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Small Business Marketing In Red Hook

Small Business Marketing In Red Hook – Looking for a reason to explore all the amazing things to do in Red Hook, Brooklyn? Well, we have a lot! It’s an underrated neighborhood unless you already know what makes Red Hook so special and one of the best neighborhoods to explore in the city.

The neighborhood was named after Dutch colonists in the 17th century, making it one of the earliest parts of Brooklyn to be settled in 1636. They named it “Red Hook” because of the red soil found here on the edge of the peninsula. The Dutch called it Rood Hoek, which meant “red dot”.

Small Business Marketing In Red Hook

Small Business Marketing In Red Hook

While Red Hook was a very prosperous shipping and port area in the early 20th century, the late 20th century would see a sharp decline, and until recently, the neighborhood was considered the ‘tough part of Brooklyn’. Even with gangsters like Al Capone aka Scarface, who participated in some criminal activities here before moving to Chicago.

Things To Do In Red Hook Brooklyn

Historically an important hardworking shipping port, you’ll find many hardworking old warehouse-style buildings, pre-Civil War Federal-style buildings reminiscent of the shipping port days, and rowhouses that housed shipyard workers. and the longshoreman’s home.

The neighborhood is very different when it comes to public transportation, there are no direct metro stops, the closest is Carroll Gardens which is a walk or you can reach the area by water using a ferry.

Because of this, many people don’t realize that there’s actually a great food scene, an arts and culture scene, and they’re missing out on a great waterfront view featuring Lady Liberty. So now that we’ve introduced you to the neighborhood a bit, let’s take a look at the best things to do in Red Hook.

PS While you’re here, enjoy all the things that pay homage to this thriving waterfront hub of the city, from nautical-themed decorations on homes and businesses to homes hanging with ‘red hooks’. The exteriors of their homes and bustling seafood scene all pay homage to this waterfront neighborhood.

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For the purposes of this guide to things to do in Red Hook, Brooklyn, we’ll be using these boundaries to describe this neighborhood in northwest Brooklyn. Red Hook, Brooklyn is bordered by Upper New York Bay, the Gowanus Expressway, Carroll Gardens, and the Gowanus Canal.

What amazes me about this neighborhood is that even though it’s very isolated in terms of public transportation, it has a thriving creative community with museums, galleries, and artist studios that are worth exploring!

At least one of these cultural institutions should be on your radar when looking for the best things to do in Red Hook! There are also some great indie Brooklyn art galleries to check out that are remarkable!

Small Business Marketing In Red Hook

One of the best and most under-the-radar museums in Brooklyn and one of the fun things to do in Red Hook is the Pioneer Works on Pioneer Street.

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The location was named in homage to the former factory of Pioneer Iron Works, located in the same building, which manufactured iron products, including iron rails, as early as 1866.

Today you’ll find a very cool, collaborative urban arts space occupying this historic building. This cultural organization operates as a non-profit center with a focus on the arts and sciences that creates space and resources for radical and free-thinking artists.

Visitors can come and explore various performances by various artists who are members here or explore their creativity by participating in classes! Better yet, there’s no admission to Pioneer Works which makes it one of the best free things to do in Brooklyn!

Another cool museum and things to do in Red Hook where you can learn a little more about the history of the area is the Waterfront Barge Museum or the Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge.

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The museum is dedicated to the historic preservation and heritage of New York Harbor and the waterfront, the route’s history, its role in the local economy, and its visitors for water sports and recreation.

There are many different displays and exhibits, including historic boats from wooden barges to tugboats. You can also learn about the various people who have played a role in local history as well as their stories on Lehigh Valley Railroad Barge No. 79, a preserved Hudson River railroad barge.

Better yet, it’s free! Closed seasonally and hours vary, best to check their website before planning your trip.

Small Business Marketing In Red Hook

Since 1990, Kentler International Drawing Space has opened its non-profit organization and gallery to the public to exhibit contemporary drawings and works on paper by lesser-known and talented, emerging artists in their creative spaces.

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Artworks on display include works by US-based artists as well as international artists from their showrooms and galleries, as well as shows curated by two artists, Florence Neal and Scott Paffman, who offer 5 different shows each year.

You’ll find this cool little gallery and fun thing in Red Hook in a small storefront space on Van Brunt St. and is open for visits Friday through Sunday 12-5, but if you want to see their flatfile exhibit, you’ll need to make an appointment to visit. .

If you are an art lover and enjoy seeing artists work in the spaces they create, then this is the choice for you in Red Hook! Auguste Garuffi, a New York-based artist, invites visitors to stop by his working studio on Smith Street, where he creates a daily exhibition to browse his current works that bring his love of poetry to film, canvas and poetry. Combines mixed forms of art. . Installation.

Located on Pioneer Street, you’ll find the most unique galleries/churches/art installations in town! Multimedia artist Chico McMurtry, also known as “The Robotic Church,” has a collection of more than 50 pneumatic robot sculptures on display at the former Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Red Hook, Brooklyn, which he built in the 1980s. End of 2006. ,

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The place is filled with all kinds of different robots, some of which are as tall as 15 feet and some are programmed to perform tasks or make noises. Yantras move in unison with the sound of rhythm and thapa. If you want to visit this interesting thing in Red Hook, you’ll need to sign up for the artist’s newsletter because it’s only available to view during special events throughout the year.

If you are interested in Inuit art and culture, another interesting gallery and things to do in Red Hook is the Look North Inuit Art Gallery. The gallery’s focus is to promote Inuit and Arctic culture through art that includes authentic contemporary sculptures, paintings, carvings and artworks by renowned artists and emerging creatives from over 30 Inuit communities in Canada’s Arctic region. are displayed.

The gallery was founded in 2006 by Jim Clark, who spent 25 years traveling the Arctic landscape on research and commercial vessels to learn about and appreciate the cultures and artifacts he visited, which are part of the Red Hook community. Share with mission and goals. As New York City. It also has another location in Vermont.

Small Business Marketing In Red Hook

This historic 1938 oil tanker, named to the National Register of Historic Places, is another great idea of ​​what to do in Red Hook if you want to immerse yourself in the history of this waterfront neighborhood.

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Portside New York, another nonprofit, runs programs on the Mary Whalen, a rare last bellboat that was controlled by telegraph signals sent from the bridge and operated from 1938 to 1994.

While you cannot board the boat at this time, you can visit as it is the last of its kind and you can visit Mary Whalen by enjoying a virtual tour.

One of my favorite things to do in Red Hook is head to Louis Valentino Jr. Park & ​​Pier, conveniently located next to Steve’s Authentic Lime Pie, so check out the view you get at Waterfront Park!

It’s one of the most under-the-radar parks in the borough and one of the best places to watch a Brooklyn sunset! The end of the pier offers a great, front-row seat to the Statue of Liberty, the closest to land, with a view across from it, not to mention a Brooklyn view of the Manhattan skyline.

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There is also a nice lawn for picnics with views of Staten Island and Governors Island and a quiet mural. The park is named after Louis Valentino Jr., a brave firefighter who died trying to save firefighters injured in a three-alarm fire in 1996, the park pays tribute to the locals.

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