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Morgan Stanley Small Business Loans

Morgan Stanley Small Business Loans – Rich Brown and Christian Maguire are financial advisors to Morgan Stanley in the New York area. In addition to directly assisting clients with wealth management issues, they also support a team – the Franklin Avenue Group – of ten FAs and staff. Both are certified financial institutions and have worked for Morgan Stanley for many years. Morgan Stanley is the world’s largest asset management firm, with nearly 16,000 FAs, 60,000 employees and operations in 42 countries. FA works in the firm’s wealth management business, but Morgan Stanley also has investment banking, investment management, commercial banking and other businesses.

In 2018, Morgan Stanley developed a new capability for its FAs to help them work for clients. Best Action (NBA) is a system and platform for personal communication and collaboration with clients, as well as an AI-based recommendation engine for investment and wealth management ideas that FAs can offer their clients. The NBA system, if used correctly, can make a big difference to the way FAs work with their clients and do their jobs. Use of the system is voluntary, but some individuals and groups, including Maguire, Brown and the Franklin Avenue Group, are seeing very positive results from widespread use. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the system has become increasingly important in wealth management, as face-to-face meetings between advisors and clients are impossible. In the first two months of the pandemic, the NBA system was used more than 11 million times.

Morgan Stanley Small Business Loans

Morgan Stanley Small Business Loans

There are different ways FAs work with their clients. The traditional approach is to offer transactional investments by recommending specific securities (individual stocks or bonds or investments) to clients. It has recently become common—in part because of industry-wide declines in securities trading commissions—for advisors to adopt a structured management approach to their client relationships. As Rich Brown’s LinkedIn page describes his work:

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“His team focuses on providing end-to-end wealth management solutions to entrepreneurs and their families. Together with his wealth management team, he helps his clients address the five biggest challenges: wealth preservation, tax reduction, care for heirs, helping to ensure their estates are not unfairly treated, and charitable giving donation.”

Both Brown and Maguire focus on wealth management, although some of the team’s FAs tend to be a bit more transactional in their investment advice. Wealth managers are less likely to recommend individual securities and are more likely to recommend buying and holding longer-term portfolios, mutual funds, ETFs and income-producing bonds such as municipal bonds. They typically develop financial plans for clients to help them achieve their long-term goals, often retirement-oriented. They can also assist their clients with estate planning and help set up trusts for heirs.

Jeff McMillan, chief analytics and data officer at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, led the development of the NBA system and manages the data for the Opi-mation management unit. He noted one key factor in the FA’s success;

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“There are many different aspects that make financial advisors successful: in teams or working as an organizer, planning for clients or not, wealth management or transaction orientation. Our data suggest that either of these approaches can work. However, there is one surefire way to fail to engage a customer. Whatever you do, you must do it well and in a balanced way.

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He works with customers who are frequent, wealthy and loyal. Frequent and historical communication is a time consuming FA. With an average number of customers per FA of around 200, FAs need to combine engagement with efficiency. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the NBA system offers them.

Brown and Maguire refer to the NBA system as “much different.” Some communications include routines, birthday greetings, holiday news, the passage of the Security Act by the US Congress, etc. The system allows you to easily filter messages, hurricane warnings, for example, so that they are sent only to certain brands. The message is very effective; There are approximately 1,800 customers in the group, and a typical message can be created and sent in about ten minutes. All social communication can contain very personal content. For example, if most of the market is falling, the automated message may include a specific impact on that client’s portfolio.

In addition to semi-general messages to clients, the NBA system also offers investment ideas that the FA can send to clients – “battle ideas” as it is called. About twenty ideas could be sent to clients on a given day, but the FA would decide whether to send them. They might say, for example, that a customer is put off by a certain link and recommend another. He could also say that a client has just added $100,000 to his account and contact him to discuss investment ideas. If a mutual fund or ETF has changed management, the system suggests contacting the client to discuss whether to stay with the fund. Near the end of the tax year, he might recommend some tax loss recovery options to the client. In this context, the NBA system is used to transfer the management of the active portfolio to the client.

Morgan Stanley Small Business Loans

The NBA system also provides advice on the level of risk and issues in the portfolio, working with BlackRock and its Aladdin Wealth risk management system. Constantly protects client portfolios against various types of risks. If Aladdin detects a higher level of risk, the customer is notified and encouraged to discuss this with the FA.

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Brown and Maguire note that the NBA system may present a specific question to clients, but often the client does not call to discuss it;

“They wanted to talk to us about something else,” he recalls.

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“We have a very sophisticated machine learning algorithm to identify topics of interest to clients. But at the end of the day, financial planning is a human-based game. If the logic does it, it reminds the advisor, and looking forward, it’s quite common.”

The system made the Franklin Avenue Company much more efficient. The group’s goal is to contact the customer every 30 to 90 days, and the NBA system makes personal contact with the customer much easier. Freeing communication from the routine means they have more time to meet with clients in, say, two-hour planning sessions. In addition, the group does not need to hire staff to handle communications; Brown and Maguire handle the news across the team.

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“It used to take about 45 minutes to develop a personal investment idea for a client; now it’s instant. That’s why clients are seeing us more. Even measuring 5-6 more outbound calls per day since the introduction of NBA, and even more. inbound.”

Brown and Maguire acknowledge that not everyone is equally happy with the system. Some senior FAs have said they don’t use it that much and sometimes wonder why they get so many incoming calls. They could monitor outgoing messages, but they can’t. Older financial advisors are also more likely to adopt a one-on-one, transaction-based relationship with clients. The NBA also supports this approach, but Brown and Maguire take a more consultative approach to resource management.

Brown and Maguire said they have personally experienced early adopters of new technology, and the NBA system is no exception. The teams that do best in a system are similar to those that operate in a technology complex. For the best use of the system, FA is also needed to gather information about the client’s preferences, family, hobbies – again an investment in the relationship focus. Brown and Maguire agree that aggressive NBA teams are more likely to build scale — customer relationships and more assets under management — and be more efficient. For example, if they understand how the system works, they can track whether a customer has opened an email with an investment idea. If he doesn’t open a message here, he’s aware of the need to block his call. They also call the metrics generated by the learning engine to find out how likely a particular investment idea is to attract a particular client.

Morgan Stanley Small Business Loans

Jeff McMillan, principal analyst and chief data officer at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, said his analysis shows that the job of FAs needs to change;

The Eleven Twenty Seven Group

“The industry is changing, and focusing on investment is not enough to drive customer satisfaction. We need to expand the value that FA can bring to its customers and offer to customers, such as where to help ancestors with long-term care needs and how The ultimate goal is to build and maintain a loyal base with this person.

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