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Small Business Finance For Dummies

Small Business Finance For Dummies – Here’s a number that might surprise you: 29%. That’s how many startups fail because they run out of money. To make sure you have enough money to make your dreams come true, consider a small business loan.

From getting a loan to getting a small business investment, we’ll walk you through your small business financing options. That way, you can make smart decisions when investing in small investments for your company.

Small Business Finance For Dummies

Small Business Finance For Dummies

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Small Business Finance Guide For Beginners

The last thing you need is paying for money when starting or growing your business. Fortunately, there are many financing options for small businesses.

If your first thought is to get a bank loan for a small business, you are not alone. Financing a new business through a bank loan is a popular option. Unfortunately, getting a bank loan for start-ups (and existing businesses) can be difficult.

Are you interested in this financing option? If so, the next step is to learn how to apply for a business loan. Carefully research your loan options (for example, short term vs long term) to ensure you are applying for the right loan for your business.

Many businesses, especially startups, find it difficult to get a traditional bank loan. Another direct loan from a bank is a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan.

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The bank still makes the loan, but the SBA guarantees and backs a portion of the loan, increasing your chances of getting a small business loan.

There are limits on the amount of money you can take out when it comes to SBA loans. Generally, you can apply for up to $5.5 million.

Keep in mind that there are certain qualifications you must meet to qualify for an SBA loan. You must have good personal credit, be a profitable US-based business, and meet the SBA’s business size requirements.

Small Business Finance For Dummies

You can apply for one of several SBA loan programs, including SBA 7(a) loans, 504 loans and microloans.

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Are you looking to finance your small business with credit? A line of credit can be useful if you need financing. But, make sure you pay back what you borrow. Otherwise, high interest rates can hurt your business growth over time.

Before applying for a line of credit or business credit card, establish credit. That way, you can increase your chances of getting a lower interest rate.

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When you apply for credit, identify and explain the purpose of obtaining the loan. You should provide information such as the date of your annual gross sales.

You know what venture capital is – and how difficult it can be for you and your contractor alone. A venture capitalist (VC) is someone who provides investment capital in exchange for a share of ownership and responsibility in your company.

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Typically, VCs focus on high-growth businesses. As a result, they often require a higher investment for a higher volume of your business.

The process of getting VC funding can be daunting. Investors (investors) do their due diligence to know what is in your business (eg, management, sales, offers, etc.).

If the VC is offering you a deal, you can try to negotiate terms and conditions, such as investment amount, ownership percentage, and use of funds.

Small Business Finance For Dummies

An angel investor is someone who invests in a small startup in exchange for part ownership. Often, angel investors are co-workers or family. You can also ask fellow entrepreneurs, lawyers or accountants for input.

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Angel investors invest their own money in businesses they believe in, with the goal of helping businesses build people. In general, the expected return of angels is lower than that of investors. As you start to make a profit, you will have to give some of your money to the investor.

When you approach an angel investor for funding, give them a clear exit strategy so they know their money is protected if your business fails.

Crowdfunding is a funding option where you raise capital from investors on crowdfunding sites or platforms (eg, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc.).

With crowdfunding, you can share your pitch on the platform to get your idea in front of a large pool of investors. Keep in mind that a strong idea can help you attract investors.

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If you choose crowdfunding, you will have to pay to promote your campaign (eg, 8% of the revenue).

So what do investors get for investing in your business? What you offer to investors depends on the type of demographic you are targeting:

Before taking the opportunity, make sure you weigh the pros and cons to determine if it’s right for your business. While this funding option can connect you with potential investors, it can be time-consuming and expensive. Not to mention, you need to watch out for scammers.

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Small Business Finance For Dummies

Small business grants are “free money” available to qualifying businesses that meet specific criteria. So unlike loans and credits, you don’t have to pay the subsidy back.

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You can apply for help from government agencies, organizations, and private companies. Keep in mind that competitive bidding takes time.

It can take a lot of time to find and apply for grants with no guarantee that the organization will choose your business. But, remember that you must report your finances accurately and on time.

You might consider borrowing with your family and friends to finance your new business. If a friend or family member gives you a loan, make sure you have a plan for how to pay them back.

Borrowing money from family and friends can be difficult because they want you to succeed, but they also don’t want to lose their hard earned money.

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Treat their loan like any other type of loan. Show them your business plan, contact a lawyer, and put the terms of the contract in writing. Also, remember to set up a payment plan.

Another funding option is to use personal finance, also known as bootstrapping your business. When you start your business, you don’t have to worry about researching or applying for money, taking money, or giving someone a part of your business.

However, using personal finance alone can be difficult. Starting a business can be expensive, but you may need to do some serious planning (personal or business) to make it work.

Small Business Finance For Dummies

Depending on your financial situation, you may run out of money quickly and leave room for growth.

Report: The European Small Business Finance Outlook For June 2019

How to earn money for your business depends on the options you pursue. Of course, there is a difference between applying for a loan and pitching to an investor.

But, all financial options follow a similar process. When it comes to getting money for a small business, follow these basic steps:

To help you through this process (and consider your business financing options), consider consulting with an accountant or small business attorney.

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