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The War On Small Business

The War On Small Business – For some Americans, the coronavirus pandemic is finally over. Children are going back to school. Employees returned to work. Restaurants are reopening. End the travel ban. But for small business owners, things are worse than ever. About 200,000 small businesses came under lockdown, and those that survived are now devastated by supply chain shortages.

According to the United States Census Small Business Pulse survey, 45 percent of businesses said they suffer from supply chain delays. And U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says those delays won’t end anytime soon. Thousands of additional small businesses will undoubtedly be forced to close their doors, leaving millions with no choice but to rely on much larger businesses to fail.

The War On Small Business

The War On Small Business

In fact, evidence shows that the government’s response to the coronavirus was designed to kill small businesses. Small business consultant Carol Roth has written the book The War on Small Business: How the Government Used the Pandemic to Crush America’s Backbone. It shows how the federal government is making the largest transfer of wealth in human history — from Main Street to Wall Street. Government-imposed lockdowns placed oppressive restrictions on small businesses, while government-sanctioned stimulus packages supported Wall Street and giant corporations.

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“Recent history is littered with many not-so-great economic ‘bigs,’ from the Great Depression to the Great Recession,” Roth wrote.

. “Now we have news: when historians look back on the decisions made from March 2020 and they firmly maintain, this period will be remembered as the ‘Great Consolidation’ – the acceleration of the historic transfer of wealth and concentration of power from the hands of the middle class and political power and connections.”

America’s 614 billionaires became 62 percent richer during the pandemic, while 8 million people were pushed into poverty. The seven biggest tech companies added $3.4 trillion in value, while 40 million people were laid off. The three largest vaccine makers shared $40 billion in vaccine profits, while the number of small businesses in the U.S. fell 29%. One of the most under-reported aspects of the pandemic is how big businesses got bigger and small businesses died.

Politicians love big corporations like Google, Pfizer and Walmart that they can work with to line their pockets and control the economy. They hate small businesses that are difficult to control. That’s a big reason why big retailers like PetSmart are considered essential businesses during the pandemic and are allowed to keep pets, while private salons that cut human hair are closed.

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There really is a war on small business in America. The late Herbert W. Armstrong gave a lecture in 1944 to a San Antonio businessman’s Bible class where he spoke about this war.

“This country was founded on decentralization,” he told the club. “Today there is a rapid shift toward centralization in all areas—not only in business, but also in government. . . . The profit system was practiced selfishly! First, capital and management greedily kept in their hands the growing wealth of collective machine production. The workers did not get their fair share. About this Read the prophecy in James 5:1-5: “Come now, you rich people, weep and cry for your coming woes! Store up treasures for the last days. . . . See, you who work in your fields [or in your factories ] the wages defrauded of the workers…. Verses 2 and 3 show the final fate of the merchants guilty of this unfair practice. started organizing.’

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Small business production accounted for 58 percent of gross domestic product in the 1950s, but only 44 percent today, according to Mr. Armstrong’s drive toward concentration. And the pandemic has pushed the war on small businesses to a new level.

The War On Small Business

“We are living through the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the elite in history,” he said. The

Let’s Be Brutally Honest About One Cause Of Our Supply Chain Worker Shortage: The War On Small Business

In many ways, America has turned into an oligarchy where a cabal of corporate executives, establishment politicians, and “deep state” bureaucrats have taken over and made the decisions for everyone.

Editor-in-Chief Gerald Flury wrote in his article “Who is the Modern Jeroboam?” described in That Donald Trump is a type of the ancient Israelite King Jeroboam II. During Jeroboam’s time, Israel expanded its borders and took control of the trade routes connecting Assyria with Egypt. However, while Jeroboam was at war, the new aristocracy grew rich in trade in olive oil, wine, and war horses. They used their wealth to exploit their own people (Amos 6:1-7), so God used the prophet Amos to condemn these elites, saying they “ate the poor, even to fail the poor of the land” (Amos 8:4-7). .

The masterminds of the Covid-19 lockdown like to portray themselves as champions of the poor, but they are not very different from the elites who ruled Israel during the time of Jeroboam. Their goal is to use an engineered crisis like the coronavirus pandemic to enrich themselves and keep the people dependent on the government by blocking any attempt at economic freedom.

To learn more about how the book of Amos gives us a clear indication of where America stands in the time frame of Bible prophecy, we are saddened to announce the death of Gary Collins. We are not currently accepting new store orders. Last updated on October 11, 2022.

There’s A Civil War In America’s Business Community, But Will Obama Notice?

Carol Roth is a content creator, recovering investment banker, author of The War on Small Business, entrepreneur, TV pundit and host, and

She has worked in various capacities in various industries, including currently as an outsourcing CCO, as a director on public and private company boards, and as a strategic advisor. It supports small business, small government and big hair.

Carol Roth’s experience spans content creation, on-camera hosting and hosting, finance, business, economics, pop culture and even comedy.

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The War On Small Business

On the content side, Carroll is a national media personality with over a dozen years of on-camera experience. Previously, she was the host of Mark Burnett’s manufacturing technology competition series, America’s Greatest Makers, on TBS and Microsoft’s Office Small Business Academy Show, as well as a panelist on Fox Business’ Bulls and Bears and CNBC’s Closing Bell.

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Carol Roth gives you a preview of her upcoming book, The War on Small Business (available for pre-order now) and why the challenges to financial freedom go beyond the backbone of the economy. While the Covid pandemic has given the government an opportunity to attack and strengthen small businesses, the foundations have been laid for decades. Carroll talks about everything from Federal Reserve-fueled wealth transfers to exporting capitalism to China in exchange for more central planning in America and why it threatens individual rights and our economy.

Exclusive: Carol Roth Slams Washington For Its ‘war On Small Business’

War on Small Business Everywhere is available for pre-order if you haven’t already. See more information here.

Subscribe to The Roth Effect with Carol Roth on Apple Podcasts (and leave a 5-star review, please!), or via the RSS feed. All our podcasts in one place, on Apple Podcasts or subscribe to the Audio Network Superfeed via RSS feed. A fate that has befallen many other small business owners. Those who didn’t receive the proverbial golden ticket (or is it, the ticket to COVID?) scrambled for survival. Now, many small businesses across industries and geographies are swimming in pre-COVID debt obligations with many loans personally guaranteed by the entrepreneur, with insufficient business cash flow to service them.

Other small businesses are fighting for their lives and must compete with increased government payments to the unemployed, on top of traditional unemployment. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses, if not more, have been confirmed to have closed for good.

The War On Small Business

What may not be clear is that small businesses are under attack and were long before the post-Covid mandates and policies. This should be a concern of every small business owner.

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Being a small business means going to market with some disadvantages (access to capital, scale, etc.) but.

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