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Shop Small Business Saturday 2016

Shop Small Business Saturday 2016 – It’s hard not to be a little skeptical of an event called Small Business Saturday when it’s sponsored by American Express, a company that just reported about $7.7 billion in revenue. As my grandmother used to tell us over hot bread and cocoa, “These are substantial incomes even removed from the backdrop of a competitive market for banking and credit.” Now she’s gone, but her words are still whispering in the wind.

However, the fact that a large corporation is sometimes criticized for being behind the event doesn’t mean Small Business Saturday isn’t worth celebrating. One of the things marketing teaches you is that while you’re not wrong to be skeptical, you’re probably being skeptical of the wrong things. Here are a few reasons we think you should celebrate Small Business Day.

Shop Small Business Saturday 2016

Shop Small Business Saturday 2016

It started to help small businesses recover from the recession. Small Business Saturday began in 2010. Here’s what the Dow Jones Industrial Average looked like at the time:

Michigan Small Business Saturday

So 2010 is not supposed to be the year of economic confidence. All in all, our economy has just hit a cliff, and some of the hardest hit are the boys.

Those small businesses include American Express customers — customers the company wants to sell on new products. So AmEx created a win-win scenario – to sell their products to small businesses, they help sell small businesses to the general public.

Not only did it carry out its plan, Small Business Saturday was quickly embraced by cities like Boston and New York as a way to boost the local economy and preserve local businesses at a time when the future may not be the same. The future seems uncertain.

It can pass American Express. While American Express is still the main sponsor, Small Business Saturday may have gotten out of hand, and that’s a good thing. In 2011, the National Assembly officially recognized Small Business Saturday, and by 2015 there were nearly 1.3 million small businesses participating.

A Small Business Owner’s Guide To The Black Friday Weekend

However, participating businesses don’t actually need to include American Express in their stores. They don’t even have to pay to join. You could totally spend the day shopping on Small Business Saturday without having to give AmEx a dime.

No, but really. You have to pay for the things you want in your community. Want a good manga store in your neighborhood? Go buy comics at Hero House. Want a great place to relax by a warm fire with a glass of locally distilled gin? Visit Hotel Tango. Small businesses give you a way to shape your environment by how you choose to spend your money. Shopping locally this Saturday is a great way to ensure that some of your holiday purchases also help the businesses you love.

Businesses help define a city – or they don’t. Not long ago, I attended a conference in Ohio with some other Graduate writers. Along the way, we stopped in Columbus for dinner, and quickly found ourselves on the outskirts of the local mall, with exactly the kind of stores you’d expect. Although we’d never been there before, everything had a foreign familiarity – we might as well have been driving outside of Greenwood or Castleton Malls.

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Shop Small Business Saturday 2016

There’s nothing particularly wrong with the large chains, but they don’t do much for the character of the city either. The businesses and restaurants that make a place unique are often the result of the idiosyncratic vision of a few individuals. Ignore those visions for too long and you’ll be left with the same cookie cutter business as everyone else. American Express may have invented Small Business Saturday as a shopping holiday in 2010, but it has evolved into a “shop locally” movement. This gives retailers nationwide a significant boost in sales.

Small Business Saturday Is Coming

Not only has Congress officially sanctioned November 26 as a national day, but in 2015, approximately 95 million shoppers went to small businesses to spend an estimated $16 billion on Small Business Saturday. . And retailers also expect strong participation in 2016.

While American Express still provides important marketing support for Small Business Saturday, it has taken on a more backseat role in recent years. More than 4,000 institutional small business owners across the country took the initiative to rally other local business owners to participate during the day. More than 1 million small businesses are expected to participate this year.

If you’re planning on getting involved this year, here are five things you can do to make sure you make the most of your day.

Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to educate your customers about the benefits of shopping at local businesses and the positive economic impact it can have on the area. Participants tended to hang signs, posters, and even mats announcing the day. (American Express offers samples for many of these.) Some businesses, such as Merz Apothecary, a Chicago-based retailer of health and wellness products, create special promotional windows. encourage consumers to shop locally. Sharing information about the day on social media is also a good tactic, with many marketers turning to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Cliché Noe Gifts + Home, in San Francisco, promotes the day with a small business selfie that owner Dani Sheehan-Meyer took with other owners in the area and posted on Instagram a few days before the event. to sue.

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Store owners in some cities report a 20% to 100% increase in sales compared to non-holiday Saturdays. San Francisco’s Green Apple Books is adding four more employees to its two stores to ensure growth. Most small retailers have stuck with inventory, as SBS follows Black Friday and arrives just before the Christmas shopping season. But if you haven’t provided one, remember, pedestrian traffic is likely to be higher. “It was one of the ten best sales days of the year,” said Anthony Qaiyum, president and co-owner of Merz.

Shop owners don’t want to lose the day by discounting items. Instead, they recommend offering customers something extra with their purchase. Green Apple Books is giving away designer bags, prints by local artists, and audiobooks from Merz will provide the first 100 customers with sample packs of their perfumes and premium lotions.

Cliché Noe Gifts offers complimentary champagne to encourage drinkers. Green Apple showcases the readings and has local illustrators sit down to create bookmarks with customers. Merz sets up stations to showcase their beauty products. “Everybody says, ‘ooh’ when you pull out the champagne tube,” says Sheehan-Meyer. “It’s very popular.”

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Shop Small Business Saturday 2016

Let your customers know how important they are to you. After all, they are the lifeblood of your business. Pete Mulvihill, co-owner of Green Apple, said: “I make sure my employees know about this day and I’m sure they will be grateful and mention it more.

Small Business Saturday Is No Longer Just An Amex Holiday

“It’s more about celebrating the community and getting together and trying to enjoy the process, rather than going to the mall,” says Ann Cantrell, owner of Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store in Brooklyn, New York. ” Today is Small Business Saturday?, but it is so. much more so for those of us who are business owners (and even those with ambitions). While it’s easy to head to your local mall or mall to shop for your holiday this weekend, I ask that you please consider giving the boys and what they are. I give thoughts in my gift shopping.

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Many of us have put long hours, late nights, early mornings and more into our businesses, and we have not only so much competition among ourselves but also among the giants of sales. Retailers who can offer what many of us offer for half the price (although usually half the quality).

We are the ones who review and improve what we produce over and over again just to make sure that when our products and services hit the shelves, they are as close to perfect as possible. We sacrifice sleep, time for family and friends, and money to make sure we do the best we can.

On Small Business Saturday, The Sales Come With An Economic Message

Shop small today, shop locally (because it’s important to support your local small businesses), and shop with people you know who put their heart and soul into the business. their business.

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Shop Small Business Saturday 2016

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Small Business Saturday 2016

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