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Small Business Grants Lexington Ky

Small Business Grants Lexington Ky – Community Services Senior Programs, Senior Services, Community Centers, Global Lex, Family Care Center, Sister Cities and Information for Families with Children

The Corridor Commission opens the Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program on September 1 and is accepting applications until October 1, 2022. The grant program, designed to improve Fayette County’s corridors through partnerships with neighborhoods and other community groups, has $20,000 available.

Small Business Grants Lexington Ky

Small Business Grants Lexington Ky

There are 31 eligible corridors, and grant proposals must be for areas along or on the corridor. Applications must include activities that are open to the public and benefit the entire corridor. Consider the following activities for your grant proposal:

Assistance Available For Covington Small Businesses

“The Corridor Commission has long worked tirelessly on initiatives to beautify the streets of Lexington. I strongly believe that these grant opportunities help empower our neighborhood to join us in this effort!” said Councilman James Brown, chairman of the commission.

The program is awarded on a 2:1 ratio, meaning that for every $1 requested, the applicant must provide an additional $0.50.

November 18, 2022 14:09 LFD donates Neon Volunteer Fire Department SUV The donation comes after devastating flooding in eastern Kentucky earlier this year. Continue reading

November 18, 2022 11:36 LEXPARK’s “Food for the Crowd” program is back. Pay your parking fees with canned food donations starting November 21st. Continue reading

Women’s Business Center Of Kentucky

November 18, 2022 10:27 AM Thanksgiving Garbage Schedule Thursday or Friday trash pickups will be serviced on Wednesday, November 23rd. Continue reading Community Services Programs for the elderly, services for the elderly, community centers, Global Lex, Family Care Center, sister cities and information for families with children

Capital grants supported by funds from the federal American Rescue Plan will soon be awarded to 45 local non-profit projects, Mayor Linda Gorton said today.

“Nonprofit organizations provide important services in our community. While we have traditionally provided support to these agencies, it has typically been for operational costs,” Gorton said. “Nonprofits often find that grants for which they are eligible cannot be used for capital expenditures.”

Small Business Grants Lexington Ky

One-time grants include $6.4 million to support facility improvements and operational investments. To qualify for the grants, nonprofit organizations must be located in Fayette County or serve the local population.

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With these new grants, 23 agencies will be able to make much-needed renovations, improve accessibility to facilities for people with disabilities, and more.

“This is exciting for our community and I’m excited about the new and expanded resources these grants offer,” Gorton said.

Social Services Commissioner Kacy Allen-Bryant said: “These not-for-profit capital grants will enable agencies to have larger premises, functional vans and updated technology, for example. All projects will increase the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services of these agencies.”

The grants, ranging from $1,500 to $500,000, will provide one-time assistance to 23 nonprofit agencies. Evaluation criteria included demonstrated need, service to low-income, underserved or marginalized Fayette County residents, operational feasibility, ability to meet America’s Rescue Plan requirements and cost analysis. Funds must be spent by April 20, 2024.

Lexington Mayor Proposes Projects, Investments With American Rescue Plan Funds

“Natalie’s Sisters is the first point of contact for sexually exploited and trafficked persons,” said Natalie’s Sisters Executive Director, Jani Lewis. “On behalf of not only the two women who will be the first tenants of the duplex this grant will purchase, but also on behalf of the more than 400 women we reach each year, we are grateful for the generosity and compassion of the communities.”

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In selecting the program, city teams from the Departments of Social Services, Housing Advocacy and Community Development, General Services and Finance reviewed 138 project proposals that required a total of $21.1 million. The complete list of funded capital grants is attached.

November 18, 2022 14:09 LFD donates Neon Volunteer Fire Department SUV The donation comes after devastating flooding in eastern Kentucky earlier this year. Continue reading

Small Business Grants Lexington Ky

November 18, 2022 11:36 LEXPARK’s “Food for the Crowd” program is back. Pay your parking fees with canned food donations starting November 21st. Continue reading

Mt. Sterling Launches Grant Relief Program To Help Small Businesses Hurt By Beshear’s Orders

November 18, 2022 10:27 AM Thanksgiving garbage collection schedule. Those who collect trash on Thursdays or Fridays will be serviced on Wednesday, November 23. Continue reading Street-level retail, restaurants and bars are the heart of downtown Lexington, creating the vibrancy that makes it the region’s thriving downtown, cultural, corporate and civic hub. These businesses have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and mandatory stay-at-home orders. Now that those restrictions have been lifted and the economy has begun to reopen, the Downtown Lexington Management District (DLMD), Downtown Lexington Partnership (DLP) and Kinetic by Windstream are teaming up to provide grants, in-kind marketing and technology support to help businesses overcome the financial, marketing and operational challenges of this new business environment. Does your business need financial help and technology support to reopen and stay open? Fill out the form below to apply for support.

Join us in supporting all things #LocallyLexington! By pledging your support, you’ll add your name to the long list of local organizations, businesses and people who are committed to supporting local businesses, non-profits and entertainment destinations in Lexington. Show your support for local Lexington businesses by filling out the form below.

“Windstream has strong roots in Lexington. We are proud to partner with the Downtown Lexington Partnership to celebrate the local businesses, nonprofits and entertainment destinations that make Lexington a great place to live.”

“DLP and DLMD are excited to partner with Windstream to continue our mission of creating a strong and healthy downtown. We hope these grants can provide the impetus for local businesses to adapt to the challenges they face during this time.”

University Of Kentucky

“I walked by the mural on the Windstream building and saw ‘Locally Lexington’ and wondered what that was, and now I’m a part of it!”

Owner Howard Rackmil – Worlds Apart and #LocallyLexington Recipient of the COVID-19 Reopening and Recovery Grant and Windstream Technology The Indoor Space Operator Grant (SVOG) was established through the Small Business, Nonprofit and Hard-hit Business Economic Assistance Act as amended the US Rescue Plan Act to provide more than $16 billion in economic aid to targeted industries. The opening of the SVOG application is expected on April 8, 2021.

Eligible applicants may qualify for SVO grants equal to 45% of their gross income, with a maximum amount available for a single grant of $10 million. $2 billion is reserved for eligible applicants with up to 50 full-time employees.

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Small Business Grants Lexington Ky

The SBA is preparing a grant program and expects to open applications in early April. Those who suffered the greatest economic loss will be the first to process claims according to the following schedule:

Startup Tech Companies Awarded $900k To Continue Growth In Kentucky

Note: On January 20, 2021, SPP updated the proposal for the grant allocation plan during the first and second priority periods. To clarify, those with an advantage will not have to cater to the marginalized small employer. During the first 59 days of SVOG opening,  SBA will set aside at least $2 billion in program funding for grants to entities with no more than 50 employees.

Entities that suffered a revenue loss of 25% or more between the 2019 quarter and the corresponding 2020 quarter.

First, second and third priority round award recipients who have suffered a loss of income of 70% or more in the most recent calendar quarter (on or after April 1, 2021).

Beneficiaries will be required to maintain documentation demonstrating their compliance with the eligibility and other requirements of the SVOG program. The work book must be kept for four years after receiving the grant, and all other records must be kept for three years.

Kentucky Receives Nearly $104m To Clean Up Gas Wells

For additional information, please email [email protected] All emails regarding SVO grants will be sent through the official government email address ending in Minority Business Development (MBD) Program of Commerce Lexington Inc. seeks to promote and support economic growth, development and self-sufficiency of minority business owners and entrepreneurs; hiring minority businesses in the seven-county Lexington MSA and Commerce Lexington, Inc.; and provide business referral services to appropriate minority business assistance agencies. For the most up-to-date listings of minority and women-owned businesses in the Lexington area, contact Tyrone Tyra at 859-226-1625.

A minority business enterprise, as defined by Commerce Lexington Inc., is a business that is 51 percent owned, managed, and controlled by a person who is a member of the following racial and ethnic groups:

Asian American (an individual of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Indochinese, Malaysian, Filipino, Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander culture, ancestry, or parentage)

Small Business Grants Lexington Ky

Commerce Lexington Inc. The Racial Equity Pledge challenges the regional business community to build a more inclusive economy based on equal opportunity and the advancement of racial equality. By signing this pledge, we pledge to pursue inclusivity and equity for underrepresented and marginalized community groups and agree to increase efforts and transparency around conscious efforts to attack poverty, reduce the racial wealth gap, and increase equity for area residents.

Kentucky’s Tech Ecosystem Maintains Momentum

We understand that fulfilling this promise requires a necessary and comprehensive review of the status quo, however, we are ready to seize the opportunity to create sustainable solutions over a multi-year horizon that will position Commerce Lexington Inc as a leader in this. work

Signing this pledge is an agreement that we will intentionally and consistently pursue change in our business and the wider community. As business leaders, our time in history is now and our actions matter, now more than ever. We promise to make a difference

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