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Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free – I appreciate this community and times like this more than ever. There are moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, but through it all the collective response to support each other is incredible. This week I shared on Instagram ways to support small creative businesses and I wanted to go into more detail. So before I talk about travel content or anything else on Bon Traveler for the next few weeks, I want to start here.

I asked some small businesses and developers in the industry about how they can support us. So I’m collecting the list in one place. The best part is that some of the methods are completely free – they only take a few minutes.

Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

Right now Travis and I are hanging out at home and taking it day by day. We feel called to support small business and creativity today. I know personally as a small business owner, I feel very vulnerable. My experience is not unique to me, so I know what community support means. A simple note, comment or shared understanding of this change goes a long way.

Always, Katie: 8 Free Ways To Support Your Friend’s Small Business

So I hope we can rally behind our collective creators and local businesses more than ever during this uncertain time. Sending love wherever you are in the world.

Buy a little before the big one. This is one of the easiest ideas to support a small business. Think about your grocery store small before you go big. Business helps a lot – they need business too. Whether it’s a corner store or an online store, I always try to think of who I can support locally and first.

Delivery + take orders. Let’s keep moving our restaurant forward. One method nowadays is to order goods or delivery. An amazing way to keep local cafes and restaurants in business. Plus, it’s a nice change for the week!

Share the social love. Do you have a favorite business that you know is open for merchandise or has a gift card (or other form of support)? Post them on social networks. Tell others in the community. Spreading the word on social media is a great way to keep word of mouth going for small businesses. Also, engaging with their content on social channels gives them hope and lets them know we’re all here.

Shop Small, Shop Local Gift Guide

Buy gift cards online. Can’t visit yet? Support a store or restaurant by purchasing a gift card now to use later. The money will help them keep the business going until they open their doors again.

Join your local business. A quick note goes a mile. Ask questions like “how can we support you right now?”

Visit the blog to keep traffic. One of the most requested ways to support bloggers these days is to keep visiting their blogs (and by me too!). We make money from advertising on our website, which is entirely dependent on traffic – how many people access the website each day. For those of us in the world of travel blogging, if our travel content isn’t searched for, our website traffic drops. Talking to many travel bloggers, most of us lose more than 60% of our web traffic in a week. Even if you only have to show up for a minute or two, it really helps.

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Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

Consider one of the online salary resources. Most bloggers and designers like myself have produced paid products like Lightroom Presets or online tutorials. If you’ve been watching presets or taking courses, now is a great time to support.

Supporting Small Business Doesn’t Cost You A Dime — Natalie Franke

Contribute creative content on social media, comments go a long way! If I do say so myself, I feel down, but every note I get pushes me harder. Connect with your favorite creator’s content – spreading love and support is what it’s all about.

Shop local artists in your area. I know there are amazing artists in Northern California who are suffering right now. Looking for a new print? Check out one of their online stores. Buying handmade ceramics, household items and other such items from local artists is a great way to support them.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who sent notes of encouragement and love not only to me but to this global small business community. We appreciate your support.

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Ways To Support Local Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic

So what happens, when people we love start a company or launch a new product or create amazing content, most people don’t bother to support them?

I’ve seen a similar thread pop up lately and it really hits home. Why is it more socially acceptable to celebrate a famous entrepreneur or famous designer than to support the small business owner next door?

I have been an entrepreneur for over ten years. I started a photography business right out of high school, started a wedding blog in college, and grew a thriving community soon after I got married.

Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the last ten years as an entrepreneur is that having support is key. Social proof is important and can be a catapult for those who take the plunge and build a business.

Ways To Support Small Business For Free

Today I want to remind everyone that supporting a small business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and doesn’t even require you to leave your home. You can promote creativity, entrepreneurship, dreamers in your daily life…and it’s easy to do.

Being an advocate for a friend who runs a small business is completely free. And if you’re willing to do it for Beyoncé, shouldn’t you be willing to do it for your friends, too?

Did you notice that 4 out of 5 of these tips cost no money? Sometimes all we need is your voice, your advocacy and your encouragement.

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Good news: there are many places where it comes from! I have a library full of resources waiting for you; think of it as your own personal repository for the brain. The one thing you have to bring? A cup of coffee.

Free Ways To Support Your Friend’s Business

Empower your audience with marketing strategies for creative entrepreneurs with brains and hearts. I have a cup of coffee waiting for you and resources! Not only do they contribute to the local economy, but they also support the community.

The dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic have challenged businesses more than ever. It had a significant economic and psychological impact on small business owners. A recent FSB survey reported that 250,000 businesses are at risk of collapse in the UK.

These small businesses, from coffee shops to plumbers, need our support more than ever. So see below how you can help support your business (or your friend’s) for free.

Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

It’s easy and cheap to follow a small business on social media. Many businesses are harnessing the power of their social media channels due to their ability to expand. When you follow or like a small business’s page, it not only helps them better connect with you, but also allows them to reach a wider audience. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Pinterest clicking that follow button can really give them a much-needed boost.

Ways To Support Small Business In The New Normal

By liking their posts, they can see what content performs best. It also helps them reach the news of people who might not like or follow the page, so it’s a great way to help them gain new followers. Plus, when you like their posts, their content can appear in your own news feed, meaning you’ll be up to date with any offers, deals or competitions they might post.

By sharing their posts, you become an advocate for their business, and when other people see that you’ve shared something, the business becomes more popular and legitimate. A quick share can really create new business for a small business, without spending any money.

It doesn’t have to be long at all; sometimes it’s just an emoji! When you comment, you allow the algorithm to help show the article in other people’s news feeds, which means small businesses have the opportunity to show their products or services to more people. Help grow their network and spread the word about who they are and what they do, because you commented. Feels good, right?

By referring friends to content created by a small business, you’re actually creating digital word of mouth, which is worth its weight in gold for small businesses. Telling your friends that this company exists not only helps your friends who may be interested in whatever product or service they offer, but it also helps the little ones.

How To Support A Small Business For Free

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