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Idaho Small Business Grants 2021

Idaho Small Business Grants 2021 – Some Idaho restaurants are winning with $47 million in state funding, others have lost and may close

A few hundred Idaho restaurants and bars have received funding to help them deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but some are still struggling.

Idaho Small Business Grants 2021

Idaho Small Business Grants 2021

Earlier this year, the Gem State’s 344 restaurants received a total of $47 million spread across the state through the state’s Restaurant Relief Fund to help offset the industry’s heavy losses after more than a year of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. For businesses that received help, some in the hundreds of thousands, it was a lifesaver. But, businesses with unsuccessful applications are looking at the coming winter numbers with concern.

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Dave Krick, with the independent restaurant advocacy organization FARE Idaho, said a number of shocking factors have had a major impact on the restaurant industry. Things may seem busy and back to normal in many restaurants as vaccines are becoming more readily available. However, Krick said many are not yet operating at 100% capacity due to leasing issues, rising costs, and uncertainty in the supply cycle.

“It’s hard for a lot of restaurants,” he said. “It’s sad, and it’s for me, that we’re fighting for the whole country. Restaurants are an important business not because they employ a lot of people but because the industry provides the most economic support to a large part of our economy. I think it’s sad how our industry has gone wrong. The top 10 recipients of aid in Idaho

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Unlike PPP loans, this money under the US bailout package does not need to be repaid if misused. Restaurants are still required to spend on what they said they will do, but this plan allows more flexibility not only to cover the cost of dealing with CCIDID-19 but also to recover their losses and progress.

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This grant is open to restaurants, bars, salons, bakeries, nightclubs, clubs, food trucks, restaurants, lodging houses and caterers, as long as they demonstrate that at least one percent of their sales were to the public at the location or food and beverage. . . The bill provided relief to many small businesses across Idaho, but restaurants also suffered losses from the program. The maximum amount that could be given to any business was ten million dollars.

The top performer in Idaho was the Golden Corral in Twin Falls, with a payout of $1.7 million. Trailing behind were China Grand Buffet on Fairview Avenue at $1.2 million and upscale Boise eatery Juniper at $1.1 million. Almost all of the top 10 Idaho franchises were local restaurants in downtown Boise, such as Reef, Bardenay, Mulligan’s Pub & Eatery, and the Balcony Club.

When Idaho received 340, many organizations received very little money. For example, the Idaho Falls restaurant Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin The Celt received $126,000. Juniper and China Buffet host Boise’s top fares.

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Idaho Small Business Grants 2021

Mr. Zhi Zeng, who works with China Grand Buffet and is the manager of this restaurant, says that this support is very helpful in developing this business. But, they are not out of the woods yet. He said it has become difficult for consumers to feel safe returning, and the prices of things like chicken have gone up. In addition, there is the looming question of CCIDID-19 that remains under consideration.

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“What we need to do is to focus on raising our prices again,” he said. “So far since we’ve opened, we’ve increased prices very slowly, very little, but we can increase again if we need to, which no one wants. Delta’s difference is for sure, so we’ll see.

Juniper may have gotten a big payday, but owners Shannon Lincoln and Kacey Montgomery didn’t get help for the other two Red Bench Pizza restaurants. He said the grant helped him deal with the uncertainty after closing Juniper for months during the pandemic, but he hopes more of the fund’s support will be given to support other restaurants.

“We urge Congress to pass the proposed measures to replenish this fund so that all restaurants have a chance to survive in what remains one of the most difficult conditions the industry has ever faced,” the owners’ statement said. “Restaurants are the beating heart of our communities, they give us a place to gather and break bread with our neighbors and loved ones.”

There has been a lot of support for restaurants and other businesses since the beginning of 2020, but not all of them got it.

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Krick said about 1,000 Idaho businesses applied for the Restaurant Assistance Fund, but only 340 received it. A spokeswoman for the Idaho office of the US Small Business Administration said the funding is on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are paid. Inequality in access

Critics of the aid programs said they were easily accessed by well-connected business owners familiar with complex government schemes. The complexity of the required paperwork and the narrow application window puts low-income business owners with limited time and those who do not speak English at a disadvantage.

In a detailed analysis of all Idaho businesses that received aid, they were only able to identify 18 Latino businesses, even though Latinos make up 13 percent of the state’s population. they could only see three refugee businesses that received aid.

Idaho Small Business Grants 2021

Idaho Chamber of Commerce Director of Programs Lisa Florenzen said the grant process is particularly difficult for Mom and Pop businesses where the owners may not speak English as their first language. He said that many times they were struggling to gather the right documents and to learn about the program in time even though they were struggling.

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“They were not clear where they should go, so we showed them the direction, but they were not prepared with the documents they needed for some money to be processed,” says Florenzen. “Unfortunately, because many of them are waiting until the last minute to get help when the window might be closed.” Fight to stay alive

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Christopher Zahn, owner of Zee’s Rooftop Cafe and event venue in downtown Boise, is facing possible closure on Oct. 1 because he lost the Restaurant Assistance Fund. His restaurant serves business customers for lunch and events on the 9th floor of the CW Moore building and has been slow to find cheaper than the restaurants on Restaurant Row.

Zee lost 25 events in 245 with late afternoon traffic as workers continued to work from home. This loss put him in the hole for more than 6 months of taxes, worth more than $20,000. He was told that he should be given $75,000, but the government told him that the money had been spent. If he can’t get the money by September 1, his business will be closed.

He is confused that national companies, such as McDonald’s franchise and Walt Disney World restaurants, can get help, while Zee and others are left out. Zahn said that in his position he would like to see the government fill out applications with a small amount first so that the fund can first help small businesses and save more restaurants.

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Meanwhile, Zahn and his partner are scrambling to staff as many events, weddings, and supply artists for the Western Idaho Fair as they can to finance the rent and maintain the restaurant. They don’t have any staff at this point, leaving the two to cook, serve and clean up all their events on their own.

“We needed an easy $75,000 from the grant, and that would keep us alive for a year,” Zahn said. come to work.

Correction: The original version of this story only included part of the grant money allocated to Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin’s Idaho Falls restaurant The Celt. It has been adjusted to show a total of $126,000.

Idaho Small Business Grants 2021

Margaret Carmel is a writer focused on the City of Boise, housing, homelessness and growth. Contact him at [email protected] or by phone at (757)705-8066.

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