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Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Grant

Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Grant – MADISON, WI. AUG. 4, 2021 – Businesses and nonprofits considering relocating to Wisconsin Business Free Space can qualify for a $10,000 Wisconsin Tomorrow – Main Street Bounceback grant through the newly created program.

“These grants are designed to help entrepreneurs build their brick-and-mortar stores and reward small business owners for investing in free business infrastructure across the state,” said Wisconsin Economic Development Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes Corporation ( ). “The businesses that move into these spaces become an important part of our community, providing not only goods and services, but spaces for gathering and celebration.”

Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Grant

Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Grant

In April, Gov. Tony Evers announced the state would commit $50 million to help small business owners open brick-and-mortar locations and help cities fill vacant stores. Funding for the Wisconsin Tomorrow – Main Street Bounceback Grant Program comes from federal American Recovery Plan Act grants.

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To qualify, businesses or nonprofits must be registered with a free business environment in Wisconsin. Businesses or non-profits will no longer need to close Wisconsin locations to run this tour.

Grant money can be used for housing or rent payments, operating expenses, home repairs and improvements, and more.

The business or nonprofit will use the new facility for storage, holding for investment purposes, or rental as a non-eligible residence. National and local chains are not eligible if owned by an independent franchisee.

Partners with nine regional economic development agencies to provide funding tools for businesses and nonprofits in all 72 counties of the state. Applications opened on August 9 and the program will run until June 30, 2022. Businesses and nonprofits interested in learning more about the grant should visit: /mainstreet-bounceback.

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Interested parties who complete the online form on the website will be automatically contacted by the regional grant partners in their area for more information and other procedures. We get many questions from customers about the notification letter they received from Wisconsin. Department of Revenue (WDoR) in early August. Specifically, this letter informs them that their application for the Wisconsin Small Business Assistance Program has been denied.

Unfortunately, many of the recipients of the letter reported that they never applied for the grant and submitted the application fraudulently. Therefore, the WDoR also includes information that the recipient can use to protect themselves from another identity theft via an “application denied” letter.

For more information related to the Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant program from the Wisconsin Banker’s Association, please follow this link for more details.

Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Grant

If you have received one of these letters, or if someone you know has received one, please use the link in the post above for more information. We recommend that you review the identity theft link in the email you received from WDoR or use the following links:

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Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in our country. Please continue to work with a trusted Monona banker if you believe you have been the victim of an identity theft scam. If you have more questions about this scam or your account in general, please call us at (608) 223-3000 or email us at [email protected] Desjarlais started a small business near Bayfield was threatened early. infectious disease. Gov. Tony Evers has allocated a significant portion of the pandemic relief aid to help Wisconsin’s small businesses stay afloat during the economic downturn.

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“I’m as purple as you can get. I’m not red. I’m not out of the blue, I can look at the party you’re at, your actions speak louder than words,” said Melissa Martinez, director of the Washburn Chamber of Commerce. “I think the governor of Wisconsin has done an amazing thing. the job of fighting for small businesses”.

His idea of ​​what that might look like has changed over the years, but he knows he wants to work for himself. However, the timing was not good. Starting a business is a risk, and between the time her husband spent at the royal school, establishing himself as a professional, and when their first child was born, Desjarlais needed stability. So, he spent 15 years working in accounting.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, Desjarlais, a Washburn resident, was working as an office manager for a small family business in nearby Bayfield. As the virus spread across the country, she quit her job to care for her second child, who was only a few months old at the time. Then he started thinking again about starting his own business.

Fraudulent Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant Program

“Starting a business in the middle of a global pandemic is not a good idea, but in some ways the timing is good,” said Desjarlais. “I don’t work, the child is small, my first daughter is younger – she is four years old and does not need much care.”

Desjarlais made the decision. She started slowly, launching Kiddwink Kids from her own home, creating physical products – themed products including sensory materials such as Play-doh, slime or kinetic sand, and toys for another to combine with the sensor – for children to play with. with.

“I’m going to make these kits and I’m going to sell them at festivals and I’m going to sell them online and that’s going to be a little bit more,” he said. “But we entered an area business contest here for Chequamegon Bay, and the winner got $5,000.”

Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Grant

Desjarlais won. Money helped, but what allowed him to take Kiddiwink to the next level was the Wisconsin Tomorrow Main Street Bounceback program, which awarded $10,000 to local entrepreneurs who opened new brick-and-mortar locations or expanded operations in a . space business space.

Covid 19 Update

Desjarlais is one of 4,200 Wisconsin small businesses receiving funding from the program. The money — which comes from President Joe Biden’s America’s Rescue Plan — is a big boost for Kiddiwink Kids.

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Desjarlais signed a lease for the store on Washburn’s main drag. The money gave her the flexibility and freedom to turn Kiddiwink into a full-fledged children’s store, full of sensory equipment, hands-on activities and handmade toys, without worrying about how she would get through the year first .

“I couldn’t rent and fill that space if I didn’t get it,” Desjarlais said. “It allowed me to invest in building the space, putting in some shelving and making it a really fun and creative place.”

Desjarlais opened the store last October and was open part-time until this month, when he expanded his hours to six days a week. He hired two teenagers and a recent high school graduate to work during the summer and hopes the store will help attract people who grow up in the business.

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“Getting that money is a game changer,” he said. Desjarlais’ story is just one example of how recent federal and state aid has helped support the small businesses that are essential to keeping communities like Washburn thriving.

As director of the Washburn Chamber of Commerce, Melissa Martinez has had a front-row seat to the city’s renaissance over the past few years.

“Washburn has been kind of a sleeping beauty for years. A lot of these towns depend on different markets — coal, firewood, lumber, things like that,” he said. “Dupont was big in Washburn, that’s what built Washburn, so once that kind of manufacturing stopped, that kind of town lay dormant for years.”

Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Grant

Since October 2019, the small town of less than 2,000 has seen 17 new businesses, including Kiddiwink Kids, open brick-and-mortar locations with the help of the Wisconsin Tomorrow Main Street Bounceback program.

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The community also received about $70,000 in medical aid for local businesses through the Wisconsin Small Business Assistance Program, Martinez said, and another $40,000 for the Chamber of Commerce to spend on marketing and tourism efforts . .

“Our little town of Washburn — it’s changing,” Desjarlais said. “The barriers to my business are overwhelming. Every house now has a business in it that is opening this summer or has been open in the last year or so. “

“We’re seeing a lot more people in the community,” Martinez added. “A lot of community members stay in town because they can get what they need here instead of going to Ashland or Duluth.”

The city also welcomes visitors. Between 2017 and 2021, the Chamber achieved a 66% increase in the lodging tax – the fee hotels charge people during their stay, which is split between the House and the city. Most of the growth came from the outbreak, with a nearly 44 percent increase between 2020 and 2021, Martinez said.

Wisconsin Restaurants Still Struggling Financially Despite Grants

It’s clear that part of the reason for the economic recovery in Washburn is the state grant

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