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Why Shop Small Business Saturday

Why Shop Small Business Saturday – Coming from the United States, Black Friday, which occurs in late November every year, is becoming increasingly suspect. This commercial event where big brands offer deep discounts has become a symbol of overspending. In Anglo-Saxon countries, to deal with that, we created a special event for small businesses: Small Business Saturday!

Every year, Black Friday is increasingly questioned by environmental organizations or consumers who allege waste, often price gouging or even aggressive business practices. To fight the coronavirus but also to protect small businesses, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has postponed the date of Black Friday in France by just one week, to Friday 4 December.

Why Shop Small Business Saturday

Why Shop Small Business Saturday

Anglo-Saxon had a great idea to tackle Black Friday, particularly suited to big chains and e-commerce sites. In the United States, England, Canada and even Australia and New Zealand, small businesses are gearing up to celebrate this Saturday, November 28!

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Although still not well known in France, Small Business Saturday is already celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! On November 27, 2010, American Express launched “Small Business Saturday” in the United States to encourage customers to shop at small independent and local businesses instead of big box stores or online during Black Friday.

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American Express publicized its plan widely using the Twitter hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday, media, and even politicians on social media. In 2011, the United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution on that day and even the President of the United States, Barack Obama, officially declared support for small businesses!

Due to the success of American Small Business Saturday, other versions were launched in many Anglo-Saxon countries, starting with Canada and the United Kingdom in 2013, then Australia and New Zealand! Although American Express continues to be the main partner of these editions, it is associations, federations and companies that now organize their editions of Small Business Saturday in each country.

So, in England, that day will be held on Saturday, December 5 this year. Since 2013, Small Business Saturday UK has grown significantly, reaching 18 million people shopping around £800m (€900m) spent on small businesses in the UK. Record!

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Regardless of the country where Small Business Day takes place, the purpose of Small Business Saturday is always the same: to promote small businesses during the holiday season and encourage consumers to shop local and support small businesses in their city.

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Kudos to American Express for its commitment, and to all the organizations around the world that protect and promote local businesses like these throughout the year!

With or without days, everyone can easily operate, shopping close to home in small shops where possible! And for the holidays, you can also give vouchers at!

Why Shop Small Business Saturday

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Win Prizes By Shopping Small Business Saturday, Nov. 27

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