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Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary

Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary – One of the biggest decisions you can make when setting up your sales team is to focus primarily on inside sales versus outside sales. Now, during the pandemic, almost all sellers sell remotely. But as we look forward to a world that feels more natural, which model will companies default to?

They appear to be broadly opposed, with one focusing on customers with high acquisition costs and high ACV (annual account value) while the other focuses on high sales velocity.

Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary

Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary

The truth is, they’re just two sides of the same sales coin—and you need both in your company if you’re going to be successful. We’ll look at the strengths of each type of salesperson, why you need both on your team, and how to determine the best balance for your organization.

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We’ll take a very clear look at what you should look for when hiring salespeople to fill those gaps on your team.

Inside selling is remote selling, meaning it takes place entirely in the office from the sales representative’s desk. Instead of face-to-face selling, inside sales uses all the communication tools that modern salespeople have at their disposal:

Any sales team can use inside sales, but it’s one of the best sales models in B2B, especially for SaaS and technology.

There is a common misconception that is finally starting to fade that telemarketing is only inside sales. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Inside Sales Vs. Outside Sales: How To Structure A Sales Team

The difference is that telemarketing is scripted. Anyone can do this, even on a computer. However, inside sales require skilled salespeople. This can be done by phone, Skype, email or web conference. It doesn’t matter.

By connecting CRM platforms with outbound tools, inbound sales can be done remotely by skilled salespersons.

External selling is the sale of goods and services through personal, face-to-face interactions. Also known as “field sales,” outside sales representatives do not work in-house. Instead, they seek opportunities outside the office.

Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary

Because outside sales representatives typically manage larger and more expensive accounts and products than inside sales representatives, they are often viewed as the superstars of their company.

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Equipped with today’s sales enablement tools, Skype and Zoom, much of the work can be done from the office. But what sets outside sales apart is their flexibility and willingness to be in person whenever and wherever they want to sell.

Inside sales representatives spend their days selling remotely, via phone, net or video call. Inside sales reps are increasingly focusing on the growing field of social selling. Inside sales reps dial 45% more, send 8.8% more emails, and engage in 49% more social interactions than outside sales reps.

Inside sales reps are more likely to have predictable and targeted tasks to achieve each day, numbers to dial, appointments booked and proposals sent.

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Outside sales representatives spend a lot of time selling at conferences and trade shows, giving speaker engagements, and visiting customer offices. Yet they still spend almost half of their time selling remotely. The amount of time sales reps now spend selling remotely has increased by 88 percent — even before the 2020 pandemic changed reps’ sales habits. 2021 will see a big increase in remote selling time.

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Most companies are now moving towards 50/50 for their teams. It may be four years before inside sales become the majority of 2019 data, but the trend may have picked up in 2020.

Most companies are now moving towards 50/50 for their teams. This is mostly done with the internet changing the way most people buy things. Fewer people prefer to sell in person than ever before.

SBMI conducted a survey of one of its customers and found that “only 27.9% of their buyers prefer to shop face-to-face.”

Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary

Face-to-face selling is also more important. People feel more comfortable spending large amounts of money or making large purchases in person, but increasingly virtual sales are becoming more convenient for everyone.

Inside Sales Representative Job Description

The mix of inside and outside sales you use in your company depends on your products, your company, and your sales strategy.

The products you sell are one of the biggest factors in determining the best mix of inside and outside sales you run.

A good way to think about this is, “Ask yourself, is our product something we might buy on impulse in response to a Facebook ad, or is it like expensive technology or something that can change our lifestyle? Is the company in operation?”

Using inside sales for these products can be very cost effective. Because the cost and commitment are low, the convenience of purchase will be one of the most important features for your customer. Sales velocity is very high.

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For example, you don’t want to buy an enterprise CRM online. You generally want to see how it works, customize products to your brand, and shake someone’s hand when you make a deal.

If you trust the seller, you can trust their recommendation to buy the product. If you haven’t, you probably won’t.

With these types of products, your buyers will usually want more time to think about their purchase and they will appreciate the personal touch. These customers usually have a very high CAC, and by being individual, you’ll see more money coming through your company.

Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary

People are now more comfortable making large purchases online. Buying a car online was incredible. Now, this happens regularly on eBay and other sites.

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That’s why you need to make sure you have people on your team who can sell both inside and outside, no matter what your product is.

The nature of your company affects the ratio of inside and outside sales your team uses. Just as your products are best suited for inside or outside sales, your company may be best suited for one or the other.

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A sales strategy is very important in determining your sales method. If your strategy doesn’t match your team’s strengths, you’re in trouble. Here’s how to know what strengths you need from your sales team.

In today’s world, inside and outside sales overlap, but there is still a difference.

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Obviously, on the surface they look very different – one is office work and the other involves a lot of traveling and personal meetings. However, their actual sales processes are almost identical.

Inside sales usually have a very short sales cycle. It goes through all the steps of outside sales, but you run through the steps very quickly.

Inside Sales focuses on SMB, mid-market buyers. The products are usually very cheap and do not require much thought and decision making from the customer.

Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary

You cannot spend big money and time to acquire these customers because the profit margin is already thin.

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Meanwhile, outside sales deal with large customers whose ACV is high. A customer needs more time to make this big decision.

You need a personal touch and plenty of time to build the trust and rapport necessary to move a prospect through the sales process.

This, along with travel costs, results in a much higher CAC for outbound sales compared to inbound sales. Focus is on high-quality, high-value accounts.

A salesperson can go through the entire sales process in a few hours, maybe less. If they’re doing a webinar or group call, they can sell to potential customers at the same time. Outside sales, on the other hand, involve weeks- or months-long sales cycles.

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Another major difference lies in their close ratio. Outside sellers, on average, have a much higher close ratio than inside sellers.

This is not because outside sales representatives are better at their jobs, but is a result of their different strategies. One focuses on scale, economies of scale and tight profit margins. Others focus on the exact opposite.

The average inside sell call is only $50 compared to an outside sell price of $308. That means if you lose an inside sale, it’s not a big deal. Internal sales have a much lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) as compared to external sales.

Small Business Inside Sales Representative Dell Salary

You can lose a day or two at most to find another potential client. In fact, you’ll earn more revenue by letting go of a difficult customer because you can make many other sales during the time you spend working with a difficult customer.

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Outbound sales have higher CAC. If you lose a sale here, it could be weeks or months lost and thousands of dollars wasted.

With higher account value and higher CAC, it is more economical to work with difficult clients whenever possible.

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