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Starting A Small Business In Italy

Starting A Small Business In Italy – In 2020, European SMBs sold more than 1.8 billion products on Amazon Europe. To date they have created more than 550,000 jobs in Europe and supported their online business.

At Amazon, we invest heavily in our community of over 900,000 successful European freelancers, writers, content creators, producers, developers and IT solution providers who work together with us.

Starting A Small Business In Italy

Starting A Small Business In Italy

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) account for over 50% of our online store’s sales, and we are always looking to grow their business.

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To date, European SMBs selling on Amazon have created over 550,000 jobs to run their online business. We also provide strategies, tools, services, programs and training to help them succeed – an estimated €2.8 billion investment in Europe by 2020.

We want to make it easy for anyone with a great product idea to start selling quickly and easily online and grow their business beyond their local area. As a result, over 40,000 European SMBs selling on Amazon have exceeded €100,000 in sales, and over 3,000 have exceeded €1 million in sales for the first time in 2020.

The European SMB Community Report 2021 highlights the success and entrepreneurial spirit of SMBs working with Amazon. It also shows how we support the nearly 185,000 small businesses that sell on Amazon. In 2020, these businesses sold more than 1.8 billion products in our stores.

In 2020, European SMBs have Amazon customers from all over the world, with export sales reaching 12.5 billion euros. The top five categories in which customers around the world buy products sold by SMBs are home, health and care, toys, beauty and apparel.

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“Every day we work with thousands of SMEs and help them expand their business beyond the region,” said Xavier Flamand, Director of Amazon EU Seller Services. “These businesses can quickly and easily sell their products online and connect with millions of customers around the world. We will continue to create new small and medium enterprises to provide our customers with a better shopping experience.”

We work with thousands of SMEs every day and help them expand their business across regions.

AfroRicci is a company based in Milan, Italy that sells natural products for hair, curly and afro. President Alice Edun believes: “The Amazon exhibition dedicated to making in Italy is a great opportunity for the visibility and promotion of local products for small businesses in our country, which should be discovered in Italy and abroad. Thanks to my brand by AfroRicci, I am proud to contribute to the development of the Italian economy, especially in these difficult times for all of us.”

Starting A Small Business In Italy

Mira Valentin, a German fantasy novelist, is very interested in KDP. “At the beginning of my career, I advised a professional publishing company to offer e-books exclusively on Amazon and to include them in the Kindle Unlimited program. “It’s a good decision and I don’t want to change anything in the system.”

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How To Set Up A Company In Italy?

COVID-19 has created many challenges for SMBs, some of whom are adapting their operations by selling online for the first time. Due to the impact of the pandemic, we launched new training programs such as Amazon Small Business Accelerator in the UK, Quickstart Online in Germany, Despega in Spain, Accelera con Amazon in Italy and Accelerateur du Numerique in France. These have helped thousands of SMBs sell online. Italy, one of the largest airports in the European Union, and the most powerful economy, has recently taken some important new steps to make itself a welcoming country for foreign investors. Although the regulatory process is advanced, setting up a foreign company in Italy can be easy, especially with the help of local consultants.

A limited company is the most common type of company in Italy. Important features are protected from membership obligations. The share of capital held by the members of an Italian limited company “Srl” is called “norma”.

In order to set up a company in Italy as an Italian company (s.r.l or s.r.l.s), these are the main things to remember about the legal requirements:

When it comes to company registration in Italy, there are no citizenship or residency requirements to set up an Italian company. According to Italian law, any foreign entity can establish a company in Italy as long as it is connected to the foreign country. However, all directors and shareholders must have an Italian tax identification number (number).

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). It is easy to find. It can be done in person or through a written power of attorney. The shareholder and / or director only needs to fill out the form provided by the Agenzia delle Entrate and sign a statement confirming the purpose of the request – of course, this includes and / or is an Italian company. .

According to Italian law, shareholders must implement the rules of association through the company. This means that the Articles of Association must be signed in front of a notary public. Therefore, a person who wants to establish an Italian limited liability company has three options: to issue the proxy articles himself, or to execute them through a proxy or a virtual meeting.

If the shareholders want to execute the articles of association in person, they must come to Italy and present them to a notary public. In this case, the shareholder must speak Italian, English or the public notary must speak the language of the shareholder. If so, the shareholders will sign the Articles of Association and Articles of Incorporation.

Starting A Small Business In Italy

If the shareholder wants to avoid going to Italy right away (because, for example, he wants to come only after the company is ready to start business), then a special lawyer can execute the articles of association on his behalf.

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Basically, the shareholder must present the certificate to an Italian lawyer (not necessarily a lawyer, but usually, this is the case). The certificate must be issued and authorized. or if his country is not a member of a diplomatic agreement, which is legalized by notarization and notarization with the local Italian embassy of the shareholder (the list of members can be found here). The special attorney is authorized to execute all relevant documents on behalf of the shareholders.

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A recent law allows the establishment of companies through virtual meetings with public notaries. A virtual meeting held on a dedicated digital platform, when the shareholders are identified through a public notary and signature documents are signed with an authorized digital signature device (firma digitale) given to the company.

After the articles of association have been executed, the company’s VAT number (Partita Iva) must be issued by the Agenzia delle Entrate. Claims are made online and VAT is usually issued on the same day.

The last step in the company formation process is to obtain a company certificate (Visura). All the documents of the incorporated company (Organization numbers, Regulations, VAT number, registration number) will be filed with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Finally, after reviewing the official documents, they will issue the visa in 2-3 days.

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Once the visa is issued, the company formation process is complete and the company is officially incorporated and can open a bank account.

Note that this company must be registered in Italy. If you do not have an address in Italy, we can provide a registered office service for an additional fee of €200.00 per year.

We recommend that you register your trademark as well. The benefits of registering a trademark are related: it protects your brand and gives you the freedom to use it. In addition, you can use the currency token by giving it to other companies for their use. Check out our trademark registration services.

Starting A Small Business In Italy

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In practice, choose the most complete and expensive. At least two courses are expected to be registered each in these sessions (eg A

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