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How To Support Small Business For Free

How To Support Small Business For Free – I appreciate this community and times like this more than ever. There are moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, but everyone’s collective response in supporting each other through it is amazing. I shared this week on Instagram about how to support small businesses and creators, and I wanted to go into more detail. So before I talk about what travel content or anything like that will be like in the next few weeks on Bon Traveler, I want to start here first.

I asked a few different small businesses and creatives in the industry how we can best support them, so I’m putting together a list. The best part is that some of the methods are completely free – just a few minutes

How To Support Small Business For Free

How To Support Small Business For Free

Now Travis and I hang out at home and take it day by day Now we feel like supporting our small businesses and creators I personally know as a small business owner I feel incredibly vulnerable My experience is not just for me, so I know how much support there is at the community level Just a simple note, comment or shared understanding of this change would go a long way

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So I hope we can come together in these uncertain times to support our community creators and local businesses Sending love wherever you are in the world

Consider buying small before going big It’s easy to think about supporting small businesses Consider your small grocery stores before going big Businesses help a lot – they need business too Whether it’s a corner store, online shop, I always try to think about how I can support it, which is local and small first.

Delivery + Takeout Let’s keep our restaurants running Now one way is to order takeout or delivery It’s a great way to keep local cafes and restaurants in business Plus it’s a nice change for the week!

Love Social Sharing Have a favorite business that you know is open for drop-offs or gift cards (or other ways to support)? Shout Out to Them on Social Media Tell Others in the Community Spreading the word on social media is a great way for small businesses to keep word of mouth going. that we are here

How To Support Small Businesses (without Spending A Cent)

Buy a gift card online Can’t visit yet? Support a store or restaurant by purchasing a gift card to use later. This money will help them stay in business until they open their doors again.

Check with your local business A quick note goes a mile – Now how can we support you? Asking questions like

Blog to get traffic One of the most requested ways to support bloggers right now is to visit their blogs (and mine!). We make money from advertising on our website, which is completely dependent on traffic – how many people visit the site every day. For those of us in the travel blogging world, if travel content isn’t searchable, our website traffic will drop. In talking to many travel bloggers, most of us lost more than 60% of our web traffic in a week. It helps a lot if you pop for a minute or two

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How To Support Small Business For Free

Consider one of their paid online resources Most bloggers and creators like myself have created paid products such as ligroom previews or online courses. If you are looking at presets or taking a course, now is a good time to support

Free Ways To Support Small Businesses

Engage with creative content on social, comments go a long way! Speaking for myself, I’m in low spirits but every note I get keeps me going It’s all about spreading the love and support – depending on your favorite creative content

Shop local artists in your area I know we have amazing artists just in Northern California that are suffering right now Looking for a new print? Check out one of their online stores Buying handmade ceramics, homewares and more from local artists is a great way to support

Thanks Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has sent notes of encouragement and love to not only me, but to this global community of small business owners. We appreciate your support

We use cookies to ensure that we provide the best experience on our website. Your dollars not only go towards keeping the small business owner’s dream alive, but they also help sustain the economy, create opportunities for local jobs and import help local communities to make culture.

How You Can Support A Small Mom Business For Free!

Supporting small businesses is more important than ever They may not make as much money as large corporations, but their presence in the local community is essential to their growth. These stores add so much life and personality to the community, both online and in person. That’s why I love shopping at them.

The best way to support any small business is to shop often However, there are other (free!) ways to support small businesses that make a big impact

When you’re trying to decide where to eat, especially in a new city, what’s the first thing you do? You go to a review site to find the best reviewed restaurants. These reviews help you and others decide if a place is worth visiting, making them extremely important to small businesses.

How To Support Small Business For Free

Next time you visit a small business, consider leaving them a review on community sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook!

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It’s very similar to posting a review. The only difference is that you’re not telling the world how you feel, just your friends and family!

With this. I religiously check new Instagram stories, I make a purchase (or two) and I let everyone know about it. Am I the only one who gets this excited when discovering a new business? I can’t be…

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The next time you come across a new small business, tell your friends and family about it! They probably love you just as much

Depending on how you feel about it, it may seem absurd or very silly. Regardless of which camp you fall into, following businesses you love on social media will help them a ton! Now, you know I’m a big believer in the quality of followers, not the number of followers

Six Free Ways To Help Our Business

The first is unique to Instagram, but very interesting and very useful for small businesses: the swipe feature in Instagram Stories. When the account reaches 10 thousand followers, Instagram allows users to attach links to their Instagram stories. This makes it easy for small business customers to shop, visit their website, contact them, and more.

Having a large following also helps small businesses get noticed and grow as they compete with larger companies with huge marketing budgets. Some small businesses rely solely on social media and word of mouth, making it difficult to succeed against competitors like Target or Amazon. With more followers, these small businesses can encourage their audience to grow their business

Finally, depending on the industry, some companies will only work with small businesses that have “established” accounts. These companies look at things like followers and engagement levels to determine if they want to work with a small business in work on endorsements, wholesale, promotional deals, and more.

How To Support Small Business For Free

When you follow a small business, make sure you engage with their posts and stories Engagement is like leaving a comment, tagging a friend, sending a direct message or sharing their post/story with your followers and friends.

How To Support A Small Business For Free

Engagement with the content of the account is important here: when the content receives good engagement (usually 3% engagement level or more), it triggers Instagram’s algorithm and allows the platform to enjoy its content.

When Instagram knows your content is something people value, it pushes it to the Explorer feed of other users with similar interests. It helps small businesses get discovered by people who don’t know them yet, which helps them.

It’s no secret that millennials love to share their experiences, especially on social media. We’ve grown up with social media and expect businesses to have a consistent, engaging, and informative online presence. Looking for a business on Instagram

Therefore, it is not surprising that publishing on your Instagram (in a post or story) is one of the easiest ways to support a business in a cafe, restaurant, salon, store, etc.!

Support Small Business!

Using a business-branded hashtag will not only help your followers see more relevant content,

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