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Verizon Grants For Small Business

Verizon Grants For Small Business – It continuously inspires, educates and attracts entrepreneurs and small business owners from Main Street America who want to be their own boss and live the American dream.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready is committed to helping small businesses grow. That’s why we’re partnering with this program to arm businesses like yours with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today’s digital economy.

Verizon Grants For Small Business

Verizon Grants For Small Business

By joining this free platform, you not only get access to courses, live coaching sessions and valuable training materials, but you can also be eligible to apply for an exclusive $10,000 pool for small businesses.

Verizon Foundation Donates $450k+ In Grants To Il, Wi Non Profits

To unlock the program for the current round of funding, enroll in Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, complete any combination of two training courses, live coaching or community events and apply by November 14, 2022.

In partnership with LISC, Verizon has committed more than $1 million in small business grants for 2022, and application opportunities will be available throughout the year.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready: A free resource to learn essential business skills, financial aid, the latest digital technology and more.

The following is the foreword to The Rise of the Rest, in which Steve Case introduces readers to dozens of entrepreneurs whose inspiring stories of struggle and success match iconic American examples.

Two City Businesses Receive Verizon Grants

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Verizon Grants For Small Business

Four entrepreneurs share how they’re using a $10,000 grant — and free courses — from Small Business Digital to grow their businesses in significant ways.

K Verizon Grant Helps Flint Dance Studio Remain Afloat Through Pandemic

Small Business Digital Ready is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive in the digital economy. As part of this initiative, and in partnership with national community development nonprofit LISC, small business owners are offered the opportunity to apply for $10,000 in small business grants. By 2022, it has committed to funding more than $1 million in grants, exclusively for digital-ready business users. Here, four of them share how they used their capital — and the newfound knowledge of Digital Ready courses — to boost their businesses in significant ways.

Ahmed and Ansi Moghadam (left), along with their daughter Azita (right) and son Hamed (right), are the owners of ASM Training Center in Rawville, Maryland. Credit: Tanya Fernandez

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After immigrating to the United States from Iran, Ahmad and Ansi Moghadam founded ASM Education Center (ASM) in 1992 with their son and daughter in Rawalpindi, MD. Since then, the family business has trained more than 38,000 professionals in IT as well as other technical skills. “We’re proud of our heritage and the opportunity to help so many people,” Ensi says. As a result of the pandemic, the center’s clients contracted and changed their face-to-face courses to virtual training. Azita Moghadam, Chief Customer Officer and daughter of Ansi and Ahmed, actively helped transform the business when she applied for and received the Digital Ready Award. s. How has financial aid helped support ASM? a. Honestly, that win felt good and confirmed for us that we were still on track. With the grant, we also put a little more capital into our overall operations to maintain the client’s office and supplement instructor salaries. ASM is now charting new levels of success and expanding important programs, including job skills training for Afghan refugees. s. Did other Digital Ready sources contribute to ASM? a. I have taken several courses covering monetization activities, MWBE sourcing routes and business planning. After completing the course Planning for the Unexpected: Building Resilience in Your Business, I felt a spiritual shift. I am now more than eager to embrace the future and accelerate the family business continuity plan. s. What do you think is the key to making a family business work? a. To love and support each other unconditionally and to know that we are truly living our motto and changing lives through education. That’s why we work hard every day and my 89-year-old father still comes to work to inspire all students, especially our youth.

Jaja Chen and Devin Lee launched their premium dumpling and toppings tea company, Cha Community, in 2018. Based in Waco, Texas, the business focuses as much on building community as it does on creating delicious goods. Chen and Lee were opening their second cafe when the pandemic hit, inspiring Chen to go for a grant. s. How has the pandemic affected the opening of your new location? a. At first, everything went according to plan. But when construction costs skyrocketed, we realized we needed more funding to complete the project. s. How did this donation help the Cha community at that critical time? A. This award was a game changer for our small business. We have faced challenges in routing federal COVID-19 relief dollars, resulting in limited cash flow as the pandemic has put pressure on our business. With the help of this grant, we were able to finish building our Bobati Cafe in Temple, Texas without incurring any further debt. This was just the help needed to offset construction costs and keep the project going. We successfully opened in March 2022. s. How is everything? a. The downtown temple has really welcomed us and been a wonderful support. Our focus now is to grow open catering and food delivery events throughout the communities we are a part of. We are also increasing leadership development within the company and plan to grow the Cha community throughout Central Texas.

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Grant: Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

Joe Alvarez (left) and Eric Casillas (right) are co-owners of iCareClean in Los Angeles, California. Credit: Miguel Alvarez

Joe Alvarez and Eric Casillas launched iCareClean in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. In just six years, they grew their office cleaning business from one client to over 100 people and expanded into event cleaning services. The pandemic created problems for entrepreneurs, as client offices were closed and demand for cleaning dropped dramatically. Fortunately, Alvarez and Casillas worked with LISC, where they both gained new business skills and learned about digital-ready small businesses. Alvarez applied for and received the $10,000 grant. s. How has the award helped your company during the pandemic? a. When the pandemic hit, we had to change our mindset. After taking the courses and receiving the grant, we invested in our digital marketing strategy. Our approach evolved into Google advertising in online search results as well as social media. s. What was the impact of your digital marketing investment? a. A search engine campaign allowed our business to rank in multiple searches related to the neighborhood. This resulted in 20 additional customers. The company now aims to reach $3 million in revenue this year. s. What has success meant to you and your family? a. Having a business and being able to take care of my two sons and encourage them to grow and develop is everything. My daily exhortations to them are to love, serve and give much. Always stay focused and have integrity. Small Business Digital Ready offers free personalized courses, live coaching, networking, mentoring and grant opportunities to eligible small businesses. Click here to register for this free program.

These story profiles help award recipients Jaja Chen and her husband, Devin Lee, founders of Community Cha’s premium tea and donut company, Bubba Cha, in Waco, Texas.

Verizon Grants For Small Business

Small business-ready digital marketing strategies helped the Cap Magnet couple see a 20 percent increase in online sales. Small businesses are the backbone of our country’s economy and their sudden struggles are unprecedented right now. Larger businesses and organizations are coming together to help small businesses throughout this pandemic.

Coronavirus Aid: Verizon Expands Small Business Support Up To $7.5m

Requests for federal funding last week were certainly hit and miss, and some state funding is already at capacity. Here are some alternative support ways to help your business. Contact your Silverstein Alloy CPA if you need assistance.

The Small Business Assistance Initiative was launched by GoFundMe to help small businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and empower their communities to support them. GoFundMe has partnered with Yelp, Intuit QuickBooks, GoDaddy and to provide small business owners with the financial support and resources they need to keep their businesses running during and after the coronavirus crisis.

Facebook committed to a maximum of 30,

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