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Small Business Self Certification Form

Small Business Self Certification Form – We are excited about your interest in CBA® and hope you fulfill it. The following 15 steps combine to make CBA® an efficient, effective and positive experience.

*Access to CBA courses is granted for one year, although individual program managers/supervisors may set a more limited time frame for program completion. With the approval of the head/supervisor of the individual program, access can be extended by one year.

Small Business Self Certification Form

Small Business Self Certification Form

The CBA Marketing course provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of marketing, including strategic planning and marketing plan; research research, feasibility studies and marketing plan; customer relationship marketing and consumer understanding; segmentation, target marketing and positioning; product planning and development, pricing, distribution and promotion management including digital marketing.

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These concepts are especially important for those hoping to help small businesses, because marketing is often a mystery to small business owners and managers. In today’s competitive “whitewater rapids” environment, chances are your clients are working on whitewater rapids. They must make plans and implement them, while keeping up with the rapid changes in competition, regulations and laws, economics, society and technology. Any plans they make will hardly last because the environment will change and they will adapt (or sink). A comprehensive understanding of marketing is essential to small business success.

The CBA Accounting and Finance course provides an overview of key issues related to the areas of accounting and finance. The goal of the course is to provide enough information and develop enough basic skills for the student to understand the impact of these topics on small businesses. After all, lack of understanding or lack of financial information are often the main causes of business failure.

This course deals with the topics of business organization, accounting, taxation, business planning, analysis of financial reports and other specialized analytical techniques. This course is one of the quantitative courses in the course. Work in this course will require students to work hard to solve problems using basic mathematical skills and to learn more advanced analytical techniques based on these skills.

CBA’s human resources course offers a comprehensive overview of key concepts in the field of human resource management. Special focus is placed on competitive advantage derived from improved personnel planning, selection, hiring, training and compensation practices. Vignettes related to hiring, managing and firing people in the workplace will be offered as a way to study the topics from a practical and theoretical perspective.

Small Business Certification

To pass each course you must have an overall minimum average grade of 80% and no session grade below 70%, which is the normal level for a degree course.

If you receive a grade below 70%, a re-examination is required and must be taken before taking the next exam or moving on to the next session or course.

If you receive multiple grades of 70% or higher, but the grades do not average 80% or higher for the entire class, you must retake each exam until the overall average is 80% or higher before moving on to the next session or course.

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Small Business Self Certification Form

This makes it easier for you to learn, understand and retain the concepts taught instead of waiting until the end of the program. It is also easier for you to increase your rating this way.

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NOTE: Each student can retake an exam free of charge. If more than one retake is required, the CBA® candidate must re-register for that course and pay the $500 course fee.

“As an independent CPA operating a public accounting practice in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, I often receive phone calls from entrepreneurs who need help with start-up, marketing, accounting issues , and operational. These small business clients, I recognize the need to be certified in this field. Since completing this program, I have more knowledge and confidence in consulting with my small business clients to helping them run a successful business. I recommend this program to anyone who provides consulting services to small businesses.”

We are working to make registration as easy as possible, especially for working professionals. There is a one week registration/enrollment period every month. See the schedule below

The registration fee is designed so that you have the option of taking one or two courses to increase your knowledge of a subject(s) of special interest or one that needs improvement, or you can take all of the three (3) courses to become fully certified. To view the registration fee schedule, visit /cba, then click

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Those who successfully pass the individual courses will receive a course completion certificate. Upon successful completion of all three (3) courses, CBA® graduates will receive a State University Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Graduate Certificate. This certificate will be signed by the dean of the faculty, verifying and confirming the successful completion of the CBA®.

To ensure CBA graduates are up-to-date on the latest industry trends, lending opportunities and related regulations affecting small businesses, CBA® graduates must complete 20 hours of continuing education each year.

CBA® is also developed for Small Business Development Center (SBDC) counselors. For more than 20 years, the Certified Business Advisor® program has used 20 state SBDCs to develop the skills, competence, expertise and effectiveness of their networks to help thousands of small businesses start, grow and develop.

Small Business Self Certification Form

The CBA program offers a short but comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum designed for maximum job performance. The instructors, who, in addition to teaching experience at the graduate level, are required to have business experience, emphasize application as well as theory.

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The courses are divided by discipline, i.e. different areas of study, designed for small business and entrepreneurship development, including human resource management, marketing and accounting/finance. For more information on learning objectives and specific sessions, visit

All cancellations and refund requests must be made, in writing, prior to the date the individual registrant’s access to CBA Courses begins; will be stated in the registration confirmation letter. No cancellations, refunds, exchanges or fee transfers will be processed after this date. Requests should be sent to the Office of Continuing and Distance Education in one of the following ways:

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NOTE: Each participant can attend one session of each course for free. If more than one revocation is required, the CBA® candidate must re-register for that course and pay the $500 course fee

CBA® candidates do not have a “test” option. CBA® is not a traditional “correspondence course” that uses a simple read-and-answer learning method. CBA® uses multimedia instruction to enhance the learning process—thus making “testing” very difficult, if not impossible.

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Since CBA® works independently, the deadlines for completion depend greatly on the candidate’s level of knowledge in each discipline and the different responsibilities he has at work. There are approximately nine (9) hours of recorded lectures in each course along with required reading. In Ohio, we require our newly hired counselors to complete the program within six (6) months; however, we give each State / Center Director absolute discretion to determine a reasonable time frame for their staff. Business professionals in the private sector have the ability to set and meet their own personal deadlines.

All cancellations and refund requests must be made, in writing, prior to the date the individual registrant’s access to CBA Courses begins; will be stated in the registration confirmation letter. No cancellations, refunds, exchanges or fee transfers will be processed after this date.

If you have additional questions about CBA®, you can contact us here. We will be happy to answer your questions. Company Name: Address: City, State, Zip Contact Person Phone and Fax Number SIZE: Small Business Disadvantaged Small Business Certified by SBA as Zone Small Business Women-Owned Veteran Small Business

Small Business Self Certification Form

If you want to make your business information publicly available, you must apply for a public business license. You must apply for a public business license before you can sell, solicit, sell or serve food, beverages, tobacco products, beer or cider in restaurants or provide other services public. Licenses are valid for 1 year from the date of issuance, unless extended by the City in writing.

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