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Will County Small Business Grants

Will County Small Business Grants – On Friday, Aug. 28, small businesses and nonprofits can apply for grants to help with costs related to the coronavirus as part of a program launched by Dauphin County Sheriffs. The aid money is part of the $25 million in the Joint Coronavirus Assistance, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act that the province received from the government.

An online application for the Dauphin County COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program will be available at Applications must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, September 14. Dauphin County Community and Economic Development will lead the program.

Will County Small Business Grants

Will County Small Business Grants

“We know the need for financial assistance is great among small businesses and nonprofits,” said Executive Director Mike Pries. “Companies and nonprofits can apply for up to $35,000, or 25 percent, of utilities, whichever is less.”

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Companies in the region with fewer than 100 employees – or companies in the tourism industry with fewer than 500 employees – are eligible to apply. Non-profit organizations are eligible as long as they provide services in the district. While businesses and nonprofits that have received Paycheck Protection Program or Economic Loss Disaster Loans are still eligible, the amount previously received will be taken into account when making awards.

“We understand that shutdowns and other disruptions caused by the pandemic are hurting businesses and nonprofits that depend on our community,” said board chairman Jeff Haste. “This bailout program is designed to alleviate the financial crisis and get the economy back on track.”

Earlier this year, commissioners helped local businesses by awarding $10,000 and $20,000 to more than 70 businesses across the county as part of a unique program sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“We particularly encourage those businesses and nonprofits that have not yet received assistance to apply,” said Executive Director George P. Hartwick, III. “Although we cannot compensate for all the damage and expenses caused by the epidemic, we hope that the help we provide can prevent them from closing their doors forever.”

Coronavirus Pandemic (covid 19)

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If you are a company looking for a low-cost business loan or a financial institution that wants to partner with us to provide low-cost business loans, contact us today to learn more about applications, requirements and. more!Thank you for your interest in the Cook County Small Business Growth Grant! This opportunity resulted in almost 22,000 applications being received during the grant period this October!

The program provides assistance to small businesses to promote their recovery and resilience from the pandemic, to measure their performance and success in Cook County.

Will County Small Business Grants

As part of the application process, your company’s good standing status with the State of Illinois will be reviewed. Click here to search and check your company’s good standing.

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Small Business Assistance Program

We know running a small business is tough, and The Source offers no-cost business advice, online resources and informational events to help grow and develop your business. Check out the Cook County Small Business Source for more information.

Click here to view the inexpensive events happening this month and keep checking The Source website for updates on our annual events calendar.

Starting this month, our Business Support Organizations (BSOs) will be holding free group consultations. Our small business mentors lead each session which will include approximately 10-15 small businesses. Sessions focus on a specific topic, such as marketing, and there is also an opportunity for you to get help with any frequently asked questions. BSOs will contact you directly with session details and registration instructions. Please be careful! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email:

Please note that participation in business consulting and/or events does not affect your grant status. The initial round of the program provides grants of up to $20,000 to small businesses with 25 or fewer employees.

Business Builders Coming To Grant County — Grant County Economic Growth Council

The Union County Freeholder Board today announced the launch of Union County’s Covid-19 relief grant program for small businesses affected by the health crisis.

The grant program will make available up to $2,000 in CARES Act financial assistance. Of this amount, the program provides financial assistance of up to $20,000 to eligible small businesses to cover three months’ rent, housing, utilities and insurance costs. This assistance will be available to small businesses located within the borders of Union County with 25 or fewer employees prior to the COVID emergency.

“Union County’s small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and our towns,” said Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella. “These businesses, who contribute so much to our lives as a whole, have been devastated by the CCIDID-19 emergency and need our help. The survival of these businesses is important to Union County and we encourage our small businesses to apply for help when this program becomes available.”

Will County Small Business Grants

Union County’s Covid-19 relief grant program is supported by the COVID-Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Federal Relief Fund. The coalition will begin accepting applications for this program through an online portal beginning Thursday, July 16 at 10 a.m. at www.covid-grant. Questions about the county’s grants can be sent to [email protected] City of Dixon/LCIDA Small Business . Restricted Grant Program Serving Dixon and Lee County Illinois Guidelines and application grant ends May.

Utah County Cares Small Business Grant

The City of Dixon, LCIDA, and the Dixon Chamber of Commerce and Main Street have decided to increase business development funding for the month of May. This grant helps cover costs related to rent or housing or utilities for qualified “essential” small businesses. To date, the program has helped 72 small businesses in Dixon and Lee County with a total of $128,019 in grants.

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The scholarship committee evaluates applications and awards based on the availability of funds and a review of the eligibility and return criteria listed below. Please complete all applications.

CDLSBG’s mission is to help small businesses deemed “non-essential” under Governor Pritzker’s “Stay Home” order within Dixon and Lee County to continue operating during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dixon City Council partnered with the Dixon Chamber of Commerce and Main Street and the Lee County Industrial Development Association (LCIDA) to secure the funding. This team believes that small, “less important” businesses are in fact an important part of our business and cultural community and recognizes the financial impact that COVID-19 has had on them. Simply put, it is our businesses that are suffering the most and need financial assistance.

This grant is intended to cover eligible expenses not covered by the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program or other sources of state or federal COVID-19 relief funds. The highest awarding companies can receive $5,000 for one month of eligible earnings. The Dixon City Council and LCIDA may extend this schedule for one (1) month if the economic situation surrounding COVID-19 deems it necessary.

Will County Small Business Grants

Small business: In general, a small business is defined as a business that has fewer than 12 full-time employees or the weekly equivalent of 12 full-time employees.

Brick and Mortar: The physical address of a business that is a separate location from the business owner’s primary residence.

The Grant Review Committee will consist of two (2) members of the City Council, Mayor Dixon, Deputy Mayor Dixon, Finance Director Dixon, two (2) Lee County Industrial Development Association Board members and Director Dixon. Chamber. shop and Adalgatu. Grant applications must meet “eligibility” requirements and receive a majority “yes” vote from the committee. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until all scholarships are exhausted.

Will County Small Business Grants

For businesses in Dixon, please contact Jeremy Englund of the Dixon Chamber of Commerce & Main Street; This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. or Heather McCarter of Dixon City; This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dauphin County Commissioners Announce Small Business And Nonprofit Covid 19 Recovery Grant Program

For Lee County businesses, please contact Kevin Marx of LCIDA; This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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