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Nba Grant For Small Business

Nba Grant For Small Business – Together with the NBA, WNBA, and NBA G League, we support small businesses with $6 million in grants and services. When applications reopen, we’ll be accepting applications from small business owners nationwide for $10,000 in grants and free services.*

Los Angeles Spark All-Star Nika Ogomek and ESPN NBA Today host Malika Andrews introduce Fast Break for Small Businesses.

Nba Grant For Small Business

Nba Grant For Small Business

In the heart of Alabama’s historic civil rights district, Magic City Barbershop is proud of its rich history of black entrepreneurship and its continuing legacy of uplifting civil rights activists. Opened in 1930 and family owned and operated since 1956, the Birmingham store is now run by second generation owner Percy Hornbuckle.

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Don’t Melanin Don’t Melanin is about celebrating black culture through inspirational images. Inspired by the lack of different decorations during the holidays, founder Ardian Miller-Marbles created the Santa Claus gift wrap. Since then, the Louisiana business has expanded to include T-shirts, home goods and other items for year-round display.

Majestic D’Vah of Georgia is dedicated to helping people discover and express their inner D’Vah through beauty and wellness products, as well as apparel that reflects their signature affirmations. Inspired by founder Mitzi Pittman’s mother, Majestic D’Vah proves that self-care isn’t just a buzzword: it’s a mindset.

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Our community partner, the Accion Opportunity Fund, will manage the application process for the Fast Break for Small Businesses. If you apply for a grant by 27 May 2022, you will hear back from us in early July 2022.

Nba Issues Second $3 Million In Grant Program For Black Communities

The application process is managed by our community partner, Accion Opportunity Fund. Grants are open to small businesses six months or older. Select “Apply Now” to view the application, details and FAQs. Please submit an application. If you applied in 2021, you are welcome to reapply. And be sure to check back here and on social media for the latest. The National Basketball Association Foundation is distributing $6 million to 22 businesses focused on creating job opportunities for young black people. Jenna Moon/Getty Images File

Shelly Bell’s company was born five years ago in a modest town southeast of Washington, DC, when friends reflected on the lack of opportunity and access for black female entrepreneurs.

After deciding to share their business ideas with each other, they put their money in a pot and voted for the winning idea by placing marbles in coffee mugs.

Nba Grant For Small Business

The winner of that evening was Black Girl Ventures, which supports Black women-owned business ventures with funding, resources, community relations and other ways to start and succeed.

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On Friday, Bell’s company was on the receiving end, as it was one of 22 organizations to distribute a $6 million grant from the NBA Foundation, which began a year ago to support businesses that Focuses on job creation and economic empowerment for young black business owners. . .

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“This is a case of NPA putting money where its mouth is,” said Bell, whose firm provides financing and assistance to black women-owned businesses with less than $1 million in revenue.

The NBA Foundation was created out of the 2020 social justice movement following the killing of police officer George Floyd in Minneapolis. The Milwaukee Bucks protested not playing in a playoff game after the police shooting of Jacob Blake in nearby Kenosha, Wisconsin, and prices from his position prompted the league to form a foundation.

“This series is integrated and focuses on economic opportunities for black youth, ages 14 to 24,” said Greg Taylor, the foundation’s executive director. “I think in many ways the NPA has a great history of being involved in social justice and civil rights issues, and the foundation builds on that history.

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“The moment when the Bucks decided not to play was a turning point that made us think internally, ‘What can we do with time to really contribute to a new opportunity for young people?’ And the foundation of the NBA was born out of this debate.

The foundation started as if on a fast break. Last year, it awarded $5 million in grants to 18 organizations that provide skills training, mentoring and training to high school-, college-age, job-ready and mid-career individuals in communities across the United States and Canada.

With an undisclosed amount from the NBA Foundation grant, Bell said he plans to create an entrepreneurial system for students at historically black colleges.

Nba Grant For Small Business

To that end, Bell said she created a six-week entrepreneurship curriculum for students that is unlike most business training models that assume the potential owner has startup money. “Obviously that wasn’t my journey and it’s obviously not the journey of a lot of black and brown founders,” she said. “And so, I had to create a curriculum that would allow people to start with a money mindset, and then go from being a sales person to what it means to build a strong business.”

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Sean Wilson, president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Michigan, said he was pleased to be among the grant recipients for this second round of awards. But he said he’s so glad the NBA Foundation was intent on its mission.

“I’m really impressed that they’ve connected the dots between social justice and economic mobility,” Wilson said. “We focus on career, start-up, home ownership readiness. Why do we need to focus on entrepreneurship? Why is there a red line to limit our home ownership? Why is there an imbalance in startup funding of color? Systemic racism Care. So I applaud their initiative, not only to make the commitment, but to follow through on it.

Wilson said the $300,000 given to his organization will fund programs at his Boys & Girls Club that focus on business ownership, including a recently launched sports and recreation club that Jobs are concentrated in industries where ownership leads them. Already, he said, his youth fashion club has produced and sold $10,000 worth of T-shirts and hoodies. The kids were paid $10 to $13 an hour, he said, and learned what it meant to run a business.

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The NBA Foundation will “see a strong return on investment. When you invest in skills development, when you invest in workforce development, entrepreneurship development, when you invest in these areas. , you see a generational return on investment, which Wilson said.

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Brandon Nicholson started his non-profit, Hidden Genius Project in 2012 in Oakland, California. His organization mentors and trains black high school boys in business, technology and leadership. The program — which also operates in Richmond and Los Angeles and is largely supported by technology company Tim, Inc. — has also been awarded an NBA Foundation grant.

Nicholson said part of the grant program allows his organization to collaborate with other donors and build relationships that create creative ways for young people to be “exposed to more opportunities and help them see How they have a career in professional sports.” if Not in court, and technology is a great way to do that.

The Hidden Genius Project, partnered with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and Detroit Pistons, served 2,300 “active students” a year before the pandemic and more than 1,000 last year.

Nba Grant For Small Business

“NPA is not just about raising dollars, it’s really about engaging and empowering effective organizations that have been doing this work in their communities for years,” Nicholson said.

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The NBA foundation was part of the league’s announced $300 million commitment over a decade to support youth in disadvantaged communities and black-owned businesses.

“But the first 10-year window was to send a message that we know the issues facing communities are not going to be solved overnight,” said Taylor, the foundation’s executive director. “And that’s why we wanted to emphasize our commitment. But we each intend that this will be a foundation that will operate forever and will continue to grow in size and work in our community for years and years to come.” continue to operate.” No matter what type of small business you have, there are grants to help your business grow. Read on for details on 21 grant options and databases.

Small business grants provide funds to grow your business in a variety of ways. In many cases, you can use grants for things like operations, marketing, or expanding your team. It’s important to find out which one you qualify for so you can start applying.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of bonuses and give you tips on how to score more of them.

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Small business grants are amounts of money given to entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. The grant money is considered “granted” and you don’t have to pay it back. Sometimes, you have to pay taxes on the money you receive, so keep this in mind and talk to a tax professional.

Tip: Search grant databases, such as GrantWatch, to find out

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