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Small Business It Support Pricing

Small Business It Support Pricing – The pandemic has hit many small businesses hard. Canceled markets, closed windows and reduced consumer spending make it very difficult for many small businesses to survive, no matter how hard they try to turn around. In a small town like Peterborough, small businesses make up an important part of the town’s economy and, more importantly, the community. If we want these businesses to survive the pandemic, we must show up and support them.

If this sounds terrible, it is! But there is good news. There are many ways to help support small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic and always (can you make shopping a small part of your lifestyle too?). In short, you can buy, you can promote, and you can show.

Small Business It Support Pricing

Small Business It Support Pricing

For many small businesses, the pandemic has meant closing their doors for the safety of employees and customers. I am truly impressed by how creative these business owners are in thinking of new ways to get their products and services to their customers. An online store has been developed, pick-up and delivery options are in place, and social media accounts are working hard to make sure customers and the community know they’re still here, trying to survive. All this means that buying from a small business is still possible and has never been easier!

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It makes businesses need more cash to buy gift cards. You can save it for later when things reopen, give it to a friend so they can enjoy something special (and maybe learn about a new small business!) or you can use it right away!

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, treat yourself and your family to Eating from your favorite local establishment. Every little bit helps and your order will help keep them up and running so you can enjoy sitting down to dinner in the future.

Choose small local businesses over big box online retailers whenever you can. Connect with them on social media to see their products or browse their online store to see what they have to offer. Many businesses offer free city delivery, reduced shipping costs and other great benefits to support the site.

When you buy from a local biz be sure to share online! Showing photos of great food you like or products you’ve scored will encourage others to support the site as well. Share the local love! In fact, this brings us to the next way you can help support small businesses during Covid 19…

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Social media is a great way to help spread the local love without having to spend a little time. With a few pictures, a kind word, and a few hashtags (#lovelocalptbo) you can make a real difference to your favorite small business. Tell people how much you love the product or service! It’s that easy. Small businesses rely heavily on word of mouth, so any time you can spread the love, you’re helping them!

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Good reviews help businesses get found online. Think of your favorite businesses and write them glowing reviews! Your wedding photographer, your favorite coffee shop, your neighborhood store – whatever, share the love!

If you see a business you like posting a sale, promotion or update, share it with your friends and family! Two good places to share are on Facebook or your Instagram story. Every time you share, you are helping that small business to help increase their signal and reach more people.

Small Business It Support Pricing

Even just commenting and liking photos on social media can help business owners! The more people engage with the post, the greater the reach. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook like to encourage content that people interact with. Double tap, comment and simply share the love online.

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If you know a friend who is looking for a specific product or service, point them in the direction of a small business that has what they need! Do you know anyone who got married? Share your favorite wedding photos or staff! Does your BFF have kids? Tell them about a great local mom shop. Someone you know starting a biz and looking for support? Help connect you with other local businesses that may be able to help.

It is important to remember that behind the small business is the small business owner. These are real people who work hard to maintain their business. They feel every emotion in the book now, not the least of which is stress. One of the most important ways you can support small business owners is to show up and let them know you see them and support them.

DM your favorite local businesses to let them know you love what they do. If you know a small biz owner personally, ask them how they deal with it; Sometimes just making time for someone to talk is what they need.

Community has never been more important than now. Even if we can’t come together as a community IRL (in real life) we can put our energy into building our community online. If we want to keep our community strong and vibrant, we must continue to support small businesses whenever we can. Whether you buy or share (or both!) support small businesses and tell everyone! After all, sharing is caring! I appreciate this community and times like this more than ever. There were moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, but through it all the collective response to support each other was incredible. I shared on Instagram this week about how to support small businesses and creativity and I want to go into more detail. So before I talk about travel content or anything else like Bon Traveler for the next few weeks, I’d like to start here first.

Community First: 5 Ways To Support Small Businesses In Your City

I asked different small businesses and creative minds in the industry about how we can get better support. So I compiled the list in one place. The best part is that some mods are completely free – just a few minutes of time.

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For now, Travis and I are hanging out at home and eating day by day. We feel called to support our small business and creativity now. I personally own a small business, I feel incredibly vulnerable. My experience is not unique to me, so I know what support means at the community level. Just a simple note, comment, or shared understanding of this change will go a long way.

Therefore, I hope that we can gather together our creators and local businesses in these uncertain times more than ever. Send love anywhere in the world now.

Small Business It Support Pricing

Consider shopping small before going big. It is one of the easiest ideas to support a small business. Consider your small shop before going big. Business helps a lot – they still need business. Whether it’s a corner store or an online store, I always try to think of someone who I can support first of all.

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Order send + remove. We maintain our restaurant. One way now is to order for pickup or delivery. It’s an incredible way to keep local coffee shops and restaurants in business. Plus, it’s a welcome change for the week!

Share the love of society. Do you have a favorite business that you know is open for take out or you have a gift card? There is (or other ways to support)? Shout out to them on social media. Let others know in the community. Spreading the word on social media is a great way to keep word of mouth going for small businesses. In addition to this, engaging with their content on social channels gives them hope and lets them know that we are all here.

Buy gift cards online. Can’t visit? Support a store or restaurant by purchasing a gift card now to use later. The money will help the business survive until they can open their doors again.

Check with your local business. Quick save to miles. Ask questions like: “How can we support it now?”

How Outsourcing It Helps Small Businesses

Visit blogs to maintain traffic. One of the most requested ways to support bloggers now is to continue visiting their blogs (and me too!). We make money from advertising on our website, which depends entirely on traffic – the number of people who visit the website every day. For those of us in the world of travel blogging, if travel content isn’t searched, traffic to our website drops. Speaking to many travel bloggers, most of us have lost more than 60% of web traffic in one week. Whether you lie down for a minute or two, this will help a lot.

Consider one of their paid online resources. Most bloggers and creatives like myself produce paid products like Lightroom Presets or online courses. If you are looking for presets or learning courses, now is a good time to support.

Engage with creative content on social media, comments go far! speak for

Small Business It Support Pricing

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