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How To Bring Business To A Small Town

How To Bring Business To A Small Town – Hello! I’m Molly. small town enthusiast, digital marketer and mother of 4 who is passionate about helping local small businesses grow. Read on to learn how you can thrive while living and doing business in a small town.

If I asked you, “what would make your small town thrive?”… would you have an idea? Is there something that has crossed your mind that you would like to start in your community?

How To Bring Business To A Small Town

How To Bring Business To A Small Town

Maybe you know how to find new volunteers for that decade-old committee that needs a breath of fresh air.

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Or maybe you dream of a new type of business that could benefit your small town.

Most of us have ideas about how to develop our small towns in the future, but we don’t know exactly where to start. And at the same time, in many small towns, we have to overcome the stigma of past failed ventures and comments from locals that “that’s the way it’s always been.”

So as movers and shakers looking to bring new things to our small towns, it can be intimidating to initiate large-scale change.

Today on the Small-Minded Podcast, we share the story of a small town in Iowa and how the citizens of that community are embracing change and seeing positive results as a result.

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One world you’ll hear me say all the time is ‘community’. No one can make big changes in a small town without rallying others around a common cause.

In my small town of Cascade, Iowa (population 2,500), many large-scale projects are initiated by an individual or small group with a big dream. But real change began only when those few tapped into the resources of the larger community and community organizations.

What do the above stories have in common? Dedicated people who were willing to share their ideas and let others help make their visions a reality.

How To Bring Business To A Small Town

Without people who cared deeply about the future of your city, you wouldn’t be able to see these great projects.

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Coming together as a team to utilize each other’s unique gifts is what will keep you motivated and making continuous progress.

Find out who in your community you can go to for creative ideas, who can keep your team grounded and inspired, and who has access to resources, both capital and interpersonal.

You will need many people united by a common vision to bring something new to your small town.

All the motivation and volunteers in the world have yet to learn how to push in the same direction and take small wins to succeed. And sometimes the strategy your city needs will require you to contact regional organizations like Economic Development Committees or Community Foundations to connect you with grant writers, strategic planners, and the like to help you make progress. better towards your goals.

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Having partners from larger organizations can help guide you through the process of large-scale projects and help you tap into local and state resources you might not otherwise know about. Having an objective third party can also come in handy when you hit a plateau in your progress or need to navigate roadblocks along the way.

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Bringing new things to a small town is a lot of work, but it’s necessary if we want to see our small town continue for decades.

Having people willing to share ideas and volunteer, strategic resources you can consult for help, and a community of allies who come together behind a shared vision is essential to bringing new ideas to small towns.

How To Bring Business To A Small Town

If you’re reading this and feeling like, “yeah, that’s great for you, but for me?” and you don’t have all three right now, trust me when I say…

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If you have a great idea that you just know in your heart will bring great things to your city, share your ideas with someone and take a small step to make your idea a reality. Many times, one small step is enough to make a big difference.

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Living outside the city doesn’t mean there’s a lack of business opportunities. In fact, the opposite can be said. There are many small town business ideas to take advantage of.

Small towns have needs just like larger communities. Opening something like a coffee shop, grocery store or even pet grooming can be a profitable business. Also, small town residents can still start an online business and tap into the global market.

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If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a profitable business, here are 71 small town business ideas to get you started.

ContentsMall Town Business Directory Local ArtistElectricianFood TruckFreelance WriterFurniture RestorationGeneral HandymanGreen Energy SpecialistGlass Blowing/Glass Art ShopGreenhouseGymHauling Truck/Large Truck RentalIce Cream ShopJunk Hauling/Junkyard OperatorLandscapingLiquor StoreLocal Blogger & YouTuberLocal MuseumLocal Tour GuideMaintenance & Home UpkeepMassageMechanicOff the Grid Power InstallationOnline FlipperBeauty SalonSecond Hand StoreArcadePaintball/Airsoft StorePersonal TrainerPet Care Plumbing/HVAC Services Rural Revitalization Projects Pottery Store Rural Web Development Services D Rural Services Organic Podcaster Small Farm Small Business Website Development Small Engine Repair Restaurant or Tavern Specialty Sporting Goods Store Start a local letter and video company, storage unitsTechnologyServiceT-FamilyReuse

Whether you want to start a full-time business or just want to start a side hustle, there are many advantages to starting a business outside of a big city.

How To Bring Business To A Small Town

You can generate passive income from visitors from all over the world. All you need is an internet connection, some education and discipline to write content.

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Niche Pursuits started with this business model and thousands of people make a full time living building affiliate websites in a niche market.

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Check out the Authority Page System from the guys at Authority Hacker for an in-depth tutorial on how to get started fast and be profitable.

Many people sell valuable collectibles without knowing what they are worth. If you can learn to spot these sneakers and buy them at low prices, you can sell them at a much higher price.

See how to make money reselling shoes or take the Sneakerhead course now to learn how to take advantage of the high demand and start your own home business.

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With online ticketing, this is even more applicable than ever. Buy tickets at a low price, sell them to high-profile fans and collect the profits.

You can also check out his advanced ticket flipping course and learn how to make a living doing it.

Pet training may be the perfect business idea for you if you enjoy animals and want to work with people and their pets.

How To Bring Business To A Small Town

There is training a domestic dog to obey basic commands or training a hunting dog to collect pheasants or ducks.

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Breaking and training horses is another skilled occupation that is likely to be more common in smaller towns.

When dealing with pets, you can take advantage of loyal customers because they are more likely to be repeat customers. People tend to be very picky when it comes to working with their pets, so if you set up early, this is definitely one of the best small town business ideas.

Help grandparents stay in touch with their grandchildren by teaching them how to complete specific tasks online.

Small towns have different types of people who may require and use different types of computer services.

The Small Towns That Survive Will Be The Ones That Are Open To New Ideas

The more skills you learn, the more clients you will get and you can return to the same clients to teach them new things.

Since your customer base may be limited to smaller towns, take advantage of nearby towns and get more people to help.

Bed and Breakfast owners in small towns will tell you there is no shortage of business. In fact, B&Bs tend to do better outside of a big city.

How To Bring Business To A Small Town

Create a themed bed and breakfast and enjoy renting to temporary tenants during vacations, dates, family visits, or other vacations. Once you build a list of repeat customers, you can even consider expanding to neighboring cities.

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Getting involved in your local community is a great idea to help make this business plan profitable. You can rely on small town residents in your area to recommend your business and in turn, you can share with your guests what your town has to offer.

Do some research to find out where you can sell your products online, then double your chances of reaching your target market by selling online and in a small town store.

If you are looking for small town business ideas and love

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