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Small Business Services Of San Antonio

Small Business Services Of San Antonio – Community CornerPayroll Vault Celebrates Community with Small Business Owners Giveback Small Business Month Makes Surprise Deliveries to Local Small Businesses

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Small Business Services Of San Antonio

Small Business Services Of San Antonio

Spring Branch Payroll Vault owners Clint and Lisa Blunden are the ultimate small business heroes! To celebrate Small Business Month, they chose to use

Colmex Enterprises Llc

Clint Blunden surprised local business owner Brandon Schwaben while he was serving customers as a way to say “thank you” for what Schwaben has done for their community. Through Covid-19, massive layoffs, inflation and everything else thrown at them, Payroll Vault believes our local small businesses deserve recognition for their resilience.

“Being a small business owner is one of the hardest jobs, but it’s also one of the most rewarding because we really get to serve our neighbors,” Blunton said.

Our nation’s entrepreneurs bring new ideas to life, serve our communities and grow our economy. In fact, small businesses make up 99% of all businesses in the country!

Like many, the Blundons are living the American dream by running their own small business that provides payroll and labor management services to local businesses, so owners can focus on building their business and not getting bogged down in administrative paperwork.

Small Business Liaison

“Small businesses are the engine that drives our economy. Like everyone, I’ve always wanted to own a business and invest in my community. I wake up every day knowing that I can help other local entrepreneurs adapt to the changing wage and tax laws so they can focus on growing their own businesses. , I believe there is no better way to serve and contribute to the community than owning a small business,” Blunton said.

Part of that is supporting local small business in word and deed. Payroll Vault Spring Branch is donating 10% of the proceeds from every payroll held by their company this month to their local food bank.

The Blunders’ Small Business Giveback supports small businesses that make Spring Branch and the entire San Antonio community a better place to live, emphasizes the importance of saying “thank you” and shows how a little kindness goes a long way!

Small Business Services Of San Antonio

This post is a work contributed by a community partner, a local brand partner. To learn more, click here. SAN ANTONIO — Last year 48 million people left their jobs in search of better working conditions, paying what experts called the Great Exodus. The U.S. said another 4.2 million people left in August. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Best Tax Services In San Antonio 🥇

But while millions of workers reject jobs that don’t meet their standards, others praise their organizations for their meaningful work, responsive leadership and work-life balance.

That’s one of the qualities employees praised about companies that won the San Antonio Express-News’ 14th annual Best Workplaces survey. This program recognizes the best workplaces in San Antonio by their employees.

Working with Pennsylvania research firm Energage, this year the Express-News invited more than 1,500 companies to participate, surveyed nearly 51,000 workers from across the region, and compiled the results to name and rank the region’s best workplaces.

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The 2022 list includes 103 companies — organized into small, medium and large companies based on the number of regional employees — that scored high enough to make the Best Workplaces list.

Business Profile: Hitman Pest Control

Topping the list for large companies are Security Services Federal Credit Union, consulting firm Accenture and Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union.

Among medium-sized jobs, JBGoodwin Realtors, contractor John Wayne Service Co. And real estate firm The NRP Group is in the top three.

Energy efficiency contractor San Antonio Smart Solutions, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. Homebuilder Chesmar Homes won the small business category.

Small Business Services Of San Antonio

The heart of the Best Workplaces program is an employee survey. The 24-question survey collects opinions about workplace culture from those who know the organizations best: the people who work there. They answered questions about their compensation, opportunities for growth, and company culture that asked how much they agreed or disagreed with statements such as “My pay is fair for the work I do” and “New ideas are encouraged at this company.”

Micc To Combine Small Business Efforts In 2021 National Virtual Outreach > Joint Base San Antonio > News

To compare the opinions of similar-sized groups, employers were divided by the number of employees in the region. Companies that exceeded the benchmark scores for each size group made the list of winners. Within these groups, companies were ranked by overall performance based on employee feedback; The more positive the employees give, the higher the score, the higher the rank. The survey also determines special award winners based on outstanding scores in specific subjects.

Most of the surveys were conducted between April and June. If you would like to nominate an organization for next year’s program, please visit MySA to Nominate. Search the database below or scroll down to see listings for small, medium and large companies.

Outside Security Service Federal Credit Union at The Rim on October 5, 2022 in San Antonio, TX. Josie Norris, San Antonio Express-News/Staff Photographer

Interesting Facts: An industry leading financial institution with locations in Texas, Colorado and Utah. Its employees are considered as its most important asset.

Small Business Snapshot: Second Chance Success For Employees

Benefits: Employer-paid health insurance, health savings accounts, company-matched 401(k) contributions, unlimited sick leave bank, financial coaching, home insurance, pet insurance, disability benefits, employee assistance plans and more. Holistic wellness consultants help employees with their physical, emotional and financial needs.

Interesting facts: Accenture has helped clients, partners and communities around the world address challenges related to the pandemic, as companies have been forced to rethink their role in society and economies and industries.

Benefits: Strong benefits are offered, including health and wellness plans (including domestic partners), an employee stock purchase plan and 401(k) matching and savings plans, backup dependent care, reimbursement for adoption and fertility expenses, employee assistance and health counseling programs. During the pandemic, Accenture developed enhanced family care benefits to help children of all ages, increased child care reimbursement, introduced subsidized learning centers for virtual learning support, launched a reading and math tutoring program and added a college counseling program. In addition to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and eight weeks of paid leave for primary caregivers, the company offers flexible work arrangements, including flexible hours, part-time, job sharing, telecommuting and home working.

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Small Business Services Of San Antonio

Interesting Facts: The RBFCU started with nine men and $45 at Randolph Air Force Base and has grown to serve thousands of members to save time and money and make money. RBFCU now has more than $10 billion in assets and 875,000 members at its more than 60 branches in Texas.

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Benefits: A self-funded health insurance plan includes a health savings account that receives company contribution to help with deductible expenses. Entry contributions to a 401(k) receive a 200 percent match from the credit union. A free program for staff assistance and teaching support.

Interesting facts: CCHC volunteers and supports more than 75 community events. On average, this supports about $12 million in uncompensated care for the community.

Benefits: Group medical, dental and vision insurance, flexible spending accounts, long and short term disability insurance, life insurance, college tuition discounts, employee scholarship programs and more. Employees work flexible schedules that allow work-life balance in a stable work environment with equal opportunities.

Interesting facts: With more than 200 years of expertise, Hartford (NYSE:HIG) is a leader in non-life insurance, group benefits and mutual funds, widely recognized for its excellent service, sustainability practices, trust and integrity.

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Department

Interesting fact: As communities understand the impact of the pandemic, Broadway Bank launched #BGenerous for COVID-19, an online donation drive to raise money for local organizations. The Bank’s Care Corps is an army of volunteers who support hundreds of non-profit programs in the community.

Benefits: Medical, dental and vision insurance, life and disability insurance, 401(k) plan and profit sharing, tuition reimbursement, health and wellness events and discounted banking services.

Interesting facts: Rooted in the values ​​established by founder Red McCombs. Employees, retailers and the McCombs Foundation support more than 300 charitable and community groups in the region. The company believes in fun at work with chili cook-offs, costume contests, birthday and achievement celebrations, and annual picnics for coworkers and families.

Small Business Services Of San Antonio

Interesting Facts: President Gary Dudley and President Charlie Amato met in elementary school in LaPorte. Family moves caused them to lose touch, but the two reconnected in the mid-’60s when Sam pledged the only fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, at Houston State University. The two met again in 1974 at a party in Houston. Dudley hired Amato at the company he worked for, and he joined a company selling credit life insurance in the San Antonio area. இருவரும் சொந்தமாக வேலைநிறுத்தம் செய்ய முடிவு செய்து, ஏப்ரல் 1, 1976 அன்று $1,500 விதை மூலதனத்துடன் SWBCயை உருவாக்கினர்.

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பலன்கள்: முழு அளவிலான ஆரோக்கியம், பல் மற்றும் பார்வைக் காப்பீடு, நீண்ட கால ஊனமுற்றோர் பாதுகாப்பு, நெகிழ்வானது

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