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Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Oasis Small Business Pool 1 – Plans to demolish the dome of the Swindon Oasis entertainment complex appear to have been thwarted after the “architecturally striking” 46-year-old glass structure was listed as a Grade II.

Last month the Building Design Group (BDG) presented plans to Swindon City Council to demolish the 1975 dome designed by Gillison Barnet & Partners and replace it with a new cylindrical structure as part of the redevelopment of the currently disused leisure centre.

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

But architects and campaigners warned the demolition would result in a “loss of typology” as all other early recreational baths designed by Faulkner-Browns or Gillison Barnet were demolished.

Demolition Of Swindon ‘flying Saucer’ Averted As Leisure Complex Is Listed

The government has now listed a 45m wide dome on the advice of Historic England. The heritage office described the dome as a “complex and architecturally striking structure” with an “aluminum space frame [that] is meticulously detailed and exhibits pure technical virtuosity”.

Historic England said “the key elements and structure have been well preserved” despite the new glazing, adding that all the original features, such as the lagoon-style shelving pool, separate student pool, fiberglass rocks and plant gutters, have been preserved.

It stated that Swindon Oasis was the fourth leisure pool known to have been built in England, and the first to survive in recognizable form. He added that the building “represents the development of leisure centers that have transformed swimming from fitness to entertainment.”

Historic England pledged to “support” Swindon City Council and SevenCapital – the owner and tenant of the site respectively – to “improve the condition of the building and find a sustainable future”.

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But Swindon Council leader David Renard expressed dismay at the listing. “We have always been absolutely committed to providing a new suitable recreational facility within the oasis for locals and visitors alike,” he said.

“There is no doubt that listing the dome will greatly complicate this process, not to mention significantly increase costs. Our job now is to meet with SevenCapital to see if there is a way to present a viable and sustainable plan for a modern facility on the Oasis site, despite the restrictions imposed around the 1970s dome. .”

“The dome is an important structural element that led to the closure of the Oasis in 2020, and as we have warned several times, its preservation means it is now very doubtful whether the Oasis will reopen as an entertainment center. .’

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

Twentieth Century Society Director Katherine Croft said: “As entertainment venues and local holiday destinations across the country face an uncertain future, the news that the Oasis in Swindon is listed as a heritage site is cause for celebration.

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“The ambitious design prioritizes public leisure, health and wellbeing and has served Wiltshire well for 45 years. The prospect of losing this architecturally significant site sparked a massive campaign by concerned local residents, which ultimately led to the site being granted national protection.”

“With the investment and imagination of the operators to improve its current condition, we look forward to a renovated oasis that Swindon can continue to be proud of.”

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Robert Guy, a Bristol-based partner at Arturus Architects who decided to become a leisure architect after visiting Swindon Oasis in 1978, called the offer “brilliant news”.

He told AJ: “The list is a great memorial to the late Peter Sargent and Mark Potyriadis [of Gillison Barnet] who were two of the most important figures in the development of sport and leisure architecture in the UK.

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“SevenCapital has submitted a planning application which includes the replacement of the dome – hopefully it will now be withdrawn and a proposal has been made to keep it, along with the development of a ‘dry side’ to match.”

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Oasis Small Business Pool 1

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The Single Solution for Small Business Integrated Services (OASIS SB) is designed to meet the needs of agencies for a full range of service requirements combining multiple professional service disciplines and support services/products with flexibility for all contract types and pricing in the challenge. order level.

OASIS SB is a family of seven separate multi-award, perpetual supply, unspecified quantity (MA-IDIQ) government order fulfillment contracts covering 28 North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes and 6 exceptions to the NAICS code within the economic subsector 541 , Professional, scientific and technical services. These contracts are collectively referred to as a single contract called “OASIS SB”. In addition, each of the seven individual contracts is individually referred to as “pools” in OASIS SB. is the main subpool of pool 5b 8(a) for the acquisition of space and missile systems and technical services, NAICS code 541715.

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The services to be delivered under OASIS SB are designed to meet the professional service mission requirements of all federal agencies, including all organizations in the Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Security Community.

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The OASIS 8(a) subpools are designed to provide the 8(a) community with greater access to the OASIS Best-in-Class contract program, while providing federal agencies with greater opportunities to meet the objectives of the 8(a) to achieve. business development program through both competitive and 8(a) deferral and 8(a) special order award.

The goal of OASIS SB is to provide government agencies with complete, integrated professional service-based solutions for multiple requirements on a global basis.

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

These professional service requirements may require solutions that span multiple disciplines, include supportive support, and require commercial and/or non-commercial elements using a variety of contract types, including fixed price (all types), cost recovery (all types). , time and material/working time, or a hybrid combination of contract types.

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OASIS SB is available for use by all federal agencies and other entities listed in General Services Administration (GSA) Order ADM 4800.2G, Eligibility to Use GSA Resources and Supplies; with the changes made.

Technical Expertise: Acquisition Management • Artificial Intelligence (AI) • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality • DevOps • Machine Learning • Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering • Modelling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A) • Program Management • Research and Development (R&D) • Software/Hardware in Loop Simulation and Testing • Systems Engineering OASIS and OASIS Small Business (SB) are multiple perpetual indefinite quantity supply contracts (IDIQ) that provide flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services. These contracts are:

Contracts cover many areas of expertise, missions and disciplines of professional services. The main disciplines of the contract include program management services, management consulting services, logistics services, engineering services, scientific services and financial services.

Shared contracts provide flexibility for all types of contracts, including hybrid and job-order-level cost recovery. Contracts also allow supporting support components, commonly referred to as other direct costs (ODC), at the job order level.

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Torch is committed to providing high quality technical and software support services to the Department of Defense. Our employees are a powerful workforce united in a highly specialized core with a wide range of experience to solve even the most complex problems. Torch’s employees currently work in a range of applications and areas, including air and missile defense, tactical weapons, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), command, control, combat command and communications (C2BMC), and ChemBio. Torch’s experience is spread across a number of core competencies. Visit our related services pages using the links below.

Advanced technology Our advanced technology programs include basic research; development, development, analysis and evaluation of advanced operational concepts and technologies; and technology transfer to weapon systems to enhance existing combat capabilities.

Modeling and simulation We develop simulations based on complex mathematical and phenomenological models for various fields, including: platform; interceptor; threat sensor; and Administration, Administration, Communications and Computers (C4).

Oasis Small Business Pool 1

The SupportTorch program provides business, financial, and technical support for major acquisition programs through acquisition management and program and cost analysis requirements.

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Engineering designWe are engaged in modern design, manufacture, testing and evaluation of electronic, electromechanical and mechanical partial and full-scale systems.

Software DevelopmentTorch designs, develops, tests,

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