How To Properly Clean The Quartz Feng Shui Bracelet

The types of feng shui jewelry made from quartz stone in general and bracelets in particular are currently very popular in the market not only for its beauty benefits but also by feng shui jewelry made from quartz stones. For the wearer a lot of luck and fortune, helping the owner to maintain health as well as avoid diseases and disasters.The quartz stone ring stands out with a long lifespan with the biggest advantage being the longer use it the brighter and more beautiful it is. However, to ensure the aesthetics and a longer life span, you take care of and preserve the quartz feng shui ring in the best way. But not everyone knows how to properly care and clean a quartz stone ring. Here, Bao Tin jewelry will introduce you to a few simple ways to properly clean feng shui bracelets made from quartz stone.

Clean the quartz feng shui stone ring with clean water

Quartz stone is crystallized from the purest, the jewel of nature. Therefore, to clean the feng shui stone ring, you just need to soak it in natural spring water and let it dry by itself in the sun. small scratches on the rock surface. This way helps the quartz stone ring absorb the essence from heaven and earth, becoming brighter and more beautiful.

In addition, if you cannot find natural spring water, you can also replace it with mineral water or water diluted with salt. When using salt, it should be noted that salt can interact with some of the natural ingredients in quartz, causing a change in the properties, color and energy of the ring. To overcome this disadvantage, you should put the quartz ring on a plate, and then put it on a glass of water with salt. Although not in direct contact with salt water, the effect is also very high.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are often used by women as cosmetics to take care of beauty, such as skin, hair, eyes, … In addition, essential oils are also used for flavoring or in food processing. But few people know that essential oil can also be used to clean quartz stone rings. You just need to put a few drops of essential oil on a thin cloth and then gently wipe the surface of the bracelet, just a few minutes later you will see your bracelet become shiny and beautiful like new.

Use flower petals

From past to present, women often use flowers to marinate bath water, make the skin softer, brighter and keep the scent on the body, because in the petals there is a huge amount of essential oils. So you can also use the petals to soak the rings, after about 24 hours, take out the rings and leave in the sun to let them dry naturally. For best results, choose flowers with the same color as the ring’s color.

Use paddy (rice) to clean quartz

Put quartz bracelets in a bowl full of paddy, take out one day and use as usual. Paddy (rice) has a very good hygroscopic ability, so they can help absorb the bad factors in the feng shui ring from quartz. However, the bowl of paddy after being used to soak quartz cannot be used anymore.

Use a different quartz block

Quartz bracelets after a long time of use will absorb bad energies in the surroundings. To help neutralize these bad factors, we can use another pure quartz block, so that the quartz bracelet is contaminated with bad energy onto the new quartz. This way will help the quartz block’s energy return to its original state.

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