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Small Business Owner Stabs Robber

Small Business Owner Stabs Robber – A Las Vegas e-commerce store owner has been caught on camera repeatedly stabbing a robber who was threatening him by jumping over the counter. Smokestrom smoke shop owner Jonathan Nguyen, 22, was filmed defending himself on Wednesday (August 3) as he stabbed the attacker a total of seven times before he fell to the floor.

On Wednesday, the owner of an online store in Las Vegas stabbed a man who tried to rob him, and a video of the incident went viral. In the video, 22-year-old Jonathan Nguyen, owner of Smokestrom on Sahara Boulevard in Las Vegas, is seen talking to two suspects who robbed his store.

Small Business Owner Stabs Robber

Small Business Owner Stabs Robber

During the robbery, store owner Johnny jumped on top of the counter and repeatedly stabbed the crook who pinned him down, according to the video and the employee’s statement about the incident. Officials with the Las Vegas Police Department told Steam Business, but did not provide details.

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This week in Las Vegas, a black block robber was stabbed and strangled by an Asian-American store clerk wearing flip-flops. The robber’s accomplice left his friend behind. Police are investigating a robbery and stabbing. — Andy Ngo 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) August 5, 2022

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“I was scared for my life,” Nguyen told The Post on Friday (Aug. 5). “When they came in, one of them had a bag in front of him that looked like he had a gun. I had little time to think. I grabbed my knife next to the register.”

Nguyen, 22, said around 3:25 p.m. When two men wearing black ski masks entered the store Wednesday, another man was standing in the doorway. In the video, Nguyen is seen asking the two suspects why they were wearing ski masks.

“I politely asked them to leave at first, but the guy took my cup, which was fine,” Nguyen said. “It escalated when they came back and tried to get more.”

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Surveillance video shows one of the suspects jumping over the counter and trying to grab some products from the counter. Fearing for his life, Nguyen said he grabbed a knife with a three-inch blade and stabbed the attacker seven times.

Johnny told the police, “Stop, please! “I’m dead,” he said, and fell to the ground. She continued, “I remember her saying, ‘Don’t let me die.’ wanted to make sure the ambulance arrived on time.”

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Nguyen said police told him the robber was 17 years old. His condition was unknown. Nguyen’s attempted robbery of a Las Vegas store comes after another California business owner made national headlines after he shot a robber who entered his liquor store armed with an AR-15 rifle.

Small Business Owner Stabs Robber

The store owner said he was grateful to have survived the incident. He claims it scares him and plans to arm him with another weapon for protection. About the bandit, the owner of the store said, “Small business owners like us, this is our livelihood, and such bandits threaten their lives and livelihoods. I wonder what the bandit thinks about this.

Smoke Shop Owner In Las Vegas Stabs Man Multiple Times During Attempted Robbery

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