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Small Business Saturday Amex 2016

Small Business Saturday Amex 2016 – The Amex Small Business Saturday promotion is on. That doesn’t mean you can’t shop yet, but you can register your card for microbusiness purchases on Saturday, November 29th. Registration is closed, so come early to get all your cards registered!

To register, go to the link above and enter your information (see below). It takes about 30 seconds to complete and you’re all set!

Small Business Saturday Amex 2016

Small Business Saturday Amex 2016

You should do this for each American Express card you have and want to use.

Amex Acceptance Play: Brand Pledges To Match Visa And Mastercard

The good news is that all American Express credit cards (including co-branded cards like the Citi Amex card), recharge cards, and Bluebird and Service cards are eligible for this promotion. Now, collect those cards and start registering!

Once you register through this simple form, you will receive an email congratulating you on your successful registration. Now you are ready to login! The card must be returned to the appropriate small business (

Transactions with political campaigns or political action committees, or purchases at gas stations or gas stations, regardless of whether they appear on the store’s miniature map or not, are not eligible for statement credits.

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All of this will take a little longer to complete, as American Express is messing it up a bit this year by requiring a separate transaction to get up to $30. I want to buy gift certificates from my favorite place (Flatfoot Running Store 🙂 and use them later. Most merchants will have no problem making multiple transactions to reach the $10 limit per card. Make sure you are not busy. For the merchant this is the money they get and they are good with it!

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Now, it’s time to register. Time to buy? You have to wait a few days for this. But it will be here before you know it, so plan now!

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Small Business Saturday Amex 2016

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