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Small Business Advisory Board San Diego

Small Business Advisory Board San Diego – We are introducing ten regional champions to ensure that our flagship advancing strategy increases capital flow to underserved and underserved communities and creates inclusive economic opportunities for black, indigenous and people of color through Advance Advisory. committee (AAK).

Through this deliberate collaboration, we have selected a diverse group of people who have lived, studied, and worked in a variety of industries and small business development, nonprofits, social enterprises, and representative communities.

Small Business Advisory Board San Diego

Small Business Advisory Board San Diego

Committee members dedicate their time and knowledge to ensure that the San Diego community has access to education, health care, and wealth through inclusive lending practices.

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MAAC Director of Economic Development Flora Barron has many years of experience in designing, managing and evaluating high impact social and economic development programs.

Vanessa Cadena, Vice President, Senior Manager, La Costa/Carlsbad, Premier Pacific, has over 13 years of banking experience. He is active on various community boards and committees, including the board of directors, finance committee, and educational advisory board of the Community Charter School (MCCS), MAAC, and the membership committee of the Karlovy Vary Chamber of Commerce.

Amanda Cheney, Customer Experience Consultant at CA Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), has over 15 years of experience at the intersection of workforce, economics and community development. He has been recognized for his accomplishments by federal, state, and local elected officials.

Alejandro Galicia, owner and manager of BPI Waterways, is a US Navy and US Army National Guard veteran. Alex has been providing plumbing services to residential, commercial, and government organizations in the San Diego area for over 16 years.

Connect San Diego

Christy Marcella, CEO of Connect, has 10 years of experience managing projects in the San Diego public sector.

Wesley Kuch is the director of the ABASD Small Business Development Center as a business consultant and program manager for the Asian Business Association of San Diego (ABASD). As part of the SBDC network, Wesley provides free advice to small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them start, grow and expand.

Alexis Villanueva, Director of Economic Development at City Heights Community Development Corporation, has dedicated the last six years to advancing business at the intersection of public works, education, workforce development, healthcare access, digital equity, economic development and more in the city. Heights community.

Small Business Advisory Board San Diego

Natasha Salgado, Head of Community Engagement at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at Logan Heights and Small Businesses, works on social and economic justice issues in Logan Heights and the Barrio Historic District. He is also Co-Chair of the San Diego Promise Zone Economic Activities and Vice-Chair of the Small Business Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Bios

Shreya Sasaki, Senior Director of Family and Community Affairs at Jewish Family Services (JFS) in San Diego and former CEO of Mission Driven Finance, oversees a wide range of programs at JFS, from resettling refugees to positive parenting and connecting the community to social services.

J.R. Tolver, owner of the state farm service J.R. Gregory Tolver is an entrepreneur and social activist active in the San Diego business community. He is a board member of Black San Diego and a board member of Startup San Diego.

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Claire Mordach, an advisor to Living Cities, an institutional investor, will serve on the committee. In 2021, Living Cities gave Advance $2 million.

While the AAC does not have the authority to make investment decisions on behalf of Mission Driven Finance, it supports us in finding partnerships and ventures and helps us find the best approach for San Diego’s small business and nonprofit communities.

Fedex Awards More Than $250,000 To Winners Of The Ninth Annual Fedex Small Business Grant Contest

As a public company and a certified B corporation, we welcome innovation and will ensure that this committee is formed. With the help of these community activists, our mission to promote investment in communities is doubled with this additional structure of transparency and accountability.

If you know of a small business or non-profit organization that is looking for capital to expand and grow, contact us!

Advances (34) Community Funding (10) Community Funding Association (16) Conferences (1) COVID-19 (11) Donor Recommended Funds (16) Early Care and Education (14) Event Results (36) Freedom 100 Fund (5) ) Housing investment fund (4) housing (17) immigrant (16) impact investing (64) inclusive economy (46) concept (67) institutional investor (10) investor (17) Islamic finance (3) loan (38) non-profit ( 26) opportunity zones (5) charity (27) portfolio (36) press release (11) press release (13) quality work (10) gender equality (40) access to recovery (5) resource (38) fractional ownership ( 6) small business (61) ) social determinants of health (11) diversity of providers (1) Why I invest (3) women (5)

Small Business Advisory Board San Diego

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Small Business Advisory Board San Diego

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Small Business Advisory Board San Diego

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Small Business Advisory Board San Diego

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