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Small Business Expo Exhibitor List

Small Business Expo Exhibitor List – We regret not hosting the Logan Business and Jobs Expo in 2022. Instead, we will be focusing all our energies on organizing two mega-exhibitions on the Gold Coast on June 16 and in Brisbane on October 6.

This show has been a success in Logan for the past three years and we are excited to bring it back after a hiatus last year!

Small Business Expo Exhibitor List

Small Business Expo Exhibitor List

To apply, collapse the information pack request pop-up and go to the Secure Your Spot page.

Looking To Exhibit?

You can find more details about the exhibition program in the info package, download it

Apply for a partially funded trade show booth – If you’re still doing well but need more leads, apply for a partially funded trade show booth. Apply here. Limited availability

Our excellent pre-show training seminar “How to sell from an exhibition stand” on all exhibition stand options. All employees who help at the stand are invited. This workshop will be held 4 weeks before the show to give you plenty of time to gain valuable information on how to prepare for the day. Since 2014, we have trained more than 3,000 exhibitors. This year, the Small Business Expos team will run four one-day business-to-business expos across South East Queensland, generating more than $7.5 million in sales in partnership with 60 industry groups and sponsors.

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It’s a proven, sales-focused platform for all types of businesses looking to connect within their local business communities.

Arizona Small Business Association

The expo is for grassroots businesses to raise money for the businesses where they live and work and where their children go to school.

The diverse nature of the exhibition and the wide range of solutions sought by a large number of visitors opens the door to exhibitors from various industries.

There are many reasons to participate in these business-to-business trade shows, the main ones being the opportunity to:

Small Business Expo Exhibitor List

We hold a training seminar for our exhibitors “How to sell from an exhibition stand” 4 weeks before each exhibition.

Exhibitor Tips To Maximize Your Small Business Trade Show Results

You will be invited to attend the workshop after your booth application has been received and processed. Running time is 2 hours and includes a networking session so you can meet other exhibitors. The staff who will be assisting you at your booth on the day of the show can also attend the workshop.

If you need more information, please call us on 0475 411 793. Join us and help grow a bigger and better business.

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150 = opportunity to network and do business with over 230 exhibitors and 1000-3000+ visitors (attendance depends on which region you are in).

Small businesses do better business when they come together and have a strong voice. At Small Business Expos, we strive to create a collaborative environment where we can all succeed. Complete and submit your application today to start growing to reach your full potential and that of your business.

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