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Small Business Ideas In California

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Having a side business in addition to a day job isn’t easy, but it’s becoming very common. Whether you dream of starting a business one day and hope to grow your side business into a full-time job or want to supplement your income or pursue a passion in your spare time, hustle can side being a good solution. In fact, as of 2017, more than 44 million Americans had side effects; and due to an increasingly mobile or freelance workforce, the booming lateral movement is unlikely to abate.

Small Business Ideas In California

Small Business Ideas In California

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Need A Business Idea? Here Are 55

If you’re looking to get into the gig game, consider trying one (or more!) of the 25 side business ideas we’ve compiled here. Most of these ideas can grow into full-fledged businesses, while others are affordable, time-efficient ways to make a little money as you go about your day. Let’s get into it.

Caught by the Marie Kondo bug? Don’t throw away the clothes or things that don’t inspire joy but are still in good shape: sell them.

Reselling old stuff is an effective way to declutter, and depending on the quantity and quality of your clothes, this semi-passive source of income can be a surprisingly lucrative side business – one of our friends made nearly $ 19,000 selling old stuff. design materials at The RealReal (seriously). It’s also easy to sell gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories on sites like Depop, ThredUP, Tradesy and Poshmark.

If you want to resell more than just clothing and accessories, consider selling on eBay or becoming an Amazon seller. Opening and managing a store on each platform takes some work, but as long as you work within the platform’s guidelines, you can sell almost anything you want – and probably you are one of the small percentage of sellers who make over $1 million on Amazon or eBay.

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Once you’ve cleaned your own home of things that don’t inspire happiness, you can move on to cleaning other people’s homes (and charge them for it). Professional organizers are freaks, of course, but they’re also compassionate, personable, and excellent listeners—your clients aren’t just paying you for their stuff. clean and organize, but they trust you with some of their biggest things.

If this sounds like a promising business idea to you, consider enrolling in a course or certification program in a professional organization, such as those offered by the National Association of Productivity and Organization Makers. Once you’re established, you can charge up to $80 an hour, or a flat fee of $375 for large projects, if you want to stay in the average range.

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A great business idea if you’re an artisan, maker or crafter: Monetize your unique products by opening an Etsy shop, a platform that literally exists to help advertisers to connect with buyers around the world (even if you can sell and sell antiques). used materials on stage as well). Selling on Etsy is a great idea when you have a day job, but with a lot of persistence and good product photography, it’s also possible to make a living selling on Etsy.

Small Business Ideas In California

However, once you start getting some healthy traffic on Etsy, we recommend building a standalone eCommerce store on Shopify or another eCommerce platform and selling on both platforms at the same time . That way, you can have full control over branding, customer relations and store management (and benefit from another revenue stream – in this case, more is better).

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Taking on odd jobs in your spare time is the perfect way to earn extra money on nights or weekends. Thanks to the new gaming economy, which is expected to grow to 43% of the workforce by 2020, it’s easy for self-motivated people to find short-term, one-off, low-labor jobs.

Once you build a mosaic of gigs, understand the average prices of different platforms, and get a sense of the time and energy each job requires, you might even be able to get excited. side of being a full-time job.

If you live in a high-traffic, tourist-friendly, or vacation-friendly area (and you don’t mind strangers living in your home), Your side business may be ideal as an Airbnb host.

First, you must obtain the necessary permits from your landlord, co-op board, home owner association, or other entity to ensure that you have permission to lease the home/apartment/guest wing/pool house/houseboat. rent and not run into. any legal restrictions on short-term rentals in your city, county or municipality. Once everything is ready, create an Airbnb host profile and clean, organize and stock your home to welcome guests. During their stay, you must also be easily available to your guests in case they encounter problems or requests, and be prepared to deal with the occasional less cooperative guest .

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Renting out your home on Airbnb or another short-term rental platform may not be the easiest aspect, but Airbnb hosts have the potential to earn an average of $924 per month. There are several variations, mainly because overhead costs are low or non-existent.

Depending on how strong your self-marketing skills are, you can join an existing dog sitting/pet sitting group, or strike out on your own. If you join a group, you will have to waive part of the price, but the group will do all the heavy lifting for you – ie finding dogs to walk and pets to sit. If you choose to start your own dog sledding business, you will have full control over setting your prices, investing your total, and arranging your schedule based on your bandwidth, but you will need to find clients with you. himself. To that end, we recommend setting up a small business website and social media platforms, reaching out to your personal connections, posting flyers around your neighborhood, and letting word of mouth marketing work its magic. .

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How much you can earn from dog walking also depends a lot on where you live. According to, the average hourly rate for dog walkers ranges from about $15 to $18, depending on where you live. But once you’ve built a clientele (assuming you’re on your own), you can grow your side hustle into a full-scale business. You can even consider working with pet care and animal sitting in your activity as well.

Small Business Ideas In California

Many of us grew up looking after the children in the neighborhood after school, on weekends and in the evenings – and that’s exactly what makes childcare such a great job for working adults. full time too. Again, average babysitting prices depend a lot on where you live and how many children you look after, but research shows that the average hourly price for babysitting is children $16.75 for one child and $19.26 for two children.

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Fortunately, it’s very easy to find babysitting jobs if you use the power of the Internet: Just create a profile on websites and apps like Sittercity,, and Sitter, which securely connect you with parents who is looking for carers in your area. But using your personal network for babysitting games is also valuable, as are word-of-mouth recommendations. You may also consider stacking fliers at your local schools, library, place of worship, pediatrician’s office, or other local gathering places with proper permits. And if you’re serious about building a childcare business, you can build your expertise and clients with an eye toward starting a daycare afterward.

Since most of us think of cleaning our homes as a necessary evil, being a house cleaner means you will have no shortage of clients if you start a cleaning side business. The exact amount you can make cleaning houses depends on the price your customers are willing to pay, but on average house cleaners earn $530 a week; and, as is the case with most good side hustles, cleanup requires very little extra, as most customers will provide their own cleaning supplies.

To find customers for your cleaning business, you can list your services on websites such as Angie’s List,, and, as well as conduct your own marketing efforts, such as creating business page and Facebook page. To set yourself apart from the competition, consider incorporating other services into your cleaning business as well, such as carpet cleaning and light landscaping and home repair.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for an additional income stream, a former teacher eager to reconnect with students, a recent graduate with time to burn and bills to pay, or if you just excel in a certain subject and have the GPA to prove it. , then tutoring can be a beneficial aspect for you.

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