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Help A Small Business Meme

Help A Small Business Meme – It’s no secret that small businesses are struggling and closing amid the first global pandemic in our lifetime. By now, you’ve all seen the memes that tell you how to support a small business without spending a fortune. You know them.

Here are a few more ways to support your favorite small businesses that may not be so obvious.

Help A Small Business Meme

Help A Small Business Meme

Whether it’s food or retail, order directly from the supplier whenever possible. Restaurants have been hit particularly hard this year by the end of indoor dining. Apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Skip the Dishes are convenient, but they take a big cut of already thin profit margins.

Mcdonald’s Can Mess Up Your Order 1000 Times And You Still Support Them. A Small Business Owner Makes One Mistake And You Bash Them For Eternity. @fitwitbritt504

Order direct for pickup if you can. Liberty Garden Chinese Restaurant here in Parkdale offers a 10% cash discount. Do I know this because I’ve ordered from there three times in the last month? Don’t judge me

Being able to offer credit card payment can come with a hefty fee. My merchant system, Square, charges a minimum of 2.65% of the total of all credit card payments. Interac Payments, on the other hand, costs just $0.10 per transaction, regardless of the purchase price. Some days I’ll spend $25 on credit card fees alone. This fee could be reduced to $0.50 if everyone paid by debit.

Don’t get me wrong; Credit card fees are just a cost of doing business and I’m happy to provide my customers with anything that makes their dealings with me more convenient, but I have a special place in my heart for people who choose to pay by debit or cash.

Now you all know it helps small businesses when you like, share and comment on their social media posts. We greatly appreciate every interaction with our posts.

Anon Supports A Small Business

Sharing a company’s website on your personal wall is great, but I’m willing to bet your Aunt Mabel from Missouri isn’t all that interested in learning about a store down your street that sells ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs.

. If a small business has a physical location, spreading the word in local community Facebook groups can be explosive.

I recently shared a rave review about a local restaurant in a community Facebook group, which resulted in several people ordering from there that night. Was it Liberty Garden Chinese Restaurant? yes. Yes, it was.

Help A Small Business Meme

My home massage studio didn’t even show up on Google Maps until I started getting reviews on Google. Now that I’m the top rated massage therapist in Parkdale, people are finding me on Google all the time. A positive review on Google or Yelp can put someone on the map (literally!). It also helps businesses rank higher in search engines, which is great.

The Best Meme For A Business Owner About Pricing Their Services That I’ve Ever Read — The Editor’s Touch

Have you just read a book that you enjoyed? Leave a positive review on Amazon, even if you didn’t buy the book there. Reviews help other people find our products and services, and they give us credibility. Marketing term for this phenomenon

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Don’t know what to write? Ungrateful. You don’t have to write anything at all if you don’t want to. A simple click on five stars is enough. Go ahead, click!

This is the most important thing. Small business owners are busy, tired and overwhelmed during the holidays. The pandemic adds extra stress to an already worrisome time of year. We are more prone to make mistakes. After all, we are only human.

Sorry if your order doesn’t arrive on time or the barista misspells your name. We do the best we can with what we have and this year many of us don’t have much. Buy Small Business Expense Tracker: 22 Entries Per Page To Log Your Expenses Made With The Category Of Your Choice + Page To Track Monthly Expenses For The Year, Monthly Expense

What’s the best way to show your support for small businesses this year? Buy something! Massage gift certificates can be purchased online here. Add this to your wish list while you’re at it.

Business tips cats COVID-19 dave grohl death entrepreneur feminism gratitude healing grief massage massage therapy mental health money music ontario pandemic psychotherapy public health small business spa tips toronto We all need a laugh once in a while. Here is a list of my favorite memes when it comes to the hustle and bustle of running a small business. Please share if you can get in touch!

The best way to enjoy the week is with a little good humor, and what’s better than memes? Below, I’ve rounded up the best picks for small business memes. Choose whatever you like! I know this is hard to believe, but remember they are just for fun because these things really happened.

Help A Small Business Meme

If this doesn’t apply to you… VIRGO! In today’s small business world, hostile customers are more common than ever (insert Karens here). It’s hard to avoid negative people, and in business you often fail. So what should you do when you’re faced with a terrible customer? Accept it.

Black Lives Matter But So Do Small Business Owner Lives

A little bit of negativity can make us more resilient – it shows the problems in our lives much more clearly. So, if you encounter someone who constantly drags your company through the mud or always has something negative to say about your product, know that it won’t be the last of you. So take that resilience and build on it. You know, as they say, you can’t buy happiness.

If you don’t wake up running a small business, you’ve WON AT LIFE. Owning a business is a 24/7 job. Not working? I bet you’re still thinking about it. Free vacation time? Most likely not, as this is one of the busiest times of the year for local businesses.

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Problems of small business owners. When you get home, it’s time to sleep. We’ve all been there before. This is the situation where you are so focused on what needs to be accomplished that it becomes difficult to let someone else help take over. If you’re struggling to maintain a good work-life balance, maybe it’s time for another person to step in. It’s important not to burn out, because sooner rather than later, you may wonder if it was all worth it.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. This means much more than just managing yourself, as it requires determination and seriousness. One of the benefits of running your own business is how much control entrepreneurs have over their lives. On the downside, you have to know how to balance it.

Hun Apparently Can’t Read. Happy Small Business Saturday!

There is no such thing as a “weekend” for entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday morning or 3 in the morning. In this sense, entrepreneurship has become a 24/7 job. With Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday right around the corner, we’ve all been inundated with marketing for the season’s hottest deals and steals. Let’s face it, if you’re an alpaca farmer, your morning worries can prevent you from standing in line at 3am, and while the internet allows you to attract new customers, supporting your local community has always been key to your success. But there’s no need to say “Bah, lie,” because Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of post-Thanksgiving shopping.

Small Business Saturday began in 2010 as a joint venture between American Express and a number of other parties, though it has since evolved and taken on a life of its own. The shopping holiday, which falls on the last Saturday of November, is being held for the 10th time. This year, November 30th is Small Business Saturday, encouraging consumers to shop at local small and independent businesses.

Last year, the holiday led to record sales for small businesses and also illustrated the joys of shopping small, as “96% of consumers who reported shopping on Small Business Saturday said the day made them shop small on throughout the year, not only during the holiday season.” 1

Help A Small Business Meme

As an alpaca farmer, you’re in your first selling season, so take advantage of the day and host an event, join a trade show, or host an open house on Small Business Saturday! Be sure to educate your customers about the benefits of shopping locally!

Small Business Saturday

The American Express website has some free resources available for businesses to prepare for Small Business Saturday: Customizable Marketing Materials: =us-mer – sbrc-sbs-studio Small store map:

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