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Small Business Grants Funded By Verizon

Small Business Grants Funded By Verizon – Our transparency tool uses blockchain technology to record all changes after publication. However, this is not a release so it is not tracked. For more information go to find out.

And LISC just announced the first round of more than 200 grants to support small businesses that support their communities.

Small Business Grants Funded By Verizon

Small Business Grants Funded By Verizon

Rafael Larius is smiling today. As the owner of Honduras Kitchen in Long Beach, CA, Rafael is one of over 200 small businesses across the country to receive a $10,000 grant from the Local Initiative Assistance Corporation (LISC) as part of their Fund for Small Business Recovery Fund. Due to COVID-19, Rafael was forced to cut his meals and his staff, a painful decision because he believes that his restaurant offers more than food. “Growing our business is not just for us or our family,” Raphael said. “We represent the Honduran people of Southern California. Unfortunately, if we close the restaurant, we will also close the community.” Small businesses are the biggest impact on communities and the economic toll caused by the pandemic is leaving many people unsure about their future. Goldman Sachs reports that 64% of small businesses say their cash reserves don’t last three months. And, according to the Small Business Association, a small business closes its doors every hour. Support small businesses. Since the crisis, he has stepped in to help small businesses. The funds, which were announced today, will help the owners to meet the salaries, pay the rent and meet the urgent work requirements. The majority of the beneficiaries are from disadvantaged areas who own businesses, 62% are women, 96% are minorities and 12% are veterans. The second phase of the $2.5 million fundraiser is progressing through the #PayitForwardLIVE weekly promotional series, which is ongoing. In the first phase alone, more than 55,000 applications were received, confirming the urgent need for financial assistance. Based on the great response, it also announced the third round of funding today, bringing the total amount to the Small Business Recovery Fund to $7.5 million. Providing support is the most important thing. In addition to providing critical financial services, the company is focused on providing resources and expertise to help small businesses overcome their immediate and long-term challenges. Through a partnership with Hello Ellis, a platform that supports underrepresented small businesses, we’ve published a guide to help business owners looking to grow their business or expand their digital presence. Yahoo is offering a free one-year subscription to Small Business Developers, which includes a website, domain, and email account to help businesses get online, plus an appointment with a small business expert. Resources on business continuity planning, including a free webinar series where experts share actionable tips for small business owners. Looking for a way to help? U.S. The Volunteer Portal offers opportunities to collaborate as a Micromentor, where employees can mentor small businesses, including those directly affected by COVID-19. There is hope for tomorrow. As we move to the other side of this crisis, let’s hope that the businesses that once stood on the streets of our communities are still supporting our communities and our culture. We need people like Raphael who continue to keep small businesses safe and diverse. “I want to thank you and LISC,” said Raphael. “This is an opportunity for us to open up, move forward, and give back to our customers and our community. Thank you from all of us at Honduras Kitchens.” Be sure to tune in to Pay It Forward Live tonight to see Janelle Monáe perform and learn more about how it’s working for small businesses across the country, by donating to the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Grants program here. What you need to know. We know. How difficult can it be to grow your business if you don’t have the necessary tools and equipment. That’s why the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program is the best way to learn small business.

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Verizon Tapped By Dept. Of Labor For $887m Network Upgrade

From courses and live training sessions to personalized learning plans, this is a free and easy way to increase your skills and knowledge. To support Verizon Small Business Digital Ready users, we’re deploying more than $1M in total funding for small businesses in 2022.

Join Diane Bevan and the Idaho Women’s Business Center to learn more about funding opportunities and the Verizon program.

Click here to sign up and get started: Small Business Resources, Professional Training, Training Programs and more. About Verizon

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, applicants must have completed a combination of the two courses, training programs and community programs between July 1, 2022 and November 14, 2022, and the offer by November 14, 2022 Application must be submitted. Personal training centers are not included in grant eligibility.

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Awards will be made to eligible active applications (not all applicants). Eligibility is based on accurate, complete presentation, and preference will be given to entrepreneurs of color, women, veteran-owned businesses, and other businesses in underserved areas that lack access to flexible, affordable financing. Non-profit organizations are not eligible for this grant. Applicants can only apply for one job and must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

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