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How Have Technological Innovations Helped Small Businesses Apex

How Have Technological Innovations Helped Small Businesses Apex – Participatory arbitration agreements, otherwise known as “PIAs”, are agreements between the government and an intermediary, such as government and/or local agencies and non-profit organizations. They are operated on behalf of state or local governments or federal laboratories to provide partnership broker services that increase the likelihood of success in conducting cooperative or joint activities with small business firms and academic institutions requiring technical assistance.

Through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) technology advocacy efforts (from small businesses and academia) and STEM-related careers to find federal opportunities for technology innovation.

How Have Technological Innovations Helped Small Businesses Apex

How Have Technological Innovations Helped Small Businesses Apex

There are also US Air Force Regional PIAs located throughout the United States that work with specific Air Force laboratories and agencies to support the successful use of science and technology proposals in Small Business Innovation Research and Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) from industry and academia. The program also promotes commercialization of Air Force technologies and identifies and supports small businesses in technological research that benefits the warfighter.

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MilTech, based at Montana State University, is working with the Department of Homeland Security to develop new technology.

. MilTech’s services include technology scouting and market research; design, design review and prototyping; independent government cost estimates; recommendations to reduce costs; evaluate and test the production capabilities of the suppliers; Identification and evaluation of supplier-partner scouts, and design and construction expertise for Integrated Design Teams (IPTs).

MilTech Rev MedX was instrumental in the development of the XStat™ Syringe, a first-of-its-kind bleeding device for the treatment of gunshot and shrapnel injuries on the battlefield.

And Department of Veterans Affairs laboratories with technology transfer and transition. TechLink services include Defense TechLink, Technology Transfer, TechLink Software Engineering and Analysis (T-SEAL) and

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Recently, TechLink assisted American Invention, Inc. In licensing an active detection method to disrupt the supply chain of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) from the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Read more about this success story here.

Parallax is the first academy-focused partnership led by the advanced research and funded by the Department of the Air Force. The program connects universities with innovative intellectual property with complementary small businesses and enables the transfer of technology to the Air Force Department.

The organization’s national engagement effort serves to identify universities with regional innovative technologies and inform them of opportunities and support for AFWERX SBIR/STTR awards.

How Have Technological Innovations Helped Small Businesses Apex

The services are Immobileyes, which won the $50,000 AFWERX STTR Phase I award for AI-powered drones for its revolutionary laser defense system that can intercept, delay and deter an adversary in dangerous encounters. Read the full story here.

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) will enable STEM events to advance scientific careers and future innovators, while exploring and advancing basic research impacting the US Air Force. BRICC services include analysis, technology transfer, workforce development and facilitation of STEM programs. BRICC recently hosted the Women in Science and Technology (S&T) Senior Leadership Forum, which provided valuable discussion on women seeking or seeking leadership roles.

Catalyst Campus is a collaborative ecosystem where industry, small business, workforce training, entrepreneurs, startups and venture capital intersect with the aerospace and defense industry to innovate and grow business.

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Catalyst Campus programs include the Catalyst Accelerator; forging; One platform; space camp; Sprint Advanced Concepts Training (SACT); Unified Data Library (UDL); Land Enterprise and Cross-Mission Communications; Professional Improvement Service (CAS); Advanced Concept Ecosystem for Space (ACES); Air Force Cyberworks and Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA).

C-TRAC is a technology, research and commercialization center and provides services to keep innovation flowing in the market and generate revenue to support economic development and research activities. C-TRAC services include accelerator programs; performances and showcases; innovation competition; Design thinking solutions and technology market.

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In 2017, C-TRAC worked behind the scenes at the CyberWorx Design Sprint. C-TRAC helped track people and resources, from industry leaders to subject matter experts, ensuring that the leading intellectual resources were well supported and that the ambitious project generated innovative ideas. Read more here.

The Cyber ​​Innovation Center (CIC), the anchor of the 3,000 dunam National Cyber ​​Research Park, fosters collaboration among its partners and accelerates technology, research and development. Its primary mission is to develop a sustainable knowledge-based workforce that can support the growing needs of government, industry and academic partners. CIC collaborated between STRIKEWERX, the Air Force Global Strike Command Innovation Center, and the University of Louisiana at Shreveport (LSUS) to develop prototypes and solutions that will help improve the lives of airmen across the command.

The Doolittle Institute is a non-profit funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory and its work focuses on four main areas: Connectivity

How Have Technological Innovations Helped Small Businesses Apex

With people, organizations, products and technologies that will improve the laboratory’s ability to carry out their research and development; facilitate process improvement, strategic planning and prototype development within the laboratory; Promote patented products and technologies developed by the laboratory to commercialization outside

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; and manage regional STEM programs to develop tomorrow’s science and technology workforce for the laboratory. Also, the institute’s services include technology transfer, innovation and collaboration. The Doolittle Institute also runs STEM events such as the FIRST® and LEGO® programs. In April 2021, the Doolittle Institute hosted the launch of Team Eglin Weapons Digital Enterprise at the Weapons Industry Roundtable (AIR2021), which presented industry leaders with relevant touchpoints from the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Air Force One. research laboratory (

The Griffith Institute, a talent and technology accelerator for the United States Department of Defense and an international network of academic, government, and industry partners, serves.

/RI), Mohawk Valley region and the United States since 2002. The institute is dedicated to facilitating partnerships that work to solve complex national problems. below that

, Griffis Institute services include Technology Transfer, Commercialization Academy, Mohawk Valley Accelerator Program, IDEA NY, Mohawk Valley Accelerator, Educational Outreach (STEM) and Innovative Concepts. Additionally, it offers a visiting faculty program, a student internship program, a NYS (New York State) accredited business incubator, and a career training and education center. One of the success stories of the Institute’s partnership is the recent unveiling of the Innovation Advancement Center (IAC), an open innovation campus, a partnership between the Griffith Institute,

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/RI, New York State, Oneida County (OC), City of Rome, New York State Technology Exchange Center (NYSTEC), and State University of New York (SUNY).

, focused on improving Air University programs to foster high-quality, innovative research for the benefit of the Air Force. It assesses the landscape in the defense, innovation and adult learning ecosystems to identify the most promising concepts, prototypes or commercially available technologies that can serve as solutions for the warfighter. MGMWERX received a $50,000 grant from the Alabama Power Foundation to continue its work in the areas of collaboration, innovation and improvement through education, technology and programming. Read more here.

The New Mexico Office of Technology Engagement directs the Air Force Research Laboratory to the targeted Energy and Space Administrations (

How Have Technological Innovations Helped Small Businesses Apex

Cultivates an entrepreneurial ecosystem of business-focused commercial space in New Mexico by building relationships, supporting stakeholders and preparing for the future. God

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The primary service is hosting the New Space New Mexico Industry Forum, where representatives of New Mexico’s space companies lead and attend to support the needs of New Mexico’s space industry. Learn more about this new

NYSTEC is an independent technology consulting firm headquartered in Rome, New York, with offices in Albany and New York. One of their main goals is to help foster an ecosystem of innovation in the country and beyond.

As an Air Force partnership broker, the NYSTEC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice provides transfer, transition and commercialization services for new technologies.

/RI) that advances critical technologies by connecting key partners with the research community. Examples include designing/implementing accelerators for innovation-driven organizations, managing and producing international/national pitch events, and creating opportunities for public/private partnerships in deep technology industries. Learn more here.

Apex Assists Krtkl With Winning $2 Million In Small Business Innovation And Technology Transfer Awards

RTI International is a non-profit research organization dedicated to improving the human condition. They provide data, comprehensive analysis, innovative methods, new technologies and sustainable programs that assist their clients in public policy development and policy making.

The Defense Coastal/Estuarine Research Program (DCERP) is funding a project to improve understanding of ecosystem processes and their interactions with pollutants at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (MCBCL) located in coastal North Carolina. Read more about this study here.

STRIKEWERX is an innovation hub connecting people and resources across government, industry and academia to address the needs of the Air Force Global Strike Command. Through its services, which include innovation, collaboration and acquisition, STRIKEWERX assesses the needs of the Air Force’s Global Strike Command and connects industry, academia and entrepreneurs for successful solutions.

How Have Technological Innovations Helped Small Businesses Apex

STRIKEWERX partnered with the University of Louisiana at Shreveport (LSUS) to produce prototypes from Airmen’s own ideas to solve a specific need. Read the full story here.

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STRIKEWERX Emergency Aircrew Response Challenge saved approximately $200 million in acquisition costs. Our design sprints reduced ICBM maintenance time in the TE slot by 90% and saved $10,000/year as well as $18,000/year in sewer horses and $106,000 in wasted material for B-52 maintainers.

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