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Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring

Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring – At Liquid Capital, your local Principal is more than just a source of capital — they’re industry and financing experts who want to help you drive business results.

When a business is experiencing a lack of sufficient cash flow, taking out bank loans and offering customers early payment discounts are two common tactics used to fill the gap. But there is another solution that may be a better strategic decision: using the invoice billing services of a merchant finance company.

Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring

Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring

Unfortunately, invoice factoring is often misunderstood among business owners who view it as a “last resort” financing option. However, under the right circumstances, factoring can be the ideal strategic solution for business owners and CFOs looking to drive business results.

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“The partnership was really positive and Liquid Capital helped grow the company. Last year we grew about 20% and we expect to grow another 20% next year. With this financing strategy, we are determined to continue expanding.” — Claudia Serna, Owner of Serna Trucks

If you’re a commercial finance professional, you know that your clients are looking for creative and strategic financing solutions, including solutions that may be a little outside the traditional box like invoice factoring. However, you can build trust and strengthen customer relationships by being proactive and presenting invoice billing as a reliable option with them before they find themselves in a cash flow crisis.

Who you partner with is important and if you choose the right one, you will get much more than just working capital. Your billing partner will have knowledge of your customers and your company’s financials. They should also act as a trusted business advisor who can help guide you through various challenges and opportunities.

Liquid Capital provides invoice factoring and other asset-based and alternative lending solutions to businesses throughout the United States and Canada. We go beyond a transactional approach with our business clients to assist them with overall strategic planning when it comes to trade finance.

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“My Head of Liquid Capital is always a phone call away. It’s so reassuring to know I can ask questions and get their advice. They are a wealth of knowledge on the business operations side as well as the financial side. It’s helpful to have someone in your corner, to have an advisor you didn’t expect to find, especially someone who is so available that you can quickly call them.” — Adelle Starin, Owner of Baby’s on Broadway Come to the Capital, stand for partnership

Having a trusted billing partner as part of your extended team can also focus your entire team’s attention on positive cash flow. Review this solution with the appropriate team members and ensure it is utilizing its full potential. Bookkeepers, accountants, office managers and other team leaders can often contribute to budgeting, resource and cash flow conversations.

Of course, CFOs and other leaders on your executive team should also work on incorporating invoices into their financial planning as a core skill to ensure your business is never in crisis.

Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring

For many of the business owners we work with, their local director becomes an invaluable source of information and advice on how to achieve business results. They can also work directly alongside your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Consider Invoice Factoring For Manufacturers

“Sometimes I call my director of Liquid Capital when I have questions and he is there to lend a hand. When we wanted to start working with a new company, he was able to advise me on the potential benefits and risks. It’s a really good relationship.” — Claudia Serna, Owner of Serna Trucks

In short: Invoice factoring can be part of a strategic plan to keep a business’s working capital running so you can get the results you need.

Want to read more about how invoice factoring can drive business growth? Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 of our series on how invoice factoring is part of your business growth plan.

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Click here for a free trial of FactorView invoicing software. Make better decisions and take control of your factoring company with the best software on the web, accessible from any device.

Businesses in the US and Canada can get paid within a day by advancing funds from unpaid invoices with online invoice financing and factoring from FundThrough.

TAFS is a trucking company consultant that can help your business with invoice advances and all your trucking needs. Get started with us today!

Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring

Allegiant Business Finance offers a quick “3-Step Process” to get your business invoices paid quickly. Call for a quote or apply online.

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A non-recourse factoring company offering 26 years of fast and affordable financing. Fees and charges are clear and easy to understand with a quote in 24 hours.

Triumph Business Capital is an invoice factoring company that provides advances on your outstanding invoices. It’s your money. Pay today!

Universal Funding is a capital financing company that provides invoice factors to help businesses grow. Apply today to get fast cash flow for your business!

LSQ is the leader in working capital solutions, offering transparent pricing, the greatest credit facility and paying you faster by taking advantage of the cash conversion cycle.

Factoring’ Family Into Account

Rely on factoring for small business financing so you don’t have to go out of business or lose business due to slow cash flow. Cash shortages happen, but you don’t have to worry anymore!

At SouthStar Capital, obtaining working capital is quick and easy. We offer customized financing solutions to support your company’s current and future growth.

Viva Capital is a business factoring company in Texas that has earned a reputation for being proactive, efficient and reliable. Contact us today!

Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring

Primar Financing has been providing small and medium-sized businesses with alternative business financing since 1995. Our services include business loans, bills and lines of credit.

Invoice Factoring In Construction: How Does It Work?

CapitalPlus provides construction factoring and support services for construction companies that cannot afford to wait for slow paying customers.

Does your business need financial help? Pooled Equity Financing is here for you. Find out more about AR factoring and apply with us to start the process.

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Offering services such as invoice factoring, invoice discounting, asset-based lending and trade financing, Express Business Funding is a leader in alternative private business financing solutions in Canada.

We are your trusted invoice factoring company in Texas. We offer fast cash advances to your accounts receivable and PO financing solutions for businesses.

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Compare over 125+ options with our list of billing companies. Sort by industry location and more to find the best fit for your business. Search today!

Seacoast Business Financing provides reliable working capital solutions for businesses through flexible lines of credit and accounts receivable advances.

Compass factoring is an easy way for trucking companies to get the cash flow they need at low rates. A variety of truck factoring programs to help you improve cash. Freight factoring services through freight factoring companies can improve cash flow. Compass is a full service freight invoicing company. Take advantage of same-day billing and pay.

Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring

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Improve your small business’s cash flow\\\\\\\\’ with accounts receivable billing from American Receivable. The best invoice factoring companies for small businesses.

Factoring Financial Services, CV Credit Inc Miami office, accounts receivable financing and factoring services. We help small businesses with their cash flow needs

AmeriFactors will improve your cash flow within 24 hours with asset-based loans, accounts receivable financing and fast business cash advances

The Phoenix Factor Female Health Protocol is a two-part health program created by Dr. Debra Muth, ND, designed to optimize the health and well-being of high-functioning female executives.

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Need cash flow solutions for your business? Find out how accounts receivable with Pipeline Financial Services can turn bills into cash… FAST!

We are the factoring broker who knows which factoring companies offer and offer unbiased advice on factoring and invoice financing free of charge… Get in touch!

Many Small Businesses Rely On Factoring

FactorLoads is a premier freight factoring company offering 24/7 roadside assistance, no contract and transparent fees. Call and get your cash advance today!

Factoring Is An Often Overlooked Liquidity Source For Distressed Companies

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