Recommended 4 best gym shoes for men from LawaStore

When practicing different sports, boys need specialized shoes to support their feet as much as possible. Depending on your exercise goals you will buy running shoes, soccer shoes, basketball shoes …

But when it comes to exercising at the gym, many people are often very good at choosing shoes. Most guys just choose normal and fit sneakers to make gym shoes without any other requirements. This is a mistake!

Best men’s gym shoes for CrossFit: G2 men’s sneakers

With the padded heel for sure stability, the G2 men’s sneaker will assist you a lot in movements that need to focus energy on your feet. Stylishly designed with black tones and breathable materials, G2 men’s sneakers are currently being sold at a price of 350,000 dong.

Best men’s gym shoes for running on a treadmill: 1810 men’s sneakers

For men who spend most of their time jogging in the gym instead of running outside to improve strength and avoid injury, Lawa would like to introduce you to the shoes that are very suitable for sports shoes. male 1810

These sneakers specifically support the squat heel with a soft cushioned sole. The upper part of the shoe is designed with breathable fabric, helping to keep your toes comfortable. In addition, the combination of a stiff sole and cushioning makes the 1810 men’s sport shoe a great speed shoe for you.

Best men’s gym shoes for treadmills and weight training: Lawa Model 7270 men’s sneakers


Priced at only VND 320,000, the Lawa Model 7270 men’s sneakers not only have the right cushioning, the sole also has extra grip to make your movements more secure, and the sole provides just right. cushioning to make sure the weight exercises don’t harm your leg joints.


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