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Int. J. Entrepreneurship And Small Business

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Research on corporate entrepreneurship (CE) in family firms or SMEs is scarce in Scopus-indexed journals. A thorough discussion is presented concerning actors, behavioral and activity variables, and outcomes in terms of financial and non-financial performance.

Int. J. Entrepreneurship And Small Business

Int. J. Entrepreneurship And Small Business

The strategy formulation process consists of internal and external strategies for continuous restructuring and renewal of the company.

Pdf) A Decade Of The International Journal Of Entrepreneurship And Small Business: A Bibliometric Analysis

Corporate entrepreneurship (CE) is essential for the long-term sustainability of family businesses (Eddleston et al. 2012), and it is essential for an individual manager’s entrepreneurial spirit in exploring all opportunities and business ideas (Hornsby et al. (2009). Many researchers argue that managers for family groups have a higher motivation for the company’s development, and non-family managers belong to two categories: motivation and behavior (Kotler and Seeger 2019). Managerial knowledge and expertise are not always available in family businesses because family members or owners will often hire managers from outside as talent ( Gedajlovic et al. 2004).Research on CE in family firms involves both internal and external managers or top management teams (TMTs).

Family firms can be divided into three parts, namely ownership, control and management, which can have positive or negative consequences for the firm (Villalonga and Amit 2006). In terms of ownership, it can be direct for the company’s shareholders or direct and indirect control for the company’s appointed management or board (González et al. 2019). The CEO, director, or chief executive officer is the highest-ranking executive in a company, and their title varies by company level and company size. Family businesses or SMEs are usually managed by a director from the family or from abroad.

A geographic analysis of published articles takes into account the distribution of published articles per country and relevant citations per country (Figure 1). The criteria included in VOSviewer are at least four articles and four references per country. In this analysis, there are eight countries with the most articles, the USA with eleven articles and the UK with seven articles. The largest number of citations came from the United States, with 328 citations, and the second highest was from Germany, with 193 citations. For Asian countries, the most articles were from Malaysia, with 5 articles with 46 citations, and Iran with 5 articles with 28 citations.

The following analysis considered multiple article publication sources, with criteria of at least two articles and two citations for each source (Figure 2). The data showed that the most popular sources were Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Journal of Management Studies and Journal of International Business and Management, with three articles each. The highest number of citations was generated by Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, with 172 citations, followed by the Journal of International Entrepreneurship, with 82 citations, and the Journal of International Entrepreneurship and Management, with 54 citations.

Entrepreneurship Research Journal

The article analysis was completed by dividing the articles based on actors (first column), characteristics (second column) and results (third column). An analysis of all articles is presented in Table 1.

Director/CEO/Chair: 11 articles (Ling et al. 2008; Cucculelli and Bettinelli 2015; Naldi et al. 2015; Calabrò et al. 2016; Chen and Nadkarni 2017; Hughes and Mustafa 2017; Garcheofía and Rizzo 2017) 7; . 2018; Rehman et al. 2020; Saleem et al. 2020; De Massis et al. 2021)

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Employees/Employees: 12 articles (Ripollés-Meliá et al. 2007; Toledano et al. 2010; Kuye et al. 2012; Bojica et al. 2017; Chienwattanasook et al. 2019; Aeknauj et al. 20209; Rahman et al. 2019). et al. 2020; Zia and Sadeghi 2020; Wright et al. 2021).

Int. J. Entrepreneurship And Small Business

Editor/TMT: 19 articles (Hancer et al. 2009; Schmelter et al. 2010; Van Wyk and Adonisi 2012; Mustafa et al. 2013; Leal-Rodríguez et al. 2017; Martín-al-Rojasah 2017; 2018; Hosseini et al. et al. 2018). et al. 2018; Ndimzo and Keitana 2018; Amberg and McGaughey 2019; Bokamcha 2019; Kotlar and Seeger 2019; Lee et al. 2019; Suleiman 2019; Alberekh 2019; Alberekh 2019; Al. 2109. al. et al. 2021; Soares et al. 2021).

Journal Of Research In Marketing And Entrepreneurship

Family members/owners: 6 articles (Marchisio et al. 2010; Hughes and Mustafa 2017; Fu and Si 2018; Franco and Piceti 2020; Saleem et al. 2020; Fang et al. 2021)

CE activities such as venturing, innovation and strategic renewal: 12 articles (Toledano et al. 2010; Cucculelli and Bettinelli 2015; Calabrò et al. 2016; Hughes and Mustafa 2017; Leal-Rodríguez et al. 2017 and Seger Kotler. ; 2019) . ; Lee et al. 2019; Solomon 2019; Garrett et al. 2020; Sakhdri et al. 2020; De Messis et al. 2021)

Company factors of CE such as management support, work privileges, reward/reinforcement, time availability and organizational boundaries: 6 articles (Kuye et al. 2012; Mustafa 2015; Chienwattanasook et al. 2019; Akbari et al. 2020; Munir 2020; Noerhartati et al. 2020)

Entrepreneurial tendencies such as risk-taking, innovation, proactivity, aggressiveness and autonomy: 8 articles (Hancer et al. 2009; Toledano et al. 2010; Edleston et al. 2012; Riviezzo and Garofano 2018; Liuhman et al. 2020). (Ziyae and Sadeghi 2020; Fang et al. 2021).

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Staff and family issues such as owner gender, education, experience, knowledge, transformational CEO influence, TMT behavioral integration, age and tenure: 8 articles (Salim et al. 2020; Ling et al. 2008; Chen et al. Nadkarni 2017; Fu et al. 2018; Nedemizzo and Caitana 2018; Rivizzo and Garofano 2018; Boy et al. 2020; Thomas et al. 2020)

Human resources, such as employee satisfaction, organizational commitment, motivation, cultural intelligence, ambiguity tolerance, CEO style, high-performance human resources, organizational culture and training: 8 articles (Mustafa et al. 2013; Soleimani and Shahnazari 2013; Naldi et al. 2015; Afshar Jahanshahi et al. 2018; Fayçal Boukamcha 2019; Aeknarajindawat 2020; Franco and Piceti 2020; Soares et al. 2021)

Internal organizational factors, such as market orientation, flexibility and job satisfaction, different management functions and work value: 3 articles (Van Wyk and Adonisi 2012; Hosseini et al. 2018; Raitis et al. 2021)

Int. J. Entrepreneurship And Small Business

Firm support, such as IT integration, technical expertise and fire safety: 5 articles (Schmelter et al. 2010; García-Sánchez et al. 2018; Amberg and McGaughey 2019; Nabeel-Rahman and Nazri 2019; Rehman et al. 2012)

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Financial performance such as ROA, ROE, sales growth, net profit and sales growth: 9 articles (Marchisio et al. 2010; Toledano et al. 2010; Naldi et al. 2015; Bojica et al. 2017; Leal-Rodríguet et al. (2017; Fu et al. 2018; Rahman et al. 2020; Sukhdri et al. 2020; Fang et al. 2021)

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Organization and business performance such as exploitation of new resources, new market for resources, creation of new business/service/product, competitive advantage, intangible assets: 16 articles (Eddleston et al. 2012; Cucculelli and Bettinelli 2015; Martín-Rojas et al. 2017; García-Sánchez et al. 2018; Riviezzo and Garofano 2018; Amberg and McGaughey 2019; Boukamcha 2019; Chianwattanasook et al. 2019; Lee et al. 2019; Nabeel-Rehman 2010i, 2019 and 2019; Thomas et al. 2020; Ziyae and Sadeghi 2020; De Massis et al. 2021)

Family values ​​as family business tradition, family business sustainability: 3 articles (Soares et al. 2021; Raitis et al. 2021; Sleimani and Shahnazari 2013)

CE performance as enhancing innovation and creativity, innovation: 13 articles (Salim et al. 2020; Boy et al. 2020; Liu et al. 2020; Ling et al. 2008; Hanser et al. 2009; Kuyo et al. 2012 12 ; Mustafa et al. 2013; Calabro et al. 2016; Chen and Nadkarni 2017; Jahanshahi et al. 2018; Hosseini et al. 2018; Nadimzo and Kaytana 2018; Rahman et al. 2020)

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CE factors such as MS, reward/compensation, WD, TA, OB 2 items (Hughes and Mustafa 2017; Van Wyk and Adonisi 2012)

Research on CE in family firms and small firms is still relatively rare and focuses only on large firms or large multinationals. In previous studies, CE research has focused on large corporations, multinational corporations, and specific industries. The opportunities for family businesses and SMEs to conduct research in CE remain many for this community of scholars and researchers. Exploring such questions through theoretical and empirical contributions to family businesses and SMEs would be a promising avenue for future research.

There are not many examples of research that consider family members of the company as actors. Research on family businesses can be comprehensive if family members and owners are involved, and this will be considered in future research. Researchers in the field of family businesses have not explored relationships between relatives as actors in family businesses. Given these gaps, there are many topics and opportunities for future research in CE in family businesses.

Int. J. Entrepreneurship And Small Business

Research on CE in family businesses will provide many benefits for entrepreneurs to elevate their businesses from an established family business to a more reliable business. This SLR research contributes to other studies that show the potential for innovation in CE in family businesses, especially in terms of entrepreneurship.

Multidimensional Aspect Of Corporate Entrepreneurship In Family Business

The use of the keywords corporate entrepreneurship and the search for articles based on family businesses and SMEs were limited to the journals indexed by Scopus, resulting in articles suitable for the review not being included. Suggestions for further research include adding references from other published sources, particularly in-depth CE research by the family business.

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