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Open Fedex Small Business Account

Open Fedex Small Business Account

FedEx is limiting the number of items small businesses can ship during the pandemic-fueled holiday season, which retailers call “shipping.”

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FedEx small business customers are limited to sending up to 75 packages per day. Joe Radle/Getty Images

Like many e-commerce companies, Letterfolk held its annual holiday sale earlier this year — the week before Black Friday — as postmen burned by the pandemic hit online stores to deliver orders to customers’ doorsteps.

Letterfolk, which makes letter boards and other home decor, and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has four full-time employees and five to 10-hour shifts during the peak season. But on the Saturday after the sale, founder Johnny Galbraith had all hands on deck, even enlisting family and friends to help fill orders.

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“We felt really good because we did our holiday sales early, we had about 3,000 orders in the queue, and that was after we had already shipped a good amount,” Galbraith said.

But when he got home Saturday night, Galbraith got a call from his FedEx representative, asking him to join Letterfolk at the September shipping rate plus an extra 10%.

“The math here worked out to 110 packages a day,” Galbraith said. That’s less than 4% of the orders his company expected to ship on Saturday.

Open Fedex Small Business Account

“We’ve been very committed to FedEx, with probably 75% of our shipping business going through them and the rest through USPS, so we don’t have any contingency plans,” Galbraith said. He tried to find work, even offering to drive packages more than 400 miles to FedEx centers in Denver or Las Vegas, but was unsuccessful.

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“I think it could disrupt our entire small business. We would lose the trust of our customers.” “And then to use Black Friday a week without warning, it was amazing. It was crazy to adjust to that in the midst of all the other challenges that the year brings with COVID.”

Galbraith isn’t the only one to get a public response from FedEx or the company about quotas this holiday season.

Business owners in Portland, Oregon, and Toronto, Canada, told Business Insider that they were limited to a small fraction of their expected daily deliveries — in one case to just 75 packages a day — and in some cases they weren’t told. Notice of FedEx Advance Restrictions.

“FedEx has anticipated an unprecedented increase in packages this season, and we’ve taken a number of steps to prepare. They include hiring more than 70,000 seasonal workers, moving to seven-day operations and accelerating Sunday delivery options, improving our route efficiency, and, as always, with our customers proactively working to understand their expected volume and identify opportunities to provide the best possible service during the season,” FedEx spokeswoman Jeanne Hughes said in a statement to Business Insider.

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“In some cases, customers have significantly exceeded their expectations. We know for our customers that their packages have been delivered on time and we are committed to working with them on ways to increase network flexibility,” he added.

FedEx and other carriers have been forced to take extreme steps to prepare for an unexpected holiday rush this year as the threat of exposure to COVID-19 drives shoppers online and packages into carrier delivery networks.

Scott Wingo, founder of e-commerce software company ChannelAdvisor and host of an e-commerce podcast, called it “the ship.”

Open Fedex Small Business Account

Online shopping is expected to grow 35.8% this year, according to an analysis by EMarketer, and logistics data firm ShipMatrix recently told the Wall Street Journal that it expects about 7 million packages a day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. the shipping industry will not be able to ship.

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Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that UPS imposed restrictions on major retailers, including Nike, Gap, L.L. Bean, Hot Topic, Newegg and Macy’s. CNBC reported last week that Amazon has increased the number of products that third-party sellers can ship to its warehouses, and that it is missing out on some holiday sales.

Jason Goldberg, chief strategist for RetailGeek and podcast host with Wing, told Business Insider that while carriers have imposed package limits and higher prices in recent years due to increased volume, they’ve rarely denied pickups. packages.

Another key difference with companies like Letterfolk, he said, is that while FedEx can negotiate months in advance with large retailers to estimate how much to ship, most small businesses don’t have the level of access that FedEx has or the power to negotiate better rates and quotas. .

“It’s not strange that Nike or Gap hit them in the head … they know what their cap is, they were informed in advance,” he said. “For a small freight forwarder, it can be a surprise.”

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It’s possible that a particular business owner missed FedEx’s communication about the restrictions, Goldberg said, adding that several companies in the e-commerce group were blindsided by FedEx’s restrictions.

For another closet, a Canadian self-storage company began using warehouse space to help companies fulfill e-commerce orders during the pandemic.

“A week before Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, we found out one day that FedEx was going to send us 80 shipments a day,” Jarrett Stewart, senior operations manager at Second Closet, told Business Insider.

Open Fedex Small Business Account

But Second Closet didn’t find out about its quota directly from FedEx — it found out about the new caps from one of its own retailers. The company received an email from a FedEx representative instructing it not to ship more than 80 packages during Cyber ​​Monday and the following day.

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“Generally, if you have 100 packages on Monday, you keep 20 packages in storage until the next day. Network volumes are very high right now and will be even crazier next week, so we need to manage capacity,” a FedEx spokesperson said in an email. , as seen by Business Insider.

“Going forward, I now have to submit and get a permit when I send 30 or more packages, which takes a while,” they added.

According to Stewart, these email coupons can only be used on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. But on Thursday, the retailer asked FedEx to revoke the daily limits for the second locker, indicating that the limits were expanded after they shipped 135 packages on Wednesday.

“We’ve been caught off guard, and for good reason,” Stewart said, adding that while FedEx has warned Second Closet of delays this holiday season, it hasn’t made more than “general statements.” asked for the door. [upgraded 3.0] Munbyn 300 Dpi Label Printer With Digital Shipping Scale, 150/mm High Speed 4×6 Thermal Label Printer For Small Business, Compatible With Usps, Ups, Fedex, Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Etc

As a result, Stewart said, Second Closet “can’t proactively set expectations with retailers,” and in some cases has had to go back.

Several small business owners also said they were frustrated by FedEx’s lack of transparency about who qualifies for delivery restrictions, how the restrictions are set, how long they last and how they can help alleviate some of the hardships caused by the downturn. Delivery at FedEx hubs.

“The smaller guys are complaining that it’s too messy and disorganized, that no one is calling and they’re getting bad information … the communication is too vague and closed,” said RetailGeek’s Goldberg.

Open Fedex Small Business Account

The CEO of a logistics startup that works with Sephora, Home Depot and Levi’s explained why shipping updates are necessary “even if it’s not good news.”

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Stewart said FedEx didn’t respond to questions about the season’s biggest issues like other carriers, adding, “They’ll direct you to different phone numbers, different email addresses for customer service, so it’s hard to get one.” – one relationship with the account representative”

“It’s really inconsistent,” another business owner in Portland, Oregon, told Business Insider. “They called the next day last Monday and said we were held to 150 units. We brought everything else to the FedEx hub and they were fine with it. Then our account manager said if it wasn’t 150, we weren’t there. More seats

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