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Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program – Phase 4

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New funding for emergency grants for small businesses has been released and applications are now being accepted. These funds are the same local dollars received by the City of Newport and Linn unty through funds previously approved by the Oregon State Emergency Management Board. The city of Newport has $100,000 available to small businesses in Newport, and Linn county has another $100,000 available to businesses anywhere in the future.

Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program – Phase 4

Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program - Phase 4

“I am grateful that we can provide another opportunity for our small business community as we continue to reduce VID and the threat it poses to Linn County,” Delegate Claire Hall said Tuesday. The management of this program is there to answer any questions. They have been great partners in the aid process.”

Njeda Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant [phase 2]

Businesses can register for this assistance program until October 19 at 11:59 p.m. Eligible businesses will be entered into a lottery and will receive an official application in the order determined by the lottery. They must be profitable, have 25 or fewer FTE (full-time equivalent) employees by the end of 2019, and be located within Linln County. Businesses are eligible regardless of whether they have received assistance from another program, including PPP and EIDL.

Prizes will be distributed as raffles. A pre-screening application will be required for all businesses accessing these funds through Community Lending Works (

“With businesses in our communities struggling, it’s important that these funds are available as soon as possible,” said Newport City Manager Spencer Nebel. “Small businesses are the backbone of our lives. I hope this funding will see them through this worst health disaster.”

Disability Lending Services can help businesses submit their grant applications. Applications are due by October 19, 2020. Businesses can learn more by visiting or by calling mmunity Lending Services at (541) 345-0446.

Ozsbi To Hold Arpa Small Business Grant Workshop In Novemberozark Radio News

The Oregon Legislature, in cooperation with the Governor, has appropriated $5 million from the State General Fund, which will be combined with $5 million from existing programs at the Oregon Department of Business Development (Oregon Business), to provide financial assistance to for young people. businesses adversely affected by changes related to the VID-19 pandemic that have not received emergency assistance under the CARES Act or another federal emergency funding program.

To fill gaps not reached by other programs, these federal funds are targeted at businesses with 25 or fewer employees, and only those that are ineligible for federal CARES Act funds, including the Social Security Administration Payments Program. Small Business, Disaster Enomic Injury. Emergency Loan Development Program, or other government emergency funding programs to date. Businesses can use the proceeds for any business-related operating expenses.

The LendingWorks community manages the program. Businesses wishing to apply for this grant can pre-register for the application process.

Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program - Phase 4

Core funds are now freed up to allow for an expedited process and approval for emergency applications. Estos fondos locales son apalancados apalancados an la Ciudad de Newport y el ndado Linln para las subventiones anteriores approved by the Directiva de Emergencias del Estado de Oregón. The City of Newport has $100,000 for small businesses in Newport, and the City of Newport has $100,000 for businesses in other parts of the city.

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Emergency Small Business Grants And Loan Assistance

You are registered to participate in the program that will be broadcast from October 19 to 11:59 pm. Los negocios is chosen to promote one lottery and to receive official requests related to the given lottery. Ellos tienen que tener de lucro fines, tener 25 empleados FTE o menos (equivalent to tiempo mpleto) fine for 2019 and estar ubicados dentro del ndado Linln. Los negocios son eligibles independiente de haber recibido assistance de otros programas, includes PPP and EIDL.

Refunds will be distributed by lottery. An application will be required for all businesses to access these funds through Community Lending Works (

Immunity Lending Works puede ayudar a los negocios a sendar sus solicitudes de subvención. Las solicitudes deben presentarse antes del 19 de octubre del 2020. Los negocios pueden obtener más information by visiting

Business Oregon announces the start of its 4th and (ultimate) Round of Emergency Subventions for Small Businesses. This elegibilidad se ha extendedido para la Ronda 4, as, therefore ne ha sido elegible antes, puede ser elegible ahora.

Small Business Grant Assistance

General lending for immediate requests, to prevent borrowing. Tenemos solo so that you can have your funds.

La Asamblea Legislativa de Oregon, en sociedad in La Gobernadora, receives 5 billion dollars from the Fondo General del Estado, as well as 5 million dollars for existing programs in the Ministry of desarrollo Empresarial de Oregon, e Business Professional de Oregon with funds for small companies of which are has been adversely affected by economic conditions related to the VID-19 pandemic and has not received federal emergency assistance from the CARES Act or any other federal funding program.

N el fin de llenar los hues que no han sido cubierto por otros programs, estos fondos estatales están dirigidos a las empresas n 25 employados o menos, afectadas de manera adversa, que no han han recibo delcción de laáción de la lal Administration for Pequeñas Empresas, el Programa de Anticipo de Préstamo or Emergencia Eónímica Catastrófica and federal emergency financial programs for the pandemic that are requested again. Las empresas pueden usar lo recaudado para cualquier gasto relacionado n la operación del negocio.

Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program - Phase 4

The LendingWorks community has management systems. Las empresas que desean requestor esta subvención pueden registrarse preemptione para el processo de solicitud Section 4 of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) Small Business Emergency Grants Program (NJEDA) provides up to $20,000 to small and medium-sized businesses. non-profit organizations that have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small Business Emergency Covid 19 Grants

Pre-registration for Phase 4 reopens at 09:00. Wednesday, May 26, 2021. Business owners who did not pre-register in April can pre-register at Businesses that have already applied for Phase 4 funding can

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Pre-registration and grant applications will be available in English and Spanish. NJEDA also provides translation services to support speakers of ten additional languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Tagalog.

The state recently announced plans to approve an additional $235 million in State funding for various small business assistance programs administered by NJEDA. $200 million of this funding will be used to fill all pending Section 4 small business grant applications.

Businesses must pre-register to apply for Phase 4 funding. Pre-registration reopens at 9:00 am. on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 and will remain open until 5:00 PM. on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Pre-registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, but businesses are encouraged to start the process as soon as possible.

Njra Small Business Lease Emergency Assistance Grant Program Application To Open On Monday, August 10th

Interested business owners who did not pre-register in April must register first at Business owners who pre-registered in April, but did not apply, do not need to pre-register again. Business owners who did not pre-register in April or started the pre-registration process, but did not complete and submit, will need to pre-register. .

A step-by-step guide to the pre-registration process is available in English and Spanish. You can also watch an important video of the pre-registration process or call 844-965-1125 for assistance.

To receive a Section 4 grant, your business must be registered to do business in the State of New Jersey with the NJ Division of Taxation. If your business is not recognized by the Tax Department, you must provide a valid Business Registration Certificate. You can check the status of your business registration certificate online.

Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program - Phase 4

If your business is registered correctly, you will receive a confirmation immediately after entering your details. If your business is not properly registered, email [email protected] (allow up to 2 days for follow-up) or call 609-292-9292. You must clearly state that your application is related to the NJEDA Small Business Emergency Assistance Program application – Section 4. Most problems can be resolved quickly.

Informational Webinar: The Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program Phase 4

For more information on the business registration process, watch one of the webinars on the topic that NJEDA is hosting with the NJ Department of Finance. Recordings are available here: Session 1 and Session 2.

Applications for the Small Business Emergency Assistance Program – Phase 4 close at 5:00 p.m. On May 19, 2021. Applicants can check the status of their submitted application at NJEDA is currently reviewing applications.

Applications will open in July for business owners who pre-registered in April and did not apply or pre-register during the May-June pre-registration period. Applications will be reopened according to the following schedule:

·     9:00 a.m. July 7, 2021: Restaurants (0 to 50 full-time equivalent employees), child care providers (0 to 50 full-time equivalent employees), and small businesses with 6 to 50 full-time employees . Calculate the number of full-time equivalent employees in your business.

Deadline Friday For La Grande Business Assistance Grants And Loans

·     9:00 a.m. July 8, 2021: Small businesses

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