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Small Business Administration Careers

Small Business Administration Careers – The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) is a four-year program that provides professional business and management to those who wish to become entrepreneurs or in any business such as economics, finance, financial management or ‘people,’ and advertising. Want to build your own career. . Prior to the program’s conception in 2009, the institute had earlier offered a Bachelor of Science degree in business based on the 28th state decision, with majors in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing.

Under the mandate of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Decree No. 39 (CMO) No. 39, series of 2006, the 2009 BSBA program offered major degrees in Operations Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources and Development. Development, financial management, business economics, business management, internal control, and legal management.

Small Business Administration Careers

Small Business Administration Careers

The program curriculum was revised in 2012, 2014 and 2018 to better meet industry needs, re-offer professional courses, strengthen the content of professional and elective courses, and General and other courses should be integrated. Current programs to improve efficiency. and guidance instruction.

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Due to the implementation of the K-12 system of basic education in the Philippines, CHED has developed new policies, standards, and guidelines (PSGs) for higher education programs, including Business Management in CMO No. 17, Series 2017. In the new term, the current BSBA program prepares graduates for management and leadership roles in a wide variety of organizations, from small businesses to local governments and multinationals, regardless of the size of the organizations.

BSBA currently offers five (5) specializations, namely Economic Law, Entrepreneurship Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management and Management, and Marketing Management. Students must complete 168 units of credit including 600 hours of internship.

The BSBA program is Level IV accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Accreditation (PACUCOA) and has been accredited by CHED as a Development Institution since 2015. The program has received 67 classes of students. They graduated with an enrollment of 2,307. Students from 2

BSBA graduates are classified under VI (Baccalaureate) of the Qualification Framework (PQF) with qualification code number 60413, and under the ASEAN Qualification Framework (AQRF).

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The program welcomes all interested students from all high schools who have passed the university entrance exam.

To fulfill our vision to be the business school of China in Asia, we will produce professionals who are able to make strong and effective decisions, while developing communication skills, data analysis, information literacy, interpersonal skills and Exercising leadership skills

BS Business Administration students are expected to have the following outcomes upon completion of the program (please click on each PELO for more details):

Small Business Administration Careers

Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of accounting, business analysis, business law, economics, finance, management science, management and organizational behavior, and marketing using concepts, principles, business models, and practical work.

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Analyze business problems from a multidisciplinary business perspective and provide appropriate and reasonable solutions using best-in-class technology, data and analytical tools.

Define business information needs, analyze data sources, and critically evaluate data that can be used in business situations where evidence-based ethical practice is needed to provide appropriate training.

Communicate effectively in a variety of areas including writing, speaking, listening, and reading in a business context, and effectively defend proposals to decision makers based on sound assessment and oral feedback.

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Use appropriate interpersonal and group thinking to effectively understand and recognize differences, unique characteristics, and interpersonal and group interactions to better understand, influence, and influence others.

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Demonstrate global awareness and commitment to community involvement in the application of entrepreneurial skills to create and support a high quality of life and well-being in the community while recognizing environmental, technological, social and economic criteria.

The first two years of all BSBA programs include courses that focus on conceptual concepts and critical concepts that apply to business administration. Teaching and learning activities consist of interactive lectures, individual and group studies and lectures, series of discussions with industry partners, and research on current developments in theory and practice.

Each course is run by excellent teachers who have industry experience if they are not industrialists or entrepreneurs. In the third and fourth year of study, the student will choose a specific pathway to take eight professional courses and four elective courses where the student can choose freely without specific career restrictions. The student will have greater flexibility in choosing electives to match career interests and career plans, which are in line with prevailing industry opportunities. 58 options are available and will be addressed by industry experts and practitioners.

Small Business Administration Careers

These courses are chosen to increase student engagement and opportunities to work with industry experts, mentors, and industry certifications, training, workshops, and seminars. These opportunities allow students to expand their knowledge and skills in their chosen field. BSBA will develop linkages with programs offered by partner universities abroad. The final semester will be devoted to a 600-hour internship with key industrial partners, including leading companies in various industry sectors.

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Apart from academics, students are also encouraged to develop self-care strategies and a sense of social responsibility through the Wellness and Recreation Program (WRP) and the National Training Program (NSTP). The NSTP course exposes learners to community service and outreach while the WRP offers a variety of short courses aimed at promoting mental and psychological well-being and advocacy.

The BSBA program prides itself on its diverse approach to teaching and learning. We carefully assess the needs of our students and understand the needs of the industry to better manage teaching and learning activities.

In line with the university’s educational philosophy and learning model, the BSBA program uses interactive and collaborative teaching methods designed to empower students such as project-based activities, oral presentations, business simulations, and industrial immersion activities.

Experiential learning effectively solves the problems inherent in self-directed learning, one of which is the lack of interaction between teacher and student. Some of the learning methods used include simulation exercises, role playing, group exercises, use of video clips, acting, and watching related films, critiques and discussions.

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For example, business students take business courses, where they work in groups to discover new products and start businesses. The first part involves brainstorming and market research to develop or create a new product, while the second part involves developing a business plan that includes management, technical, marketing and financial aspects.

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Internships are also part of experiential learning, where students complete 600 hours of training with organizations of their choice.

The university’s industry partners also offer voluntary certification programs and other training opportunities for business students at low cost. Students who complete these programs and pass the relevant assessments are eligible for full membership in industry associations with postgraduate titles such as Associate Human Resources Professional (AHRP), Certified Public Accountant (CMP), and Certified Financial. Analyst (AFA) has the right to use ).

Small Business Administration Careers

Management and leadership principles and concepts are discussed through in-depth discussions, panel discussions, case studies and research. Education is one way to provide options in this way.

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The BSBA program provides students with the ability to gain exposure to various aspects of business management and industrial operations through various channels. One such method is group teaching or co-teaching, which is done on BA core courses, where teachers discuss the best way to incorporate lessons, or other ways of running the same course.

The multidisciplinary approach combines the diverse expertise of our teachers while giving students the opportunity to learn about the same subject in different ways.

BSBA integrates and uses various Learning Management Systems (LMSs) for business simulations and other functions. Due to rapid changes in technology, the program is integrated with the environment and encourages ubiquitous learning through the use of the Internet, classrooms and modules.

Through LMSs like Canvas, Connect, MindTap, and MyLab, structured instruction is easily implemented through courses and pre-requisite activities. These instructions are designed with an algorithmic function to determine how much reading or studying a student must do to answer their assessment correctly. For example, when Connect Smartbook identifies an incorrect answer on an assessment, it also shows the student a separate page of text to review correctly.

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The program also uses Canvas, the university’s official LMS and world-renowned website for the world’s leading educational institutions.

Students in the BSBA program are encouraged to do as much research and teaching as possible. The program also maintains up-to-date information and materials to stay relevant and aware of current industry practices through management and operations research and other research.

Throughout the program, students and teachers independently discuss assessment and assessment-related tasks in each subject, particularly in their GE courses. Because many faculty are interns and industry experts, faculty are encouraged to use their experiences to develop in-depth assessments and capstones. This review includes:

Small Business Administration Careers

Assessment allows teachers to determine students’ knowledge and skill base prior to appropriate instruction. This helps to control the number of students studying in their core subjects who are already studying vocational subjects. Generally, assessment is done through the traditional pen and paper approach.

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