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Hudson Valley Small Business Solutions

Hudson Valley Small Business Solutions – Thank you to all of our attendees, speakers, startups, partners and investors for making Hudson Valley a success! Stay up to date on Think Holland events, programs and Holland County businesses by joining our newsletter list here!

Parking: There are municipal parking lots on Cannon Street and Academy Street. Cannon Street lot in front of Revel 32 and Academy Street lot in front of Academy

Hudson Valley Small Business Solutions

Hudson Valley Small Business Solutions

Review the guest list and start networking now! Check your emails from Upstate Capital and Think Dutchess for information on how to access this portion of the event.

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The event takes place on our online platform. Check your emails from Upstate Capital and Think Dutchess for instructions on how to join at 11AM if you have scheduled an online session, or join to watch the program during the 11:30PM.

Overview: Think Dutch and Upstate Capital presents Hudson Valley Acceleration, an event that highlights the startup community in Dutchess County and beyond. The event introduces a unique and vetted pipeline of entrepreneurial talent to the local community and potential investors. Join us as new businesses progress from concept to realization.

Geraldine is a cable pioneer, television visionary and network founder of some of the industry’s best-known names such as Nickelodeon, Disney/ABC Cable Network and Oxygen Media. Named one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People in 1996 and inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 2020, he now focuses his work as co-founder of DAY ONE Early Learning Community in the City of Poughkeepsie. Does – an innovative project that creates opportunities for early education to reduce poverty across generations.

He currently serves on the boards of directors of Story 9, Common Sense Development, Catapult Studio, and BetaWorks, and is the Vice President of the Board of Vital Voices. He previously served on the boards of directors of Vassar College, JCPenney, Electronic Arts, Symantec,, Insight Communications, and KinderCare.

Hudson Valley Says Goodbye To Over 70 Businesses

Spanning 32 blocks of Revel, this walking tour will visit the area’s changing businesses. Each stop has deep roots in the Hudson Valley, showcasing local innovation, talent and success. The tour will include Uncharted, MASS Design Group and the Academy (where lunch will be served), with a representative from each stop providing insight into the companies and local projects. Join us to learn more!

Academy Food Hall and Workspace: Academy breathes new life into downtown Poughkeepsie’s central business district. The development creates a live-work-play focus and includes a co-working space, a food hall, a grocery and fresh food market, a coffee shop, a restaurant and bar and an exciting event space under one roof. The food hall brings together diverse cuisines in a communal dining space and showcases many vendors offering a variety of affordable and delicious dishes made with high-quality local ingredients.

MASS Design Group: MASS is partnering with Dutchess County Government and Youth Opportunity Alliance (YOU) as architect and project leader, a powerful coalition of Poughkeepsie stakeholders. You have re-established a former YMCA site as a community and recreational resource that can be a safe, structured and horizon-expanding place for Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County youth and families. More than just a building, Youth Opportunity Alliance represents a comprehensive, foster-to-career commitment to providing children and youth with the best possible start in life.

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Hudson Valley Small Business Solutions

Uncharted: Uncharted is an award-winning, platform-as-a-service that helps cities and developers reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and managing last-mile infrastructure. Using their proprietary technology platform to fuse data, Uncharted helps cities access smart city insights at a fraction of the typical cost so that every city has a chance to become a smart city. In partnership with the City of Poughkeepsie, the Poughkeepsie pilot program includes digital twin development and infrastructure deployment to reduce last-mile infrastructure and data management costs.

Team — Hudson Valley Community Power

Please note, hiking is not required. An alternative meal and agenda option will be available for those not on the tour.

With each discussion facilitated by a Hudson Valley industry expert, the Hudson Valley Speed ​​Tables will focus on 4 different topics, from food-based business planning to funding basics.

Busie Group develops operating systems for ground transportation that help operators launch e-commerce, digitize inventory and pricing, and integrate directly with various demand channels. We have now taken this offline industry and brought it into the digital age. A simple way to think about what we do is that we are a combination of Shopify and Amadeus (or insert the relevant GDS system here). Find out more on Busie’s website.

Clotheslyne has created a laundry community where in just 5 minutes a customer can easily and affordably outsource their laundry needs while providing a fair and equitable business experience for local service providers. We took the laundry industry and made it scalable by introducing a pool of new comprehensive service providers. Find out more on the Clotheslyne website.

Notices Draw Attention To ‘gentrification’

ConConnect connects formerly incarcerated individuals with staff and services through professional networking technology. And streamlines work with best-in-class CRM for caseworkers and social workers to improve their client and organizational outcomes. Learn more on the ConConnect website.

Q is a next-generation event management platform that addresses pain points for event professionals through innovative design and deep understanding of the event industry. Learn more on the Q website.

Edinsk produces the most delicious plant-based milk that reflects our company’s core values. We make oats, almonds, pistachios and cashews. Learn more on the Edenske website.

Hudson Valley Small Business Solutions

FortMesa provides cybersecurity program orchestration software to IT service providers. FortMesa enables IT providers to sell, plan, deliver and document a cybersecurity roadmap to their small and mid-sized business customers. Learn more on the FortMesa website.

Our Busy Downtown Train Set

RebelBase harnesses the power of those who know what’s broken, guiding them as they build new solutions using our B2B2C SaaS platform. Our “Project Builder” model guides teams as they refine new solutions and engage the communities around them, putting the power of innovation in everyone’s hands. Learn more on the RebelBase website.

USEFUZE is a mobile platform that helps skilled workers build, manage and grow their business or side hustle. The truth that no one talks about is the lack of independence and flexibility that the worker faces today. A new set of challenges. Learn more at the USEFUZE website.

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Leon Greene: Leon Greene is a veteran founder and executive with over 25 years of diverse experience: product, strategy, operations, technology and finance. He is the managing partner of Hudson Valley Start Fund and serves as a board member and advisor to two portfolio companies. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he held executive and operational leadership roles at a Fortune 1000 real estate company, and he helped build a leading Internet service provider.

Debi Jantzen: Debi Jantzen is a senior partner at Resolution and leads investor relations and fund administration for the firm. Previously, Devi worked at Nationsville, a social impact media agency that consulted with corporations, foundations and non-profits on their social responsibility and impact campaigns. Devi is a founding member of the Junior Advisory Board at Women in Funds, a community for women in the venture capital space.

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Marcia Mitchell: Marcia Mitchell is the President of NY Ventures (NYS Innovation Venture Capital Fund). NY Ventures supports and invests in diverse entrepreneurs and their high-growth companies across the state to secure a healthy, sustainable and economically vibrant future for all New Yorkers. Prior to NY Ventures, Marcia was a Senior Associate at FF Venture Capital, an early stage VC firm based in NYC.

The Placemaking and Entrepreneurship Panel will bring together business leaders with experience building and investing in local communities. As experts in real estate development and entrepreneurship, each of these panels will share how their local projects facilitate entrepreneurship and discuss key topics you won’t want to miss!

Eric Baxter: As Vice President of Baxter, Eric is responsible for developing, building and executing the partnership’s strategy. Under his stewardship these divisions experienced significant growth and quickly established Baxter as a leader in the real estate development and construction community. Eric successfully executed the state’s first Participant Loan Program (PLP) loan to launch affordable units through Baxter’s Joint Venture Wireworks project in Newburgh. He is highly respected for his ability to create opportunities for small businesses throughout the region.

Hudson Valley Small Business Solutions

Joseph Kirchhoff: Joseph T. Kirchhoff is Principal and CEO of Kirchhoff Companies, an integrated real estate development, investment and management firm, currently developing a national footprint in New York, Florida, Connecticut, Ohio and California. Founded in 1986, the company emphasizes its quality real estate products and reputation in the steel industry. Kirchhoff Companies also emphasizes its design, development and investment expertise and prides itself on delivering high-quality projects throughout. Joe has been honored by many organizations for his active role in the community.

The Center For Housing Solutions

Jacob Rakes: Jacob Rakes of PAZ Management Inc. (PAZ) serves as CEO, a leading family business serving the healthcare and real estate development industries for over 40 years. Jacob assumed the position of PAZ president in 2021 and insisted

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