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How To Support Small Business Without Spending Money

How To Support Small Business Without Spending Money – When Taylor Swift releases her new album, we share her music. When Kylie releases a lip kit, we buy it. When Kanye goes gospel, we’re all about it.

How come when people we love start a business or launch a new product or create great content, most people don’t bother to support them?

How To Support Small Business Without Spending Money

How To Support Small Business Without Spending Money

I recently saw a similar conversation unfold and it really touched me. Why is it more socially acceptable to celebrate a famous entrepreneur or a famous creative person than to support the small business owner next door?

The Ultimate Guide To Small Business Customer Service

I have been an entrepreneur for over ten years. I started a photography business out of high school, started a wedding blog in college, and grew into a thriving community soon after getting married.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past ten years as an entrepreneur is that support is key. Social proof is important and can be a catapult for those working to build a business.

Today I want to remind you that supporting a small business doesn’t cost you a lot of money, and it doesn’t even require you to leave your home. You can protect creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers in everyday life… and it’s easy.

Becoming an advocate for your small business friend is completely free. If you’re willing to do it for BeyoncĂ©, shouldn’t you do it for a friend?

Community First: 5 Ways To Support Small Businesses In Your City

Did you notice that 4 out of 5 of these offers don’t involve spending money? Sometimes all we need is your voice, your support and your encouragement.

Great news: where did it come from! I have a full library of resources waiting for you. Get your own brain fuel rack. The only thing you need to bring? Coffee

Engage your audience with marketing strategies designed for creative entrepreneurs with brains and hearts. I have coffee waiting for you and resources on the way! I appreciate this community and times like this more than ever. There are moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, but all the collective response to help each other through it is amazing. This week I shared how to support small businesses and creators on Instagram and I wanted to go into more detail. So before I talk about what Bon Traveler’s travel content or anything else will be like in the coming weeks, I’d like to start here first.

How To Support Small Business Without Spending Money

I asked some of the smaller and more creative companies in the industry how we could help. So I’m putting together a list somewhere. The best part is that some modes are completely free – just a few minutes.

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Currently, Travis and I hang out at home and carry him daily. Right now we are calling ourselves to support small businesses and our creatives. As a small business owner, I know I feel very vulnerable. My experience is not unique to me, so I know how important it is to have support at the community level. A simple note, comment, or shared understanding of this change would go a long way.

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So I hope we can rally behind collective creators and local businesses more than ever in these uncertain times. Wherever you are in the world right now, send your love.

Think small before you buy big. This is one of the easiest ideas to help your small business. Before you head to the big box stores, consider your smaller grocery stores. Business helps tremendously – they need business too. Whether it’s a corner store or an online store, I always try to think of who I can help, local and small.

Order delivery + take out. Let’s continue our restaurants. One way is delivery or ordering. It’s a great way to keep local coffee shops and restaurants in business. Plus, it’s a nice change for the week!

Reasons Why We Should All Shop Local And Support Small Business

Share the social love. Do you have gifts or gift cards (or other ways to help)? Shout them out on social media. Tell others in the community. Social media outreach is a great way for small businesses to maintain word of mouth. Also, engaging with their social media content gives them hope and lets them know we’re all here.

Buy a gift card online. Still can’t go? Receive a store or restaurant gift card to use later. The money will help keep the business going until the doors reopen.

Connect with local businesses. A quick post goes a mile. “How can we help right now?” asks a question like

How To Support Small Business Without Spending Money

Visit blogs to get traffic. One of the most requested ways to support bloggers right now is to keep visiting their blogs (including mine!). We earn money from advertising on our websites, which are completely dependent on traffic: how many people visit the site per day. For those of us in the world of travel blogging, our website traffic drops if our travel content isn’t searched. Talking to many travel bloggers, most of us lost more than 60% of our web traffic within a week. Even if you just come for a minute or two, it helps a lot.

Supporting Small Business: Free Of Charge

Consider one of their paid online resources. Most bloggers and authors like myself have released paid products like Lightroom Presets or online courses. If you’ve been exploring presets or taking a course, now is a good time to help.

Contribute to creative content on social media, a comment goes a long way! Speaking for myself, I’m down, but every grade I get pushes me forward. Engage with content from your favorite creatives – spreading love and support is everything.

Shop from local artists in your area. I know there are some great artists in Northern California who are struggling right now. Looking for a new publication? Check out one of their online stores. Handmade ceramics, homewares and more. Shopping is a great way to support local artists.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have sent messages of encouragement and love to not only me, but the global community of small business owners. We appreciate your support.

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Support Small Business!

We use cookies to provide the best experience on our website. I agree More information. It’s no secret that small businesses are suffering and closing because of the first global pandemic in our lifetime. By now, you’ve seen the memes that tell you how to support a small business without spending any money. You know them.

Here are some other ways to support your favorite small business that may not be so obvious.

Whether it’s grocery or retail, order directly from the seller whenever possible. Restaurants have been particularly successful this year, with the exception of indoor dining. Apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Skip the Dishes are convenient, but they take a big cut of their already small profit margins.

How To Support Small Business Without Spending Money

Order direct pickup whenever possible. Liberty Garden Chinese Restaurant in Parkdale is offering a 10% discount when you pay in cash. Do I know this because I ordered three times in the last month? You didn’t judge me.

Cool Idea Of The Day: ‘it Costs $0.00 To Support Local Businesses’

The ability to offer credit card payment can come with a hefty fee. My point of sale system, Square, takes a minimum of 2.65% of the total payment from all credit card payments. Interac payments, on the other hand, cost $0.10 per transaction regardless of the purchase price. Some days I spend $25 on credit card fees alone. This fee can be reduced to $0.50 if each person pays by debit.

Don’t get me wrong; Credit card fees are just the cost of doing business and I’m happy to offer my clients anything to make their experience with me more convenient, but I have a special place in my heart for people who choose to pay by debit or cash.

By now you all know that it helps small businesses when you like, share and comment on their social media posts. We truly appreciate every interaction on our posts.

It’s great to share a company’s website on your personal wall, but I don’t think Aunt Mabel in Missouri would be too interested in the store down the street that sells ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs.

Small Businesses; 5 Ways You Can Support

. If your small business has a physical location, expanding Facebook groups to your local community can be explosive.

I recently shared a great review of a local restaurant on a Facebook social group, which resulted in several people ordering from there that night. Was Liberty Garden a Chinese restaurant? yes yes it was.

My home massage studio didn’t even show up on Google Maps until I started getting Google reviews. Because I’m Parkdale’s most popular massage therapist, people find me on Google all the time. A positive review on Google or Yelp can put someone on the map (literally!).

How To Support Small Business Without Spending Money

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