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New York State Covid-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program

New York State Covid-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program – New York City this week welcomed international travelers for the first time in two years as the United States opened its borders to visitors from more than 30 countries since the pandemic began.

To celebrate the news, New York Governor Cathy Hochul announced a $450 million “Bring Back Tourism, Bring Back Jobs” recovery package to support workers in New York’s tourism and hospitality industries, incentivize new hires and support existing businesses. during a pandemic. Read all about it! The $450 million Bring Back Tourism, Bring Back Jobs recovery package includes:

New York State Covid-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program

New York State Covid-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program

The state’s announcement coincides with the US’s lifting of non-essential travel restrictions on fully vaccinated foreign national air travelers. The United States’ new international air travel policy replaces current country-by-country restrictions and introduces a consistent approach around the world. For guidelines on air travel to the United States from abroad, see this helpful new map from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. For instructions on traveling to the United States from abroad by land or ferry, see the Department of Homeland Security guidelines and FAQ sections.

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The New York Department of Small Business Services offers grants of up to $5,000 to restaurants with annual sales of $1 million or less that can be used to replace propane heaters with electric or natural gas heaters. (More details will be provided when available.) Electric radiant heaters may be used on both sidewalks and roadsides. Natural gas heaters are only allowed on sidewalks

Any bar or restaurant that wants to stay open and serve alcohol after closing on Friday night or after 4 a.m. on New Year’s Eve should check the New York State Liquor Authority website.

The Office of Nightlife, in partnership with City Hall’s Office of Public Mental Health and Backline, has launched Elevate Nightlife to directly connect nightlife to mental health resources and services. As part of the Elevate Nightlife Mental Health Initiative, New York City nightlife workers can join a free and confidential weekly mental health support group moderated by licensed therapists from Backline Care every Monday at 4 p.m.

The NYC key requires indoor entertainment and recreation, indoor dining and indoor fitness facilities to ensure employees and customers 12 and older have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. NYC’s Key website offers guidance and resources, including FAQs and guidelines for businesses on fair enforcement.

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NYC Business Quick Start provides small businesses with a single point of contact to help navigate city regulations, guarantees a 48-hour response to all small business inquiries, and cuts processing time by 50 percent. The program is a collaboration between several key agencies, including SBS, the Department of Buildings (DOB), the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), and the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). For more information, visit the NYC Business Quick Start website or call 888-SBS-4NYC (888-727-4692).

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The New York State Small Business Recovery Grant Program from the COVID-19 Pandemic provides $800 million in assistance to small businesses (including independent arts and culture nonprofits) experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Flexible grants of up to $50,000 can be used for operating expenses, including wages, rent or mortgage payments, taxes, utilities, personal protective equipment or other business expenses during the pandemic. Application assistance is available by calling 877-721-0097.

New York State’s moratorium on COVID-related evictions and commercial evictions is in effect until January 15, 2022. Under the new law, all of the Tenant Safe Harbor Act’s protections are for tenants of homes facing financial hardship due to the pandemic. remain in effect, along with new safeguards against commercial copying. You can read the new law on the New York State Senate website.

New York State Covid-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program

Note: There are additional eviction protections for NYC renters. Up-to-date information and resources are available on the NYC 311 portal and the NYC Human Resources website for tenants at risk of eviction or access to lodging.

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With the sun setting earlier due to the end of daylight saving time, motorists are slowing down and taking on an extra responsibility to keep pedestrians, cyclists and themselves safe. As part of the city’s annual dusk and dawn safety campaign, the NYPD will increase its presence on the streets after dusk and focus law enforcement resources on speeding, not traps. ALBANY, N.Y., June 7, 2021 // –Landistry, the nation’s only fintech Community Development Finance Institute (CDFI), today launched a new COVID-19 small business recovery initiative aimed at achieving historic underserved businesses in New York State disproportionately affected by the pandemic announced it has been selected to administer the grant program.

Lendistry, the largest minority-led capital placement of COVID relief funding, is a technology-assisted lender with a proven track record of providing relief funds equitably to small businesses in response to the pandemic. In recent months, Landistry has successfully disbursed grant funding as the preferred intermediary for the states of California and Pennsylvania, and has disbursed nearly $5 billion in capital since the start of the pandemic.

Acting Commissioner for Empire State Development and President and CEO candidate Eric Gertler said: “The economic disruption caused by COVID-19 has been massive, but it has been especially damaging to the small and micro businesses that are the backbone of New York State’s economy. York Governor Andrew M Cuomo’s “An ambitious business recovery program — the largest in the state’s history — requires a strong, experienced partner like Landistry to support Empire State Development’s efforts to bring New York’s small business community faster than ever before. to assist.”

Lendistry CEO Everett K. “Empire State Development’s selection for the New York State Small Business Recovery Grant Program from the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates our commitment to helping small businesses across the U.S. and is another opportunity for Lendistry to to deploy capital for people in need,” said Sands enormously.

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Small Business Recovery Grant Application Workshop On 1/24 — Cmp

Since Lendistry opened its doors in 2014, the lender has been on a mission to provide access to capital to historically underserved businesses in minority, female, veteran and low-income owned areas. When the pandemic hit, the technology and community relations that enabled Lendistry’s unique approach to funding provided the solution for institutions struggling to connect small businesses under their care with the rapid response support they need.

Beginning June 10, 2021, New York State’s Small Business Recovery Grant Program from the COVID-19 pandemic will distribute $800 million in grants to small business owners across the state experiencing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs. Landistry partners with Empire State Development to distribute grants in a fair, efficient and equitable manner and to provide applicants with the support and technical assistance they need to apply for and receive a grant.

In all grant programs received by Lendistry, funds have been consistently awarded to small businesses in all counties of each state, with priority given to small businesses that are often underserved by the financial industry. Nearly 80% of aid provided through Lendistry SBA programs and state-funded grants goes to these low-income businesses.

New York State Covid-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program

BSD Capital, Inc. dba Lendistry ( is a minority-led and technology-enabled lender for small businesses and commercial real estate. Lendistry is ranked #2 nationally for SBA Community Advantage loans, providing responsible financing to small business owners and their low-income communities. Lendistry is a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco and is headquartered in Los Angeles’ Opportunity Zone. In 2020, Lendistry made Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loans to small businesses in all 50 states and was selected by the State of California to administer the California Small Business Relief Grant Program, which awards grants to small businesses experiencing significant revenue losses. during a pandemic. Lendistry and its nonprofit partner organization, Center by Lendistry, are committed to providing economic opportunity and progressive growth to small business borrowers in low-income urban and rural areas and their communities. Has your small business faced additional costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic? If you answered yes, you may be eligible for up to $25,000 in tax credits from New York State’s new COVID-19 Capital Expenditure Tax Credit Program!

Covid 19 Assistance & Guidance For Businesses

Please contact our business advisor: Moru Liang (email [email protected] or call (646) 603 – 7172) for more information or application assistance.

CMP BOC actively supports early-stage small businesses with the NYS Seed Funding Grant Program. Contact us: Jocelyn Liu, 646-292-5380, [email protected] For more information or application assistance.

CMP is hosting a “Cooperative Business Education Workshop” via Zoom on Thursday, October 20 from 3:30 – 5:30 PM. The workshop will be held in Cantonese.

Participants will learn how owning a cooperative business can help them achieve their goals, learn about employee ownership and its benefits, and learn about the characteristics of companies that employees can easily sell and transition to cooperative ownership.

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