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How To Support Small Businesses For Free

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More than 31% of all small businesses in the United States closed or partially closed due to the ongoing effects of the COVID 19 Pandemic. (, 2020)) Disruption of small business transactions has caused irreparable damage to owners. For those who are slowly opening up and dealing with new restrictions and new security requirements, running their small business has become more difficult. However, the entrepreneurial spirit prevails.

How To Support Small Businesses For Free

How To Support Small Businesses For Free

At the beginning of 2020, investors focused on five main areas. Internet security; Attract new business; Competitive challenges; Using and using online reviews and Cash Flow. These areas are the most important day-to-day concerns for small business owners. Now, the focus has shifted to include the work and safety of consumers, obtaining and qualifying for government benefit support and adjusting their physical environment to meet the new restrictions. Hindering the success of small businesses are various government restrictions and guidelines. There is no single road map. There are no survival books for small business owners. They write on time.

Forwardtogether: Rogers Expands Support For Local Small Businesses To Provide Free Resources And Promotion

There is no doubt that supporting small businesses is vital to getting the economic engine running again. Employing people and restoring spirituality is important for all communities. This new method is not easy, but it is reliable.

More than 90 percent of the business population represents small and medium-sized enterprises, known as SMEs (SalesForce, 2019). According to the latest statistics, small companies are responsible for creating many jobs.

So, what can you do to support small business owners in your community? Here is a list of quick and easy things to do today.

While most of what we can do is about spending money and shopping, just letting a local business you know you care about can go a long way. It’s free to like a post on social media or share a post. It only takes a few minutes to leave a glowing review or recommend a business. These activities are free but expensive!

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Remember that these small business owners are members of your community. So be nice if you have to wait longer than usual. Follow the latest trends and highlight the new policies put in place to make things easier for the business. Smile to let employees know you appreciate their work. The ability to be kind and patient is a great investment in the future of business.

Did you know that kindness can be taught? Richard Davidson, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin explains this theory using a meaningful analogy: “Similar to weight training, we have found that people can improve their love and respond to the suffering of others with caring and a willingness to help.” (, 2019)

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Kindness is contagious, so spread it. Spread the word in your small business community and watch it flourish.

How To Support Small Businesses For Free

Real People. Real Results.® We know we’re good, but don’t take our word for it. Hear from these people who have succeeded in Business Coaching

How To Support Small Businesses For Free

“Lee Gray is amazing! I met him at a training for NFP, which I am on the board of. He was a great listener, asked thought-provoking questions and helped us think about our growth in a way we hadn’t pr… Tammy Bieker Gonzales, Sales Manager MTG Family Mortgage, Kansas, USA

“My trainer Luke Kay was great and helped me turn my business into a profitable business that would work without me. Julie Wong, Head of Communications LEO Pharma, United Kingdom

“I’ve been teaching business coaching and consulting programs for over a decade, and no system is more comprehensive and powerful for quick, effective, and sustainable results than System! Matt Barbey, Village Strategy Director Voice, New York, NY

” Career Coach is an amazing team dedicated to growing your business! Brad Sugars is a very talented and experienced leader who knows how to move businesses and entrepreneurs forward by doing the right “things”. His comprehensive Law… Peter and Korrie Wiszniak, Principal Churchill Park , Calgary, AB

Ways We Can Step Up To Help Small Businesses

“The best thing about my business is hiring coaches. As a former professional athlete, I have always been a coach. Now, as an entrepreneur, I have found that business is the most competitive game, and my coach holds me accountable and delivers results. … Korey McMahon, Marketing Consultant McMahon Marketing, Norman, OKWWWhen Taylor Swift releases a new album—we share her music. When Kylie launches a lip kit— We sell it. When Kanye goes gospel—we’ll all be talking about it.

So what, when people we love launch a business, or release a new product, or create an amazing project—don’t most people bother to support them?

I saw a story similar to this recently and it really hit home. Why is it better to celebrate a famous entrepreneur or a famous innovator than to support the small business owner next door?

How To Support Small Businesses For Free

I have been an entrepreneur for over ten years. I launched a photography business out of high school, created a wedding blog in college, and built a profitable community shortly after getting married.

Support Latinx Small Businesses

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past ten years as an entrepreneur is that support is key. Social brands are important and can be achieved by those who wish to build a business.

Today, I want to remind all of us that supporting small businesses doesn’t cost you much, nor does it require you to leave your home. You can champion creativity, entrepreneurship, dreams in your daily life… and it’s easy to do.

It’s completely free to become an advocate for a friend who runs a small business. And if you can do it for Beyonce, why not do it for your friend?

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Did you notice that 4 out of 5 of those ideas don’t involve spending money? Sometimes it’s your voice, your words and your motivation.

Free Ways To Support An Artist Or Small Business

Good news: there are more opportunities! I have a whole library of resources waiting for you – think of it as your own brain oil book. The only thing to bring? A cup of coffee.

Grow your audience with marketing strategies for creative entrepreneurs with brains and heart. I have a cup of coffee waiting for you and resources on the way! I appreciate this community and more times like this. It was a time of uncertainty and vulnerability, but through it all, it was amazing how everyone responded to support each other. I shared on Instagram this week how to support small businesses and creators, and wanted to be more specific. So before I talk about what travel plans or anything else will be on Bon Traveler in the coming weeks, I want to start here.

I asked various small businesses and creators in the industry how they can support each other. So I compile the list in one place. The best part is that some of the methods are completely free – they only take a few minutes.

How To Support Small Businesses For Free

Currently, Travis and I hang out at home and take it day by day. We are called to support our small businesses and creators now. I know as a small business owner, I am very vulnerable. My experience is not unique to me, so I know how much support there is on a community level. Just a note, comment or common understanding about this change that has already happened.

How To Support Small Businesses In Quinte

So I hope we can get behind our manufacturers and local businesses in these uncertain times these days. Sending love all over the world right now.

Consider shopping small before buying large. This is one of the easiest ideas to support small businesses. Think about your small stores before going big. It really helps business – and business too. Whether it’s a corner store or an online store, I always try to figure out who I can support locally and first.

Order delivery + delivery. Keep our restaurants open. One option these days is to order for delivery or delivery. It’s a fantastic way to keep local cafes and restaurants in business. Plus, it’s a nice change for the weekend!

Share the social love. Is there a great business you know that is open for adoption or has gift cards available (or other ways to support)? They shout at the community. Notify others in the community. Spreading the word on social media is a great way to keep word of mouth for small businesses. In addition to that, being a part of their story on social channels will hopefully let them know that we are all here.

Reasons Why We Should All Shop Local And Support Small Business

Buy a gift card online. Haven’t visited yet?

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