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Small Business Self Defense Keychain

Small Business Self Defense Keychain – Farin and Kimberlin Loewen are more embarrassed by what they hear from their friends and want to do something about it.

“I’ve heard from friends who have been followed home after simply taking things or almost kicked out on the street,” Farin said. “It’s terrifying. I don’t feel safe getting in my car at any time of the day, not just at night. I always check the back seat before I get in the car.

Small Business Self Defense Keychain

Small Business Self Defense Keychain

“We decided we had to do something to protect not only us, but all the girls in this community.”

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The keychains, which the sisters sell for $30 each, can be a nightmare for anyone who would attack them.

“When we researched how to make these key fobs, we knew they had to have two main things, a security/window breaker device as well as an automatic sounding alarm with an LED light,” explained Farin.

The safety device, sometimes known as a window breaker, is designed to fit between two knives in the fist. It’s serious business that reminds you of drilling, and it’s not something you want to throw around.

There were concerns the device might be illegal in Canada, falling under the category of “concealed weapons,” but Farin said they consulted with police and border officials and were told it was OK.

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“The key chain also has a bright yellow ball, a stick and cleaner holder, and a door tip/stylus for use with pads, phones, etc.” Farin added. “These things aren’t necessary, but we want to make it cute and fun in this fear.”

The photo Farin posted on Facebook shows the keychains in two colors, purple and black and black and gray.

Before starting this journey, Farin and Kimberlin looked online to see who else was selling self-defense chains, and all they could find was in the United States.

Small Business Self Defense Keychain

“We thought maybe we’d think about getting the supplies that might be cheaper from Canada and make them,” Farin said. “And so it began.”

Self Defense Tools For Women

“We posted our idea on social media to see if anyone was interested in buying one, and we were surprised by how many inquiries we got,” he said. “We ordered enough to make 20 chains, and unexpectedly more than 80 people came to us.”

The women are donating a portion of the proceeds to the Anne Davis Transition Society in Chilliwack, which provides shelter and support to abused women and their children.

“The idea behind making these keychains was not to make money off of them,” Farin said. “This was done to protect my family and I want to share it with others. We have decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to the Ann Davis Transition Society because we love the opportunity to give back to the community.

It’s a trend that worries privacy experts and exposes some of its sellers to potential legal trouble for women.

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Also known as “safety chains”, these colorful weapons are sold in online over-the-counter markets that exploit women’s concerns about gender-based violence. Businesses are often started by Gen Z women and deliver the same results as any business.

Typically retailing for over $30, the keychain is marketed as a must-have for women who want to live safely while looking cute. Attached to the decorated bracelets and pompoms are weapons – sometimes hidden – such as pepper spray, stun guns, pocket knives or sharp knives.

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These tools require proper training to handle them properly, but key fob security companies often don’t provide much guidance on how to use them.

Small Business Self Defense Keychain

On TikTok, some sellers have sold key chains with huge claims, such as helping women fight off attackers, free themselves from kidnapping attempts or escape car wrecks. Videos attract hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions.

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Although lip color and hand sanitizer are similar in appearance, some of the weapons are designed to mimic everyday objects. The stun gun takes the form of a mobile phone, car key or lipstick. A pocket knife is placed inside a hair comb, pen or lipstick case, even hidden behind a fake key.

Other basic tools of these key fobs include an alarm that doubles as an LED light, a “seat belt switch,” a pen that lifts door handles, and pointing devices called Kubotans, Japanese self-defense tools.

Individual keychains are available in bundles on platforms such as and Amazon, but are also cheaply wholesaled for less than $10 at non-US retailers such as Alibaba, DHGate and Global Sources .

In a TikTok video that has been viewed more than 9.6 million times, the owner of Fabulyss Boutique, a premium keychain store, made an ambitious announcement about Kubatons products.

Iphone Stun Guns, Lipstick Knives: The Tiktok Self Defense Trend Sold To Women

“It could save your life if you’re stuck in a car because you’ve had a car accident, you’ve been underwater or you’ve been kidnapped, the windows are broken,” he told his 1.4 million followers. his. “And it can also be used to attack your attacker.”

Jennifer Cassetta, a self-defense expert who runs the online self-defense course She Warrior, said it was “absurd” to give “massive tools” to untrained customers.

“Basically, a tool is just a tool and not a weapon unless you really know how to use it and you’ve trained with it and you understand it and it’s like an extension of your limb,” Cassetta said.

Small Business Self Defense Keychain

“If you haven’t been trained and you understand how this thing really works and it’s second nature to you — how do you expect a girl to pull something out and stab someone in the throat who’s attacking her?”

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In the TikTok video, weapons such as Kubatons, sharp knives, knives and pepper spray were displayed on fruit, pieces of meat, canned goods, synthetic meat and mannequin heads. Kubatons are known to be most effective at pressure points, but the following videos use them as injection tools.

Self-defense chains (also known as safety keychains) are being sold in an over-the-top online marketplace on TikTok that appeals to women’s concerns about gender-based violence and women. TikTok videos

Demonstrating the power of glass breakers, marketers used thin visible glass and claimed their product was strong enough to break through thick glass in buildings and cars.

“If you don’t have power in your shot, you don’t break a window, I don’t care what you’re holding,” Cassetta said.

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Women Are Arming Themselves To Feel Safe — But It Could Lead To A Different Kind Of Trouble

In addition to quick demos, keychain activists tried to demonstrate trust in the product through hypothetical situations wrapped in TikTok memes. Fabulyss Boutique, for example, once showed its wares in a video with the caption: “When a creepy guy is following you and doesn’t realize you have a safety chain.”

“My problem with [keychains] is, firstly, that they’re very messy, and secondly, that people think that having them alone is enough to protect them,” Dani Joy, lead instructor at IMPACT Personal Safety, in Los Angeles. self-defense organization, he said

. “Because if someone attacks you, if someone approaches you and you feel insecure, your mind jumps and more than likely your adrenaline goes up as well.”

Small Business Self Defense Keychain

Joy says that doing the simplest thing when it turns out to be more difficult than expected is “very funny” – a problem that IMPACT tackles through “practice”.

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“Doing little things like trying to open a pepper spray and making sure it’s pointed in the right direction and pushing a button doesn’t seem like it’s difficult, but it is,” he said.

“All those scenes in horror movies where we see the woman running away and she drops her keys and then she can’t get the key in the lock and we’re like, ‘How could you not do that?’ This is especially true for adrenal conditions.”

We have reached out to TikTok and the security companies mentioned in this story for comment, but have not heard back by the time of publication.

To market their products as a safety issue, some key fob promoters have created content that isn’t their own, from filling orders to female voices recounting scary encounters to sharing news about violence against women.

Self Defense Keychain $22

After a girl took to TikTok to tell about a strange man stalking and attacking her, a shop called SkyDefense took the time to duet her video and showed off her split-screen key fob device.

Another TikToker who goes by DefenseFairy promoted the keychain by lightly clipping videos from the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school.

The chain retailer made a video duet in which the trainer discouraged placing the key between the fingers (a popular temporary self-defense tactic used by many women), offering the product as a better alternative.

Small Business Self Defense Keychain

His retirement is ending soon, just as the martial arts expert is about to advise viewers to learn to fight and take self-defense classes.

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He also made a similar video of the same trainer kidnapping a woman, cutting her before teaching her a fighting technique. Instead, DefenseFairy tells its followers to “get self-defense gear that will literally save your life.”

But learning hand-to-hand combat is one of the important steps before mastering a weapon, he said

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