news AMM Communications receives SBA certificate

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