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North Dakota Small Business Grants

North Dakota Small Business Grants – Valley City – Barnes County Development Corporation strives to help businesses and members of our community during these difficult times.

As of April 15, the federal government announced that there will be no funding for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), promotion and EIDL wage protection program. Our US Senators are optimistic that additional funding will be provided. Please continue to work with your bank, CPA or other professional to prepare your application and watch for updates.

North Dakota Small Business Grants

North Dakota Small Business Grants

It is worth your time and effort to check out the available funding programs and apply. Assistance can include wages, loan repayments, loans with favorable terms, and potential amnesty and unemployment for people who don’t typically qualify (sole proprietors, unemployed people who don’t qualify for standard unemployment, contractors).

State Of Nd Covid 19 (coronavirus) Resources

For more information on unemployment, visit the ND Job Service website or call 701-328-4995 for assistance. An information program related to unemployment due to COVID-19 can be found on their website. Red Box [Regular Unemployment Insurance] – Regular unemployment application Blue Box [Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Benefits] – Apply if you are receiving general unemployment and benefits have expired or have already expired. Green Box [Pandemic Unemployment Benefit] – Apply if you are: a) Unemployed and not eligible for regular unemployment. b) Sole Proprietor, Independent Contractor, Self Employed or Gig Worker.

One-on-one help with job searches, resumes, applications, interview tips and more. Services currently available by phone or email.

A partnership between the ND Department of Commerce and the Greater ND Chamber of Commerce, visit for more information. Weekly state business summaries are filed and available through this website.

For more information on unemployment, visit the ND Job Service website or call 701-328-4995 for assistance. An information program related to unemployment due to COVID-19 can be found on their website.

Und, North Dakota Cities, Tribes And More Receive Federal Grants

Family and Medical Insurance Act Fair Labor Standards Act Questions and Answers Paid Vacation and Tax Credits Questions and Answers for Small and Large Businesses. Kristi Noem will use about a third of the $1.25 billion in epidemic relief funds South Dakota received this spring for a small business grant program.

Noem announced Thursday afternoon via his social media accounts that $400 million in CARES Act dollars earmarked for South Dakota will be designated for small businesses affected during the coronavirus pandemic.

“South Dakota is in a good place as we recover from #COVID19, but some of our small businesses are still being hurt by this pandemic,” Noem wrote on Twitter. Donations from the South Dakota Coronavirus Relief Fund.

North Dakota Small Business Grants

Under Noem’s program, South Dakota businesses that made at least $50,000 and experienced a 25% drop in revenue during the pandemic are eligible for grant dollars.

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Nome said that COVID-19 has disrupted the day-to-day operations, customer traffic and supply chain of many businesses in South Dakota and that grant dollars may be available to help more South Dakota business owners keep their doors open.

“I hope this resolution will help people stay open and get through the unprecedented times we’ve been through these past few months,” she said.

The grant program represents the largest portion of South Dakota’s coronavirus relief funds earmarked for specific use by Noem. This summer, the governor announced $200 million will be sent to municipalities and counties. Another $75 million was sent to South Dakota schools.

South Dakota’s economy has fared better than most states during the pandemic. But David Owen, president of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said $400 million is needed.

Coronavirus Small Business State Grants, Loans & Other Relief

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North Dakota Small Business Grants

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The purpose of the Federal Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) is to increase the competitiveness of specialty crops only. USDA defines specialty crops as “fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, nuts, horticulture, nursery plants (including floriculture).” Increasing competitiveness can include developing local and rural food systems and improving access to food in underserved communities.

The Special Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) is a part of the Agriculture Act. It is administered nationwide by state departments of agriculture. In North Dakota, applicants for federal fuel submit proposals with the DA. Successful applicants will implement all aspects of the USDA-approved funding proposal and oversee progress as the DA financial representative.

Grants are not awarded for projects that benefit only from a specific commercial product. It does not benefit from products that provide profit to an organization, institution or individual. A grant cannot be placed on capital expenditure (equipment, buildings, property). They also may not be used to improve assets that would materially increase their value or useful life. Any project funded by the property block grant program will be

South Dakota Outsourced Management And Auditing Of Covid Relief Grants

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