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Utah Small Business Grants 2022

Utah Small Business Grants 2022 – Occasionally, to support Utah es, the Legislature appropriates grant and program funding to our office. Although our various groups and initiatives operate different grant programs, we have combined them all on this page. We have also included information about previous grants for your reference.

RCOG empowers rural communities to take ownership of economic development planning, projects and activities and to manage their unique opportunities.

Utah Small Business Grants 2022

Utah Small Business Grants 2022

Grants from the Economic Development Administration to help the recovery and resilience of the tourism industry in four designated areas:

Why Utah Is The Best State For Doing Business

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My staff and their families are so grateful. Thank you for taking the time to help us. Thank you a million times over. This is more help than you can imagine.” Greg McConaughey Wasatch Furniture

“Words cannot express our gratitude for the Shop In Utah program. We could not do this without these state funds. It is difficult to convey our gratitude in a simple email. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! “William Ray Bruce Robintinos

“We are grateful for the Shop In Utah grant that helps us offer a 15% discount. Utah is a pretty exciting place to live and work, and we hope to add to that through our innovation.” Heather Limon Crosse Farm

“Thanks to generous donors like you, Ballet West will continue to present classical and contemporary ballet that challenges, excites and entertains our audiences, both on-site and on tour. Thank you for being a part of Ballet West.” Michael Scolamiero Ballet West

State Of Utah

The 2021 Small Impact Catalyst Grant was created during the 2021 Legislative Session. The purpose of the grant is to assist small companies, nonprofits, and organizations that have experienced 1) a significant decrease in revenue for four consecutive months in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019 or 2) start operations after Jan. 1, 2020, and can demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 and 3) provide evidence of continued solvency.

This $10 million program can award grants to Utah-based companies to implement strategic and innovative solutions related to air quality or water conservation.

The COVID-19 Commercial Rental Assistance Program was created on April 30, 2020, when former Governor Herbert signed S.B. 3006 and amended during the 4th (SB5005) and 5th (SB6009) special sessions.

Utah Small Business Grants 2022

Known as ComRent, it provides rental assistance to small Utah businesses that lost revenue due to measures taken during the outbreak to minimize public exposure to COVID-19. The program provides up to $5,000 per month, per location, and up to three months of assistance.

How Soon Can You Start Applying For Business Grants?

This $16.5 million initiative, called “Learn & Work In Utah,” provides training to workers displaced by COVID-19 by funding Talent Ready Utah’s Utah Works Go Utah program. These initiatives include support for the Utah System of Higher Education’s Custom Fit program and several other workforce training programs to provide education and training to displaced workers. Talent Ready Utah and the Utah System of Higher Education are responsible for “Study & Work in Utah.”

The COVID-19 grant program, known as Shop In Utah, is a grant program that helps support and provide discounts to consumers.

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The initiative is funded with $64 million in federal CARES Act money. In a special session of the Utah Legislature in August, the Legislature increased the original $25 million in Shop In Utah funding to $55 million, and $7 million was transferred from ComRent to Shop In Utah.

Shopping in Utah is one way the state supports ice and encourages Utahns to get involved with local ice.

Women’s Business Network

Covid-19 Live Events Grant provides $3 million to assist Utah’s live events industry. Eligible individuals who have lost income due to a public health emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic can participate in this grant program.

The $1 million initiative, known as “Healthy In Utah,” is for a public awareness campaign to encourage healthy activities during the COVID-19 outbreak, such as following current CDC, state and local guidelines for health and the avoidance of other preventive or emergency measures. medical care. This initiative is part of the state’s “In Utah” campaign.

The PPE COVID-19 Support Grant Program, known as “Safe In Utah,” is a $2.7 million grant program to help keep employees and customers safe.

Utah Small Business Grants 2022

Safe In Utah is using federal CARES Act funds as part of Utah’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. Provides grants to respond to COVID-19 consisting of the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE), implementation of workplace redesign, additional signage, new technology solutions for remote work and other items to comply with public health guidelines COVID-19 for returning workers. in the workplace safely.

Atlanta’s Resurgence Grant Fund Offers $40,000 To Small Businesses

Up to $200,000 in grants to assist Utahns who promote and support economic opportunity and provide services related to industry, education, community development or infrastructure

The Utah Legislature appropriates $5,000,000 in economic development grants to be used to assist Utah organizations that promote and support economic opportunities and provide services related to live events, industry, education, community or infrastructure.

The application process is open from July 6, 2021 to July 9, 2021. This is not a grant received. All eligible applications have been considered.

Local matching grants provide up to $1 million in matching funding for municipal housing and water projects.

House Passes Aid For Restaurants, Small Businesses Affected By Covid Pandemic

A $35 million initiative to create incentives for land use authorities to redevelop and rezone vacant commercial, retail or industrial land to allow residential housing as a permitted use.

The funding opportunity opens at 9am. on May 18, 2022 and closes at 12 p.m. on May 24, 2022.

Provides reimbursement to Utah small employers who pay employees for time off to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or recover from vaccination

Utah Small Business Grants 2022

The Small Worker COVID-19 Quarantine Grant Program is a $2,000,000 grant program administered by the Utah Labor Commission.

World Trade Center Utah Facilitates Global Expansion Through Step Grant Funding

It is using federal CARES Act funds as part of Utah’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. This program provides compensation to small companies with fewer than 50 employees who maintain payroll for employees who must be quarantined or isolated due to COVID-19.

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Oil, Gas and Mining COVID-19 Grant Provides $5 Million to Help Utah Energy. Eligible companies incurring costs or operating at a net loss due to public health emergencies related to the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to participate in this grant program.

Go Utah distributed $12 million through the Utah Leads Together Small Bridge Loan program in March and April. This program is now closed.

The bridge loan program is funded with $11 million in federal funds to provide gap financing to Utah’s small and nonprofit entities. In addition, the WCF Insurance Foundation contributed $1 million in bridge loans to support small Utah communities during these difficult times, bringing the bridge loan program to $12 million.

Mountain America Opens 2021 2022 Education Grant Opportunities

At least 25% of bridge loan funds are earmarked to support Utah agriculture organizations and nonprofits (entities not located in one of the Wasatch Front counties: Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah counties).

A $10 million grant that incentivizes Utah to modernize, establish, relocate, maintain or grow manufacturing in the state and help reduce America’s dependence on foreign The Utah Small Credit Initiative (USBCI) is a new federal loan program. Includes $69 million in funding to expand access to capital for small businesses in Utah, especially for underserved communities.

The Saving America Plan Act of 2021 authorizes and funds the program. USBCI will help expand access to capital for small companies emerging from the pandemic, create high-paying jobs and build an ecosystem of opportunity and entrepreneurship in Utah. We expect this program to stimulate up to $690 million in investment in Utah small companies because of the 10:1 private-public investment ratio.

Utah Small Business Grants 2022

Over the past year, Go Utah has worked to build partnerships between financial institutions, community partners and government leaders to design industry-friendly programs that address gaps in capital access markets and deliver the best possible outcomes for its small companies Jute.

Utah Small Business Credit Initiative

We are grateful to the many community partners and small people who attended public meetings, met with our team and shared their experiences. The design of the USBCI program is the result of this strategic collaboration.

“Small people in Utah will soon have a chance to access capital through the state’s new Small State Credit Initiative (SSBCI) program,” writes Heather Beer for Utah Magazine.

The program works through financial institutions that provide forgivable loans to small Utah residents. Those interested in this program should apply through USBCI-registered lenders.

The USBCI Loan Guarantee Program allows small groups to receive loans to help them grow and expand. This program provides borrowers with loan guarantees through partial guarantees.

Utah Is Using Data To Drive Debt Litigation Reform

The USBCI Loan Participation Program expands access to capital for small groups on the margins of eligibility for traditional bank loans. The program authorizes a network of economic development organizations (EDOs) to administer loan programs on behalf of the state. This EDO then works with financial institutions on a loan-by-loan basis by purchasing up to 50% of the loan.

The public money used by EDOs receives low interest rates and fees set by the government. Private capital is borrowed from finance

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