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Sba Dynamic Small Business Search

Sba Dynamic Small Business Search – SBA Office of Government Contracting, Area IV, Chicago (312) Deborah Crumity, Procurement Center Representative SBA Office of Government Contracting, Area IV, Rock Island Arsenal (309)

Questions answered in the last 10 minutes. Technical issues: Contact the moderator with a comment or call AT&T Connect support on the page numbers provided for those working on hard copies of the program. We will review the “SBA Quick Help” when time permits. For more SBA training, visit the SBA Learning Center website

Sba Dynamic Small Business Search

Sba Dynamic Small Business Search

For past programs, see this link: sba-webinar-library/Contract Agent Resources: “How PTACs Work with Federal Agencies”: Find your nearest procurement center for technical assistance at

Market Research Utilizing The Dynamic Small Business Search Tool

FY 2017 Issue Date 1 October 5, 2016 No Manufacturer Act 2 November 2, 2016 Market Research: Using FPDS and DSBS 3 December 7, 2016 New All SB Mentor-Protégé Program 4 January 11, 2017 SBA 0 17 Reviews 17 12 Reviews 52 Certificate Program Eligibility 6 March 1, 2017 Historically Underutilized Business Areas 7 April 12, 2017 Subcontracting Schedule Compliance 8 May 3, 2017 Women Owned Small Businesses 9 June 7, 2017 SBA Size Up Program 10 July 12, 2017 Small Business Act Update. August 2, 2017 8(a) Business Development The above program schedule is for informational purposes only and is subject to change.

We did an experiment to change the time in December – January – February and held the training later in the day on the first Wednesday. Your feedback was requested via survey and feedback. 10:30 am Eastern – I like the time as it was % 2:00 pm. Mizrahi – I like the time change in the trial period % I am neutral. Both the elapsed time and the % in the trial period work for me. Thank you for your feedback on proposed topics we are currently reviewing for the next fiscal year. Any more thoughts? send them to

Caution – Charging service companies (.com) for SAM registration is not recommended. There are companies that charge service fees to support small businesses in various ways. SAM registration, quoting, approvals (not authorized by SBA) and assistance with inclusion on GSA federal schedules and more. No government official should endorse the services or products of one company, as doing so implies favoring one company over all others. The government must remain impartial. If you come across something you think is great, encourage that company to market themselves, but don’t market on their behalf. The government, through the Department of Defense, established the Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP), which has centers across the country offering these and many other services – most of them free to the company.

Self-Service: Using the PowerPoint you received with your invitation to this training event, write your name on the certificate slide and save. Download the certificate and print it for your records. You submit your student loan application in accordance with your agency’s policy, ie. H. FAITAS. By phone only: If you are listening in groups and you want all the participants to be included in the future distribution list, send the addresses of the participants in an Excel document to

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Colorado’s Small Business Administration Opens Nomination Period For Awards

Megalogues 2016 12/16/2017 Speakers Angela Terry Subcontracting Program Manager U.S. Office of Small Business Administration (202) Stephanie Lewis Size Specialist US Small Business Administration Office of Government Contracting (817) Sally Walton Center for Procurement Representative (PCR) US Small Public Procurement Office (505) (402)

FAR (a)(12) – Assurance of Pre-ordered Small Business Use FAR (a)(13) – Communication to Contract Agents FAR (a)(14) and (15) – Payment to SB Subcontractors FAR (a)(10) (iii) – Work order requirements

Discussion Topics FAR (a)(12) What do you do when a subcontractor contacts you to inform you that the prime contractor did not use its products or services despite using its prices, costs, and technical information in the proposal? FAR (a)(13) What should I do if I receive written notice from a prime that they did not use a subcontractor to help prepare the proposal?

Sba Dynamic Small Business Search

The supplier must make good faith efforts to purchase any item, equipment, supplies, services or materials or to obtain construction work performed by the small business enterprises used by the supplier in the preparation of the proposal or proposal in equal or greater scope, quantity and quality used in the preparation and submission of the proposal or proposal. Responding to a request for a quote does not constitute use for creating a quote or offer.

Business Development For Small Government Contractors

A supplier used a small business in the preparation of the proposal or proposal if (a) the supplier identifies the small business as a subcontractor in the proposal or proposal or in the related small business subcontracting program to provide or perform any part of a particular contract supply; or (ii) the offeror used the small business’s price or cost information or technical expertise in preparing the bid or offer, if there is written evidence of an intent or agreement that the small business would subcontract related work if the offeror is awarded the contract;

The contractor will provide the customer with a written explanation if the contractor fails to purchase an item, equipment, supplies, services or materials or perform any work as described in (a)(12) of this section. This written statement will be presented to the customer within 30 days of the conclusion of the contract.

FAR Discussion Topic (a)(14) What should I do if I receive a letter or phone call from a subcontractor indicating that it is having payment and usage issues with its prime contractor or higher-level subcontractor? FAR (a)(15) What should I do if I receive a letter or phone call from the subcontractor stating that they are not getting paid on time or for the amount agreed upon in the subcontract?

The contractor cannot prohibit a subcontractor from discussing with the contracting officer material matters concerning payment to a subcontractor or its use.

Sba’s Certification Programs

The supplier will pay its small business subcontractors on time and in accordance with the terms of the subcontract and will notify the contractor’s official if the supplier will pay a reduced or late payment to a small business subcontractor (see ). FAR – On Time Payment means payment to a subcontractor that is more than 90 days in arrears under the terms of a subcontract for supplies and services for which the Government has paid the prime contractor.

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After November 30, 2017, agencies will report subcontracting data for each order when reporting subcontracting services for IDIQ (indefinite delivery, unlimited quantity) contracts used by multiple agencies. Discussion Topic How do agencies submit subcontract data for task orders?

FAR (b)(2) Contracting officers performing tasks may establish small business subcontracting objectives for each task. The setting of the objectives does not have to be done in the form of a new subcontracting plan, since the contract must not include more than one plan ((e)). Discussion Topics: Clients may require “other than a small business” to provide subcontracting targets for each task assignment. These are the targets that were produced only according to the instructions in the FAR (1-6).

Sba Dynamic Small Business Search

(e) A contract cannot contain more than one subcontracting schedule. However, a contracting officer may specify separate subcontracting objectives for each order under an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract ((b)(2)). If a contract modification exceeds the subcontracting program threshold (see (a)) or the exercise of an option, the objectives of an existing subcontracting program must be revised to reflect any new subcontracting opportunities that were not anticipated at the time the contract was awarded. These target changes are not retroactive.

Sba Dsbs Redesigned

Questions About eSRS Functionality US Federal Service Desk – Toll Free Outside the US Interpretation Assistance SBA Rules Kenneth Dodds Director Office of Policy, Planning and Liaison

Help with enforcement or compliance in your area: Log in to click Call. Scroll down to Small Business Resources. Click on CMR or PCR

Use the subnetwork to determine if NAICS has subcontractor opportunities or events. OTSB may advertise specific small business subcontractor opportunities and events. The new SUB-Net will be available soon. The Usage Acceptance Test (UAT) is the week of April 17th. New function

SBA Size Rules 13 CFR Part 121 HUBZone Rules 13 CFR SBA Certificate of Eligibility 13 CFR 125.5 Disabled Veteran 13 CFR (b) 8(a) and SDB Rules 13 CFR Small Disadvantaged Business 13 CFR (f) WOSB Main Contracting 123 13 CFR 125.2 SBA Subcontracting 13 CFR 125.3 32 32

Aldevra Recognized As 2020 Awardee For U.s. Sba Region 5 Small Business Prime Contractor Of The Year Award

A. SBA Government Contracting Offices 1. SBA Purchasing Center Representatives (PCRs) 2. SBA Commercial Market Representatives (CMRs) b. SBA District Offices 1. Business Opportunity Specialists (BOS) c. SBA regional offices d. SBA headquarters 33 33

1. Size protests (with recertification) FAR 13 CFR 13 CFR 2. Locating nearest SBA employee FAR 19.4 3. Certificate of competency FAR 19.6 13 CFR 125.5 4. COC Limitations on subcontracting compliance FAR 13 CFR 1256 cotaining. of programs in FAR subcontracting

FAR representative of the Small Business Administration Purchasing Center. (a)(1) The SBA

Sba Dynamic Small Business Search

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