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Small Business Expo San Diego

Small Business Expo San Diego – Attention small business owners. One of the region’s largest buyers will be looking for new suppliers at the Small Business Expo. The San Diego County Department of Purchasing and Contracting is participating in the one-day expo from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, October 25 at the San Diego Convention Center. The visit is free.

Small businesses are big business for the district. In an ongoing search for a wide selection of local suppliers, the department makes a special effort to find small business owners and veteran businesses to effectively meet their business needs.

Small Business Expo San Diego

Small Business Expo San Diego

In fiscal year 2017-18, the county spent $1.2 billion on goods and services. One of every $5 that comes into the county is spent on goods and services through purchases and contracts.

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“Our job is to provide the highest quality goods and services needed to support county departments in a timely and efficient manner,” said Director of Procurement and Contracts Jack Pellegrino. “The more competition, the better the contracting outcomes for the county, which in turn allows us to better serve the public and ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.”

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Visitors to the show can learn how to do business with the county by stopping by Exhibitor Booth 127. They can learn how to sign up for BuyNet and learn what types of products and services are needed. For example, a recruitment of teachers was recently announced in the district; engineering, project management and surveying services; water treatment services; and hygiene services.

For more information on district procurement and contracting, visit the Department of Procurement and Contracting website or call 858-505-6367. To register for the show, visit Small Business Expo.

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