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Quotes About Supporting Small Business

Quotes About Supporting Small Business – If you’ve been looking for small business support quotes to contribute to the growth of your community, your search is now over!

My collection of the 100 best quotes collected from the web celebrates small businesses and encourages you to shop carefully!

Quotes About Supporting Small Business

Quotes About Supporting Small Business

2. “As consumers, we have the greatest power to change the world by being conscious of what we buy.”

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3. “Small business people are people with goals and values ​​that cannot be counted in the profit and loss statement.” –

4. “When people are prepared for local and seasonal foods, they probably do very well in terms of local influence.” –

5. “Every time you spend money, you are voting for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe

6. “Do you want to know who your real friends are? Start your own business and ask for support.” –

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8. “Why do you help make big big companies when you can get the same thing from a little guy and actually help someone achieve their dream?” –

10. “When people become aware and passionate about environmental issues and see how their daily actions affect the future, they don’t turn back.” – Salon

1. “When you shop less, you support the small businesses that strengthen and diversify our communities.” –Elizabeth Rutledge

Quotes About Supporting Small Business

4. “When you buy something that is made by someone, there is something special there, and you feel it.” –

Top 30 Small Business Quotes And Sayings

6 “You want to buy and live near places that are useless to people; places that have a real impact on society.”

8. “Buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. You will support local businesses and reduce all the fuel used to produce trucks from one country to another. ” –

10. “It’s not enough to look at the quality of the products we buy, we have to make sure there is quality in the lives of the people who make them.” – Orsola De Castro

11. “The idea of ​​being local, or choosing whenever possible to include locally grown or locally produced food in one’s diet, is very important.” –

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12. “Small businesses give the feeling that there is a real person behind everything, someone who cares about giving us a quality product or service, rather than just taking our hard-earned dollars.” –

14. “Adding one locally produced or organic item to your shopping basket makes a difference. We vote for the future, animal welfare, the environment, your children’s children. ” –

15. “The most powerful thing we can do is get involved in your community. Help our local community and become social workers in our small circle. “- Gavin Creel

Quotes About Supporting Small Business

1. “What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

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2. “Support your friend’s small business and promote yourself the way you support celebrities you don’t really know.”

6. “Clothes can be more meaningful and live longer if we don’t think too much about the latest or cheapest clothes and develop more relationships with the things we wear.” –

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8. “How to change the world through personal responsibility and local action in your area.” –

10. “Support your friends. Don’t ask for free stuff, pay for it. Attend their shows, be the first to buy their products and promote their ideas. “

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11. “When you support an independent business, you are supporting the true expression of the person or people behind it.” –

13. “Pay attention to what supermarkets are doing and want to see their businesses. Stop throwing away food. Compost as much as possible, locally and seasonally. Share information and knowledge. “

14. “What if we start by reducing and not eating too many things, because they exist and are small and available.” –

Quotes About Supporting Small Business

15. “We need to keep our small businesses healthy to keep our economy strong.” – Keith Haynes

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16. “Some of the greenest people in our lives are our parents and grandparents, who always shopped locally and carefully.” – Su-chin Pak

18. “If you think you’re too young to do something, try sleeping with mosquitoes in the room.” –

20. “The biggest thing you can do is realize that every time you go to the store, you are voting with your dollars. Support your local farmers market. Support local food. Learn to really cook.” – Alice Waters

1. “It’s important to support people who put their heart, soul, and last dollar into what they believe in.” -Jillionaire

Motivational Supporting Small Business Quotes & Shopping Local

4. “Most private businesses are run by people – not by boards, not by shareholders, not by algorithms.” –

5. “By using locally produced products, you will be able to help small businesses in your area on a larger scale.” – Ram Nath Kovind

8. “I think that local shopping areas and markets are very important, both for sellers and for understanding the local area.” –

Quotes About Supporting Small Business

9 “By doing that, you give back directly to the place where you live. He supports great ideas and businesses that can exist outside of traditional, corporate chains. “-

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10. “Think globally, local action encourages people to consider global health and take action in their communities and cities.” -Patrick Geddes

11. “An activist is a person who has played a major role in building society, whether in his area or in the world. It’s a good sign.” –

12. “You help real people – who you may know – do what they do best.” –

13. “I want quick, easy, and healthy meals that will sustain me throughout the day. I also try to eat locally grown food and whole grains as much as possible – it’s better for me and the environment. “

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14. “I would like to see people be more informed about where their food comes from. I would like to see small farmers empowered. I feed my daughter only organic food.”

15. “I’m an average customer but I try to do my best. I try to shop locally, and avoid supermarkets.” – Imelda May

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16. “I always believe in shopping locally; whatever is done in that place involves large things, even living things.” –

Quotes About Supporting Small Business

17. “My closet consists of the best designers in the world and is equally full of shopping from street shops and local shops because I believe ‘if it looks good, it looks good!’ stop it.” –

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18. “If possible, I use local, fresh ingredients, just because it tastes and feels better than eating an egg or a tomato or a hamburger that hasn’t flown halfway around the world, that hasn’t traveled by truck and arrived.” you’re stuck in traffic, you haven’t been in the fridge for days. ” –

19. “When I go to a new place, I will find locally made natural lip balm and buy it as my little souvenir.” –

20. “I’m learning a lot about food and the food industry, so I try to eat locally and go to the farmer’s market.” – Nikki Reeds

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5. “Knowing what something is made of is often more important than the thing itself.” – J. Donald Walters

7. “When you buy a property, you have the opportunity to develop relationships with business owners in your area and many of them offer unique products and services that you cannot find online or in supermarkets.” –

8. “Locally produced food – defined as being harvested within 100 kilometers of a person’s home – has a low impact on the environment due to the reduced need for transportation from location to consumer.” –

Quotes About Supporting Small Business

10. “The relationships that are formed between customers and those who work in private business often go beyond the purchase – they become family.” – Rembert Browne

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12. “So you get a different kind of care and quality in their product because their work shows.” –

13. “If people love you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will trade with you.” –

14 “Support each other. Why do you need a reason to do that other than the fact that it’s the right thing to do? ” –

15. “Private business is where innovation happens – it’s where things move forward.” – Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen

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17. “All the corner stores in our towns and cities, the restaurants, the cleaners, the gyms, the hair salons, the hardware stores – these things did not appear.” –

20. “Since you’re working on things you love and are passionate about, you don’t need to have a good plan about how things are going to turn out.” – Mark Zuckerberg

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Quotes About Supporting Small Business

1. “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate a vision, faithfully pursue the vision, and drive it to completion without fail.” – Jack Welch

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4. “What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: you know your name better than anyone. Know your customer and have a burning desire to succeed. “-

5. “Small businesses

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