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Support Small Business Without Spending

Support Small Business Without Spending – Small businesses are the heart and soul of communities in the UK. Not only do they contribute to the local economy, but they also support local communities.

The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic has made business more difficult than ever. This has had a huge financial and psychological impact on small business owners. A recent FSB study showed that 250,000 UK companies are at risk of failure.

Support Small Business Without Spending

Support Small Business Without Spending

From coffee shops to locksmiths, these small businesses need our help more than ever. So, check out the ways below to help support your (or your friends’) local business for free!

How To Support Small Businesses (without Spending A Cent)

Following a small business on social media is easy and doesn’t cost you too much. Many companies are leveraging the power of their social media channels because of their comprehensive reach. If you follow or like a small business page, it not only helps them connect with you better, but also allows you to reach a wider audience. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, clicking that Pinterest follow button can really give them that much needed boost.

By liking their posts, they can see what content performs best. It also helps them get into the news feeds of people who don’t like or follow the page, so it’s a great way to help them get new followers. Plus, if you like their posts, their content is more likely to show up in your newsfeed, which means you’ll be notified of any deals, offers or contests they might post about.

By sharing their posts, you become an advocate for their company, and when others see that you have shared something, it makes the business more reputable and legitimate. One quick share can really generate new business for a small company without spending a dime!

It doesn’t even have to be something that lasts; just a smiley will do sometimes! When you leave a comment, it helps the algorithm show the post in other people’s news feeds, which means your small business can get their product or service in front of more people. This helps them grow their network and helps them learn about who they are and what they do because you commented. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Ways To Support A Small Business Without Spending Any Money

By tagging your friends in small business generated content, you are essentially creating a digital form of word of mouth, which is small business gold. Telling your friends about the existence of this business can not only get your friends interested in the products or services they offer, but also help small businesses get the word out to more people. And all for free!

If you’ve bought a product from a small business and you’re genuinely impressed, help them out by taking a picture of it and tagging the company. When people see real people using the product, it creates a sense of trust and helps other customers decide whether they want to spend their money in the business.

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Even if it’s something that doesn’t concern you, you’ll have a friend who cares about you. Word of mouth referrals among friends are invaluable to small businesses.

Support Small Business Without Spending

By writing a review, you allow potential customers to get a real picture before making a purchase. According to recent review statistics, 37% of buyers rely on product reviews on review sites to make purchase decisions. 87% of consumers trust a product review as much as a friend’s recommendation.

How To Support Small Businesses And Creatives

So find and rate the small business you want to support on sites like TripAdvisor, or Google Place Reviews. Many small businesses also welcome constructive feedback as they want to improve service for all customers, so if you find something that isn’t up to scratch, let them know (probably away from the review site, so they have room for improvement!)

If you’re not on social media but still want to support a small business, sign up for their newsletter. Here, businesses usually allow loyal customers to sign up for new offers. It is a more personal approach that covers everything that is happening in their business at that time. If you’re feeling extra generous, send the email to friends or family who might be interested too!

Small businesses love to hear from customers. A small note, comment, message or email can really make a small business owner’s day. You will not get a faceless or vague answer like you would get from a big company. You make the other person feel all warm and fuzzy and help them wake up every morning and figure out what they need to do.

Small businesses usually have a small marketing budget and many have none at all! So by helping them spread the word, you help them continue their craft, keep it local, and bring more money into your local economy.

When You Support A Small Business, You Support A Dream!

In a post-Covid19 world, it is more important than ever to support small businesses in any way we can. By following these simple ways to support small businesses for free (without spending money), you can still make a real difference.

This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience on our website. See our privacy policy and cookies policy for more information. It’s no secret that small businesses are struggling and closing during the first global pandemic in our lifetime. By now, you’ve all seen memes about how to support small businesses without spending money. You know them.

Here are a few other ways to support your favorite small businesses that may not be so obvious.

Support Small Business Without Spending

Whether it’s grocery or retail, order directly from the seller whenever possible. Restaurants took a particularly big hit this year with the cancellation of indoor dining. Apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Skip the Dishes are convenient, but they benefit greatly from already thin profit margins.

Why Americans Love Small Businesses Now More Than Ever

If possible, order directly for takeout. Liberty Garden Chinese Restaurant in Parkdale offers 10% off when you pay in cash. I know this because I ordered from there three times in the last month? Don’t judge me.

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Being able to offer credit card payment can have a big payoff. My point of sale system, Square, takes a minimum of 2.65% of the total payment from all credit card payments. Interac fees, on the other hand, are only $0.10 per transaction, regardless of the purchase price. Some days I spend $25 on credit card payments alone. If everyone is paid by debit, that fee could drop to $0.50.

Don’t get me wrong; Credit card fees are just one cost of doing business and I’m happy to provide my clients with anything that makes their experience with me more convenient, but in my heart for people who choose to pay with ‘debit or cash there is a special place.

By now you all know that you help small businesses when you like, share and comment on their social media posts. We greatly appreciate any interaction on our posts.

Ways We Can Step Up To Help Small Businesses

It’s fine to share a company’s website on your wall, but I’m not too interested in hearing from your Aunt Mabel in Missouri about the store down your street that sells ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs

. If a small business has a physical location, spreading the word to local community Facebook groups can be explosive.

I recently shared a good review of a local restaurant on a community Facebook group, which resulted in several people ordering from there that night. Was it Liberty Garden Chinese Restaurant? Yes. Yes, it was.

Support Small Business Without Spending

My home massage studio didn’t even show up on Google Maps until I started getting Google reviews. Now I’m the best massage therapist in Parkdale, people always find me on Google. A positive review on Google or Yelp can put someone on the map (literally!). It also helps businesses rank higher in search engines, which is a very good thing.

Tips For Supporting Small Businesses

Have you read your favorite book lately? Leave a positive review on Amazon, even if it’s not where you bought the book. Reviews help other people find our products and services and give us credibility. Marketing term for this event

Don’t know what to write? Not a problem. You don’t have to write anything if you don’t want to. A simple click on five stars is enough. Go ahead, click!

This is the most important. Small business owners are busy, tired and overworked during the holidays. The pandemic adds extra stress to an already hectic time of year. We are more prone to making mistakes. After all, we are only human.

Be empathetic when your order doesn’t arrive on time or the barista misspells your name. We are doing the best we can with what we have and most of us don’t have much this year.

Free Resources To Market Your Local Business During Covid 19

What’s the best way to support small businesses this year? Buy something! Massage gift certificates are available

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