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Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Oasis Small Business Pool 1 – OASIS and OASIS Small Business (SB) are multiple award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts that provide flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services. These agreements set out:

The agreements cover many areas of expertise, transmission facilities and professional service sectors. The core areas of the agreement are program management services, business management consulting services, logistics services, planning services, scientific services and financial services.

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Conventions allow flexibility for all types of contracts, including hybrids and cost reimbursements at the task order level. Contracts also allow for additional support components, often referred to as other direct costs (ODC), at the task order level.

What You Need To Know About Gsa’s Services Mac, An Oasis Replacement

Torch is dedicated to providing superior engineering and software support services to the Department of Defense. Our employees represent a skilled workforce that has been assembled into a highly specialized core with extensive expertise to solve even the most challenging problems. Torch employees currently serve in a variety of applications and industries, including air and missile defense, tactical weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS), command, control, battle management and communications (C2BMC), and ChemBio. Torch expertise is divided between several core competencies. Visit our related services using the links below.

Advanced Technologies Our advanced technology programs include basic research; design, development, analysis and evaluation of advanced operational concept and technology; and the transfer of technology to weapon systems to improve existing warfighting capabilities.

Modeling and Simulation We develop simulations based on complex mathematical and phenomenological models for various problem areas, including: platform; interceptor; threat sensor; and command, control, communications and computers (C4).

Program SupportTorch provides business, financial and technical support to large acquisition programs through acquisition management and program and cost analysis requirements.

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Engineering Design We perform state-of-the-art design, manufacture, testing and evaluation of electronic, electromechanical and mechanical sub- and full-scale systems.

Software DevelopmentTorch designs, develops, tests, delivers, and supports both runtime and real-time software across a wide variety of applications utilizing both CMMI and agile strategies.

Systems Engineering & IntegrationTorch applies traditional and non-traditional interdisciplinary technical expertise to advance the Warfighter’s “art of the possible” in the broad areas of weapons, manned and unmanned platforms, software, sensors, data fusion, control and systems integration.

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Test & EvaluationTorch provides technical, scientific and analytical disciplines to ensure that developed systems are properly tested and evaluated. These include test architecture and scenario planning, test planning, test resources and provisioning, pre-mission risk management analysis, and post-mission data reduction and analysis.

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System lifecycle support We perform comprehensive lifecycle planning and maintenance support including obsolescence mitigation, redesign, remedial development and supply chain analysis.

Torch Technologies has established, documented and implemented a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015. Torch Technologies’ QMS is a means of implementing process improvements and ensuring that all services meet the requirements of specific customers and companies. Flashlight techniques:

These processes are managed by Torch Technologies in accordance with the requirements of the international standard mentioned above. Torch Technologies’ policy is to offer high-quality services and customer support in the respective market segments. In all operations, Torch Technologies’ quality policy is as follows: “Torch Technologies ensures customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of QMS by providing high quality customer service and support that meets all our customers’ needs and expectations.”

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Gulf Range Drone Control SystemTorch provides math, engineering and software development services for the Air Force’s GRDCS, which is used to track and control full-scale and sub-scale aerial targets.

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Technical and Management Advisory Services (TMAS) – ArmamentTorch provides non-personal advisory and assistance services in full support of the Air Force Test Center’s aerospace research, development, test and evaluation activities.

Space and Missile Defense Command – Decision SupportTorch supports the USASMDC ARSTRAT Future Warfare Center in the key areas of Integrated Air and Missile Defense, Space, Space Supremacy, High Altitude and Cyberspace. Le Camping 4* Le Sourire offers un environnement propice à la détente et Au Divertission, Avec, especially un mini golf, Une Piscine et sa pataugeoire, un bar restaurant, ainsi que toutes les commodités needed to allow a comfortable stay and des Plus Agrébles. Situé à proximité du Loup and du complex sportif de la Vanade find all sports and leisure facilities, and pour beach lovers, proximity to the coast of the Mediterranean only 5 km. Être au cœur de la Provence does not mean that it is far from important and charming agglomerations, Nice is 16 km away, Grasse Capitale du Parfum is 18 km away, Cannes and its Croisette are 22 km away.

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Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Do you need special services? Des information pour find the environment Sourire? Depending on the season, Camping 4* Le Sourire offers additional services, certain gratuits gratuits d’autres payants (plus d’infos à l’accueil) afin que vous ne manquiez de rien lors votre séjour !

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Important: Animations and services are offered in July and August; pour les autres periods merci de consultar le program des loisirs. Participation in some activities is requested. Mise aux normes en course pour recevoir des personnes à mobilité réduite.

We use cookies to ensure the best possible user experience on our website. Si vous jadjat à utiliser ce dernier, nous regarderons que vous acceptez l’utilisation des cookies.J’accepteSwindon Oasis leisure complex’s dome demolition plans appear to have been scuppered after the “architecturally striking” 46-year-old glazed structure. . was listed in Class II

Last month, Building Design Group (BDG) submitted plans to Swindon Borough Council to demolish the 1975 dome designed by Gillison Barnet & Partners and replace it with a new cylindrical structure as part of the refurbishment of the currently disused leisure centre.

But architects and activists warned that demolition would cause a “loss of typology” as all other early leisure pools – all designed by either FaulknerBrowns or Gillison Barnet – were demolished.

Demolition Of Swindon ‘flying Saucer’ Averted As Leisure Complex Is Listed

Now the government has listed the 45 meter wide dome in accordance with the advice of Historic England. The Cultural Heritage Agency described the dome as a “sophisticated and architecturally impressive structure” with an “aluminum space frame [that] is meticulously detailed and demonstrates clear engineering skill”.

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Historic England said “main features and structure remain well” despite the re-glazing, adding that original features such as a shelf lagoon pool, separate pupil pool, GRP stone and planter trays have all been retained.

It stated that the Swindon Oasis was the fourth leisure pool built in England and the earliest to survive in recognizable form. It added that the building represents “an evolution of leisure centers that have seen a shift from swimming to fitness to fun”.

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Historic England pledged to “support” Swindon Borough Council and SevenCapital – the owner and landlord of the site – to “address the condition of the building and find a sustainable future”.

Oasis Sb Pool 1 & Oasis 8(a) Subpool 1

But Swindon Council leader David Renard expressed his dismay at the listing. “We have always been absolutely committed to a new fit-for-purpose leisure facility in the Oasis area for locals and visitors to enjoy,” he said.

“There’s no doubt that listing a dome makes that process much more difficult, not to mention significantly more expensive. Our task now is to sit down with SevenCapital to see if they can come up with a viable and sustainable plan for a modern facility on the Oasis site, despite the constraints placed around the 1970s dome.

“The dome is a key structural element that led to the closure of the Oasis in 2020, and as we have warned on several occasions, its retention means that it is now very doubtful that the Oasis will ever reopen as a leisure centre. . .

Catherine Croft, director of the Twentieth Century Society, said: “With leisure centers and local entertainment facilities across the country facing an uncertain future, the news that the Oasis in Swindon is Grade II listed is cause for celebration.

What’s Next For Oasis? 10 Questions To Help Navigate The Uncertainty

“Its ambitious design prioritized the leisure, health and well-being of the public and has served Wiltshire well for 45 years. The prospect of this architecturally significant amenity being lost led to a grassroots campaign by local residents which ultimately led to it being granted national protection.

“With investment and imagination from operators to repair its current state, we look forward to a refurbished Oasis center that Swindon can continue to be proud of.”

Robert Guy, a partner at Bristol-based Arturus Architects, who decided to become the leisure center’s architect after visiting the Swindon Oasis in 1978, said the listing was “brilliant news”.

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

He told the AJ: “The list is a great memorial to the late Peter Sargent and Mark Potiriadis [of Gillison Barnet], who were two of the most important figures in the development of sports and leisure architecture in Britain.

The Oasis, Orlando

“SevenCapital has made a planning application which includes replacing the dome – this will hopefully now be withdrawn and the proposal will retain it alongside the ‘dry side’ development, which is appropriate.

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