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How To Support Your Small Business Friends

How To Support Your Small Business Friends – The holiday season is upon us! During this time, your support for small business owners is critical. For many, this two-month period can make a world of difference to small businesses, and that’s why we wanted to share some tips today on how to support them.

This is definitely one of the best ways to show your support. We wanted to give you all the different ways you can support a small business because everyone is different!

How To Support Your Small Business Friends

How To Support Your Small Business Friends

When you buy from a small business, it’s not just a store-bought item. It’s a piece of someone’s heart, their passion, hours and hours, and maybe they’ve put in to take something from an idea to a product.

Types Of Support To Add To Your Small Business Village

Some of these options are free and only take time. But this is also some of them

1. On Instagram: Follow them on Instagram and engage with their posts! This can be anything from liking their posts to leaving a comment, sharing a post or tagging a friend. Anything helps, really!

2. On Facebook: Their personal profile may have a link to their business Facebook page. If you don’t know what it is, ask them! Then choose to like their business Facebook page.

3. Tell your friends and family about business owners you know! Most of us know business owners, but we don’t share them. If we can share a product we bought after hearing from a famous influencer we’ve never met, we can certainly share products we buy from people we know.

Ways To Support Small Businesses

4. In Instagram Stories: Like what they’re sharing? DM them to let them know! Sometimes “I love it!” or “That’s great!” can really make someone’s day!

5. Again, use the Shop Small Sticker on Instagram STORIES to tell people more about the store and encourage them to follow you too. If they have a

, which shares their business name and three recent photos while giving people an easy way to follow them right then and there.

How To Support Your Small Business Friends

7. Tag a friend in their posts if you think they might be interested in small business products or services. Maybe one likes one thing and the other something else. Friends love to know what you like and maybe it will become something you start doing for each other!

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8. Leave a positive review: Have you purchased from them on Etsy, their Amazon stores, or their website? Take a few minutes to leave them a comment, bonus points if you point something out

They are listed in the list of products they have supported as a small business. It helps other people learn more about the experiences they and you create!

9. If something is wrong, tell them (kindly and quietly!) If you want to check and have a problem or can’t upload a product image; sometimes they only find out when someone tells them. There

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Even worse than discovering that your checkout system isn’t working properly during the holiday shopping season. Again, goodness is key here, my friend. Don’t forget that they are

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10. Share local events: if they attend a fair near you, if they attend a fair you know, if they sell their products at the market, if they have a booth in a store, share ! It is very easy to support them in many ways. It takes a bit of time.

11. Don’t ask for a special discount because you “know” them or because you’re buying multiple items. You can’t walk into a normal store and ask for a discount, if you happen to “know” a person who looks you out and buys 10 pairs instead of one pair of earrings, you won’t get a discount, so don’t do that. Maybe do it with small business owners

12. Do you have a friend who doesn’t like many “things”? Shop for supplies – candles, bath bombs, candies from small producers, perhaps all handmade and in your own home, with purchased and purchased materials.

How To Support Your Small Business Friends

13. Want to buy an expensive gift, but can’t afford it? Enter as a group!

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To the recipient, but it may be out of your personal budget. Work together as a team to support the small business owner!

14. Do you know a local corner boutique in your city? Shop there!! Many of these small boutiques buy items from small business owners because they are unique, different and thoughtful.

15. Not sure what to buy but want to support small business owners? Buy a gift card! It is different for every store owner, collections

16. Be patient. This is very important, my friend. Most small businesses are run by one person – and they do

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Amazon. Respect the creativity and time it takes to prepare, package and ship your item. It’s worth the wait!

Holiday shopping slipped by. But as a small business owner, you have time to make sure your purchases arrive on time

Important to them too. Once packages leave your hand and go to UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc., there is nothing else they can do to get them to you faster. So for as much peace of mind as possible (and to avoid delivery delays that are out of their control), it’s best to shop early, especially if you’re making a small purchase!

How To Support Your Small Business Friends

Most importantly, remember that the biggest and best way to support them is to shop with them during the holidays!

Support Your Friends — Lathe And Quill

When it comes to being a small business owner, every (and we mean literally every) purchase makes a difference. When you buy from a small business, a real person does the happy dance. have you heard

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Quote?? Natalie Chang, one of our original conference speakers, said this back in 2011 and that many of us have seen, shared and shared? Because it is absolutely, 100% true.

Most small businesses are run by 1-5 people and every purchase not only helps them make a difference and bring more creativity into this world, but goes directly to the people trying to make a difference.

They’ve learned how to make it something you really love, they’ve learned how to make it even better, and every purchase, no matter how small, makes them dance with joy.

Small Business Quote Mug

Set aside a portion of your budget for small business owners this season, or better yet, try to do most of your shopping with them!

A $25-$50 gift from a big box store might mean you found something you think someone will like while browsing the aisles, but a $25-$50 gift from a small business owner might.

Plus, it can make a world of dreams for that one person, their family, and their small business.

How To Support Your Small Business Friends

Here it is necessary to support creators, artists, designers, businessmen. Dreamers, doers, movers, doers, in every possible way.

Free Ways To Support Your Friend’s Business

Go here to the Creative Founders Marketplace to support 45 creative women-owned businesses this year.

Before I close this post today to all the small business owners reading this here.

You make a creative difference in this world every day, especially this season.

So congratulations to you all and have a wonderful holiday season with the people around you who support you as small business owners!

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How To Support Your Small Business Friends

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